25 February 2014

Themed photoshoots

This year I want to do quite a few themed photoshoots.  I've got at least 4 ideas rolling around in my head.

After admiring some hoarfrost we had a few weeks ago I started thinking about an ice princess shoot with Carus and started planning that out - making the costume and figuring out hair and makeup. Our final costume fitting on Friday night changed it from just Ice Princess to Ice Fairy Princess as the fabric I got for a cape worked better as light wings.

The next day, Carus and I got up early, did her hair and makeup and went out in the cold for a few pictures at sunrise.  She was a very good sport as it was Saturday morning and about 27 degrees.  Even though we took a few huddle-under-a-blanket breaks, she did get a bit chilled.  The whole shoot only lasted about 30 minutes.

Good day for a photoshoot. The weather isn't doing what I want it to do but I'll work with it.

All the tools to get ready laid out on the table.  I was thinking the weather wasn't doing what I wanted it too - I was hoping for a hoarfrost - but the amount of frost wasn't bad after all and it was bright and sunny so that was great.

Ice Fairy Princess

It didn't work out exactly like I had in my head, but honestly it never does.  Perhaps that's how it is supposed to go.  You get an idea, think you have it figured out how it all will turn out, but the final results are always beautifully, and maybe a bit surprisingly, different.

DSC_0036-Edit 2-Edit

The dress is mine.  I wore it to a dance in 8th or 9th grade. I got it from Gramma, and the little matching cape that goes with it was adjusted and tied around Carus's waist to give the skirt more oomph.


Carus didn't like the (faux) fur muff I made but when it came down to it she didn't want to take her hands out of it.


I made the crown myself using hot glue to shape the points and the band they are attached to.  I then painted it and put on a little glitter.


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  1. Oh My God! My Grand daughter is absolutely Gorgeous!.She is growing up to be such a lovely young lady.She is stunning.I can go on and on and on.Becca you did a great job. Thanks for sending this to me.WOW!! Love you both BV


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