29 May 2013

Spring is so pretty in Oregon

Spring in Oregon is so pretty.  Can be a little hard for those of us with allergies though.  When we lived in Aloha our allergies were really bad, but in the three years we've been here they seem better.  We still have them, but we aren't dying from them each year.  Makes me wonder what's different.


Poppies in my neighbors yard.  It was close to sunset, and a dreary, wet day, so they weren't as open as they usually are.  Still lovely color though.
147_365 05-27-13

Usually when we go to the dog park I get pictures of Leia running and playing fetch.  Last night, I thought it would be good to get Yoda.  He doesn't do much playing at the park. It's just full of things for him to pee on  and if I don't move he won't wander far.  The point of the park is to run some energy off of the dogs (cough*cough* Leia) and get them more exercise than they can get in our yard.  To get Yoda to move around, I have to move around - not a bad thing for me.  I walk the perimeter and he follows behind, occasionally getting distracted by a smell and then will run to catch up with me.
148_365 05-28-13

26 May 2013

Happy Weekend

145_365 05-25-13

Yesterday was mine and Robert's anniversary - 12 years.  Sometimes, feels longer.  Sometimes, not.

Grandma took the kids for the night and Robert and I went to see a movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. It was a good movie, we really enjoyed it.  Adam wants to see the movie too, and Robert is thinking about taking him this week (Carus if she wants too as well, but she isn't sure if she wants to see it). After the movie, we talked about going out to eat but no restaurant sounded good so we decided to just get some steaks and salad fixings from the grocery store and cook for ourselves.  It was a good idea even though I had to do the dishes (saved them for this morning).

It was getting late in the day and I didn't have any pictures yet so thought I would get a better picture of my pole bean support in the garden.

Today, I was super productive. I got the rest of the green beans planted and half of the tomatoes.  I'm starting to think when I get the other tomato plants in (I have 9 beef steak and 9 roma) I won't have room for the cucumbers (I currently have 12 cucumber starts). Maybe a friend will want to take a few off my hands. (Hint hint, anyone local wants some plants?)

Carus helped plant some sunflower seeds in some pots which, when big enough, will be planted all over the yards, and she planted some squash seeds because she wanted to grow one.  She also wants zucchini, but I didn't have any zucchini seeds.

Speaking of Carus, she has decided she wants to be a vegetarian.  Not vegan, she still wants to eat cheese, milk, sour cream, butter, etc, and she wants to eat fish as well, but yeah.  She's been doing okay with it. We had some tofurky sausages in the freezer which I cooked for her to try - she wasn't thrilled with them - but there are other options if she wants to try them.

Besides gardening, I also got lots of laundry done and LOTS of dusting and vacuuming throughout the house, moving furniture and taking apart the couches and everything.  And surprisingly, it's not all dirty again. (yet)

146_365 05-26-13

Just sitting down to dinner, a quick shot with my cell phone.

Steak and tofurkey for Carus (Adam had one too), baked potato, and salad.

24 May 2013

Dance dance

144/365 - Toe pointing dancers.

144_365 05-24-13

After Carus's dance class this evening, we went location scouting at a local park.  Oh yeah, I didn't tell you a whole story.

So, recently Robert got laid off.  We've been expecting it for awhile (like since October) as the company had very little to no work for quite some time.  We were hoping it would hold out until he had something else lined up but it didn't. Things aren't bad so no worries.

Because every little bit helps, I decided to open up shop on a little photography venture. I'm a week in and already have three sessions booked and two more in the works.  Coordinating schedules for outdoor shoots in spring in Oregon is FUN.

So yeah.  I'm really happy with this location I picked out for this specific shoot.  I'm not planning on doing a backlit and sunflare photo like this - well maybe one, if it works out and looks good.

Anyhoo.  Picture.  That's a clover field.  They are resting crops for every few years on wheat/alfalfa fields around here and there are usually more red flowers mixed with the green but right now, with the colder weather (low 60s when we should be getting high 70s) they aren't.  I don't know if they will or if their window passed.  They're still pretty fields though.
05-24-13 (60) copy
(Don't mind the face she's making. The pose was the best in this one and the eyes were closed in all the other ones anyways. There were other better photos of her as well but I wanted to show the location most so I'm going to be okay with it. It's not the worst face.)

Anyhoo #2
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Don't mind me, I'm drinking while I write

So where were we.

Oh yeah, a couple of days ago now. I was heading outside to find something to take a picture of and saw my reflection in the mirror.  I was looking cute.  I do have my moments.  And now you gotta look at me.

141_365 05-21-13

The next day, I again didn't have an idea of what to take a picture of and then all the sudden it was nearly bedtime.  And that's how we got a picture of up-side-down pug.

142_365 05-22-13

And then yesterday I saw a video with tips on photographing pets and mine tend to cooperate better than anyone else most of the time so I had a go.  I was taking pictures of Leia and Robert got involved and I got this one.

143_365 05-23-13

I would love for Robert to be in focus too, but he volunteered to get in a picture so I'll take it as is.

And now I'm going back to my drinking.  I've had a LONG day (chaperoning a 5th grade field trip) and that drink is rather relaxing.

21 May 2013

Green bean support

140_365 05-20-13 Green beans need support.

Or they'll fall over.

But only pole beans.

The bush beans will be fine.

But I had pole beans planted.

So I made a simple support frame.

And Robert helped me put it in.

The sides are 6 feet long with a point on the end to help push it into the soil.  The other two sides are 4 feet long.  I then drilled a hole through each end 3/4-inch from the top and sides and put a bolt through the hole and tightened it with a butterfly nut. I stapled string about every 8 inches from top to bottom, and about 11-1/4 inch top to bottom.  I might need more string later in the season, I might not.  However, I'm over stapling it. It isn't keeping the string as taut as I want it Robert wants it. (I'm more loosey goosey about it.)  If/when I have to add or replace strings, I'm wrapping around the wood, pulling tight and tying off.

Later today I hope to plant the other (3 or 4?) pole beans I have AND the bush beans.

And plant the tomatoes and cucumbers. Then I have about a week to figure out how I want to support the tomatoes.  We don't like those metal tomato cages from the store. They are weak and fall over and only last one season (if you're lucky) and feels like a big fat waste of money.  Last year I used some large metal T-bar fence poles and string and it worked, but it was really chaotic and messy so I want to improve on that.

I also bought some sunflower seeds last night so I'm going to start those and some more green beans. (I wasn't kidding about wanting to put up enough green beans to not have to buy store green beans until next summer.)

By the way, if you're wondering.  That black hose is my new soaker hose.  I'm going to try watering the garden with that thing this year.  I have to figure out a way to get it snaked around the garden best yet, but initial tests suggest that this might be a really easy and efficient way to water.

20 May 2013

Weekends are for working

While working Friday I finally caught this guy with the camera.  He's a regular visitor, but he's fast and the second I grab my camera, he takes off.
137_365 05-17-13

Saturday was my day off this week since I worked this Sunday to have next Friday off to be a chaperone for a field trip.  I didn't have to work, but I had laundry and dishes and wanted to garden, but my body had other plans.  Apparently I caught a bug.  I had a HORRIBLE headache, was dizzy every time I stood up and tried to do anything, and was a bit nauseous every 5 seconds too. I didn't want to spend the day in bed, so I ended up spending it on the couch, with Yoda as company.
138_365 05-18-13

If there's fruit in the cake, is it healthy?

Sunday I worked (boo), but it was a slow day (yay).  Sometimes those are nice.  I'm able to do other work stuff that needs to be done but doesn't get done first and the change of pace can be very nice.  And it was the early shift, and I was feeling better, so with dinner I made cake.

Okay, that wasn't the whole reason for making cake.  I also had some VERY ripe bananas on the counter and wasn't really wanting to make banana bread again (made it last week). I got talked into buying a large bunch of bananas (but I will eat them mom) that didn't get eaten before they got too ripe for my picky eaters (they will not eat them if there is any brown on them)(I'm allergic to raw bananas and will only risk the incredible itching mouth and throat once in a great while).

I made Chocolate Banana Cake with Chocolate Ganache frosting.  Good, but VERY rich.

The recipe:

139_365 05-19-13

I'm not great with food photography, and was feeling lazy, so settled for the blah phone pic edited with instagram.  It doesn't do it justice...

Garden update!

Time for a garden update.
136_365 05-16-13

Seedlings, starting to get ready to move to the garden.  The bigger ones in the front are pole green beans. The other side is bush green beans. The middle egg carton are tomatoes, and the back carton is cucumbers.  I really like how the egg carton is working out.  I planted some of the pole green beans Saturday and the roots had grown through the bottom and the cups came apart fairly easily.  They were still holding together, but not much so they will compost down nicely.  I'll finish planting the rest this week, and start another round. I want to do successive planting this year so I can get lots of green beans to can and put in the freezer, tomatoes to can, and give a go at pickling cucumbers.

05-16-13 (2)

Potato tower.  Still thinking about putting more soil on top... might just leave it be.

05-16-13 (4)

More potatoes.  The small plant on the left is red potatoes.  The right is yukon potatoes, same as the tower.

05-16-13 (3)

Store bought marigolds. I'm going to try to plant some from seed myself, but needed to be sure to have some flowers.  I'm using them to help with pest control.  I don't have a lot of pests, but I like the idea of using marigolds to keep some away.

05-16-13 (6)

Speaking of pests, this shiny windmill (from the dollar store) helps keeps the birds away.  Unfortunately, it doesn't keep the slugs away.  These are my radishes.  I get to harvest 2-3 at a time every few days, and they last about 5 minutes after washing.  Robert likes them, a lot.  And he says they are SPICY, especially the little ones.

05-16-13 (7)

FINALLY the carrots are starting to come up.  They sure did take their sweet time. And not many are up...yet.

05-16-13 (5)

Garlic is looking good.  There are a few that will be ready to harvest really soon.

19 May 2013

Tiptoe through the tulips

135_365 05-15-13


On Mother's Day I received a bouquet of tulips from the in-laws' in-laws, and they are starting to open up.

The look prettier in person...

15 May 2013

Meeting Jasper

A few months ago, my neighbor friend (neighend, fribor?), lost her horse Wynston. She still had Starlette though.  (I rode Starlette before. And then I fell off.)

About a month ago, she heard of a half brother of Wynston was relinquished by his owner to a boarding facility and was available for adoption.  Long story short, she got him. He was a little thin and unloved when he arrived, apparently. But not anymore.  (Well, still a little thin, but getting there.)

Meet Jasper
134_365 05-14-13

I finally got to meet him last evening and he is so sweet and loving.  Seriously, he is my new favorite.

05-14-13 (11) copy2

Starlette and Jasper

05-14-13 (33) copy2


05-14-13 (35) copy

Starlette in her stall.  Because she is a bit of a drama queen.
05-14-13 (39) copy

Robin Red Breast

133_365 05-13-13
I think this is the only robin we have in the neighborhood.  We have one blue jay and about 5 million little finches and probably that many doves.

I used to like doves. They're pretty and all, but the cooing. Ugh! The cooing just DOES NOT STOP!

And it's not just in the spring. It's year round, non-stop coo coo coo.

Driving me a bit coo coo.  (Like I wasn't there already...)

12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

We went to a BBQ at the in-laws house for Mother's Day linner (lunch+dinner) and I heard several comments on my blogging, or lack thereof lately so...

HERE is my new blog post Barb and Eula. Don't think you can boss me around now.*

Not a 365 (but sharing anyways), my first garden harvest.  A lone little radish.  Robert and I split it and it was good, and a little spicy.  I harvested 3 more tonight that Robert ate within 5 minutes of me getting them washed.  The littlest one was really spicy apparently as he had to quickly get a drink after eating it.
First garden harvest. One lone radish. Robert and I split it.

Now to the 365s.
365 05-07-13
Rhododendron. They're the neighbors, but I still enjoy them. They are much pinker in person.

365 05-08-13
Another flower of the neighbor's yard, a clematis I believe.

365 05-09-13
Sun beams through the sprinkler, seen while watering the garden at sunset.  Making rainbows.

365 05-10-13
Sunbathing Simba.  It's a hard life being a cat.

365 05-11-13
Carus - new bangs and new shirt and shorts.  The kids are growing so fast (I know, right?!) and have outgrown yet MORE clothes! I just bought them shorts last summer. GAH!

I'm really having a hard time keeping Adam in clothes that fit; he's outgrown things as quickly as a month after purchase. Since I had to buy them clothes again we went to Goodwill and Salvation Army to find things for cheap - and we did.  Carus got this shirt for $6. It's a brand name silk shirt. I'm a little bit jelly (jelly=jealous).

365 05-12-13
For Mother's day I made breakfast (I really wanted biscuits and gravy and no one can make it like I do) and did some laundry (I don't mind too much and the kids need clean clothes for school) and then went out to my in-laws place for the aforementioned BBQ and socializing.  The food was good, conversation better, and fun was had by all.  I borrowed the dogs for a bit wanting to take a nice photo of them.  They were not cooperating too well as the treats were in my pocket, not next to them, but I did get this one.  Coco is on the left and Lady is on the right.

*If you can't tell, that sentence was said teasingly and with lots of love. Barb is my mother-in-law and Eula is her mother-in-law and my sort of adopted grandma.

08 May 2013

Still a'slackin'

122_365 05-02-13

Yep, I'm still a slacker. Still feeling a bit blah.  I think I'm ready for the kids to be out for the summer, well sort of. It will be nice when I can sleep in a bit but at same time they will also be home all the time.  Probably bickering at each other, which they do a lot of lately.

Last week Robert and I went over to Carus's school for the science fair.  She tested which surface a tennis ball bounces higher off of.  She dropped a ball from 12 inches on to carpet, cardboard, tile, and plywood (the floor in Robert's shed if you're curious where she found plywood).  The plywood won; by 1/2 inch if I remember correctly.

There were a few projects that we've seen before at science fairs over the years, but there were a few new ones.  Smart kids give me hope for the future.

123_365 05-03-13

Dance is also coming to a close with the school year.  Carus's recital is June 21st. If you want to come, let me know so I can order you a ticket.  All tickets have to be bought in advance.

124_365 05-04-13

Saturday we went to Faire in the Grove, and had fun.  Robert and Adam wimped out early, mostly because it was hot (we seemed to have jumped into late spring/early summer)(I'm not complaining).  I'll be uploading more pics from that day soon, and they'll be in this set on Flickr.

125_365 05-05-13

Sunday was hot again and we did a whole lot of nothing.  I decided in the afternoon to go hang out in the shade under the tree in the front yard and read.  Simba wandered over to harass me and that got the attention of this snake who was sunbathing nearby.  He stayed put while I ran to grab my camera, but it wasn't much longer until Simba noticed him and then he had to take off for I dunno where. One minute he was there, the next he had disappeared into the grass.

126_365 05-06-13

Filling a pan with water, to make dinner, and needed a photo for the day.  I like how it froze the water falling...

02 May 2013

Things are growing!

120_365 04-30-13

121_365 05-01-13

I was expecting all the seeds I planted to come up at the same time, all of them.  Of the 18 green beans I planted - 3 are up. Cucumbers are doing better with 5 of 18.  The tomatoes?  Maybe 1.  Maybe.  It's tiny and I'm not entirely sure if it is a tomato or if a weed seed got in there as I put them outside during the day to get the most sun.

01 May 2013

And some more from the past week

116_365 04-26-13
Dance picture day.  It's not stage makeup, but she enjoyed getting to wear it. She did not want to take that costume off.

117_365 04-27-13
Dog park trip, because it was gorgeous outside.  Leia hauls ass after that ball and then skids to a stop.

118_365 04-28-13
Sunday was gardening day.  The potato tower is growing very well.  I got new straw (actual straw this time, not the hay I got last year that GREW hay. This stuff shouldn't grow.) and put a new layer of straw and soil, about 5-6 inches.

119_365 04-29-13

Remember how I was telling you how Leia skids to a stop when playing fetch? Yeah.  Well doing that caused cuts in the upper pads on her front paws (they're called carpal pads bytheway).  I took her to the vet to make sure she didn't need stitches. She didn't.  They gave me some powder that keeps the wounds dry, are antiseptic and a little extra pain reliever; and a collar to keep her from licking her paws.  She does not like being a satellite, but thankfully she doesn't lick much so we've been able to leave it off most of the time (too bad I bought it already)(thankfully it was under $20).

They were sitting on the step so they can get a treat.

She's such a good dog. When it's time to put the powder on, she'll come over when called, lie down, roll over and give me her paws.

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