30 April 2011

Busy Saturday...

120/365 - A flower from my yard. This bush is actually scheduled to be ripped out in the future because we want to redo the flower bed it is in with something different...but then it starts blooming and I wonder if I still want to... we'll see. 
120_365 04-29-11
Photo SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) with no editing or cropping.

That was yesterday (Friday's) 365, and right now I don't have my 365 for today. Well I do have it, but I don't have permission to post it. I took a team photo of Carus's soccer team today after the game, but I want permission from the other parents before I post it...sooo we wait for permission and get it and then I post it OOORRR I don't get permission and I find another photo.

Now on why today was busy - We had Carus's soccer game this morning. They tied, 2 to 2. The girls did so good. Carus was goalie the second half of the game and in the last moments of the game, when the other team tried to make a goal, they kicked the ball and it went up and Carus caught the ball in mid air. I didn't get the shot before it got to her arms, but I did get it after. She looked so happy, surprised and proud of herself for catching that ball. See: 

04-30-11 (519)2
This photo is SOOC as well, but is cropped.

Hhmmm, maybe this will be my backup 365 photo if the team photo one doesn't work out. 
After the game we came home for lunch and then the kids and I went with some friends to the Faire in the Grove (Renaissance Fair), which was fun!! And I have tons of photos to go through from that.  I will work on getting a set put together on my Flickr and will post some here too. 

There was sword fighting by the kids and by Faire participants that we watched, archery (kids participated), handmade goods to look at, we learned how they made glass beads, what games they played, what music they heard, how they did workworking, how they spun wool into yarn, how books were made/written before the printing press, and how they were bound, and had tons of fun. 

After that, we headed home to veg on the couch, have some dinner, and/or do whatever but I found I didn't have my house key (Robert was out with friends because he didn't want to go to the Faire, and over two hours away).  Carus had taken my mailbox key to go check the mail yesterday (and my house key was on the same detachable key ring as the mailbox key) and then she forgot to put it back. 


We'll go shopping.  We need clothes for summer and Hawaii (if you didn't already know we are going to Hawaii in a few weeks to celebrate Robert and mine 10 year anniversary) so the kids and I went shopping and out to dinner to kill some time before Robert got back this a-ways to let us in. 

It was a great, busy day and I have the sunburn (just a little one) and sore pocketbook to prove it!

28 April 2011

I was surprised!!

118/365 - Robert surprised me with some diamond earrings yesterday as an early Mother's day gift. I had some before that he got me years and years ago but they irritated my ears and I couldn't wear them :( Sooo, he upgraded them to these. And my ears like them.
118_365 04-27-11

119/365 - Some pretty tulips sitting on my kitchen counter. I picked them up at the grocery store the other day.
119_365 04-28-11

26 April 2011

My future garden

117/365 - Our little seedlings of fruits and vegetables for our garden this year.  We have green beans, peas, tomatoes, pickling cucumbers (going to try to make pickles), cucumbers, zucchini, squash, sunflowers (Carus loves planting these), and watermelon. (I think that's all of them).  I also have carrots, radishes, and kolrhabi that will be planted directly into the ground...maybe this weekend... 
117_365 04-26-11

25 April 2011

Rainbow over soccer practice

116/365 - One good thing about all the rain we get in spring, the rainbows. Well when the sun does have a chance to pop out anyways.
116_365 04-25-11

In other news, I FINALLY! got my temporary filling taken out and the permanent put in. I'm the proud owner of a brand-new gold filling. It wasn't a totally horrible experience getting my first cavity found, drilled, and filled BUT I definitely want to avoid more! All this dental drama has helped Robert and I remember to remind the kids to brush their teeth, and to brush ours a bit more, which hopefully will keep the teeth drama down. 

Next Tuesday I am scheduled to get my bottom two wisdom teeth pulled and while I am a bit nervous, my dentists' confidence in how easy it will be does make me feel better.

Happy Easter

113_365 04-22-11
113/365 - Adam's school has been having spirit days and Friday was "Old School Day" and the kids were to dress up in outfits inspired from the 50s to 90s. He told me this Friday morning, which if I had time to prepare we could have gotten a leather jaket for a 50s greaser look or some hammer pants for the 80s, or a flannel shirt for a 90s grunge look. 

I told him it was too bad that the school dress code would still be somewhat in effect or I could put him in a pair of daddy's pants for the baggy look from the 90s.  To which he replied, "but I wouldn't be able to keep them up."

EXACTLY Adam, exactly the problem from that style choice.  Remember guys walking around like penguins to keep their pants up?! I do, and I still laugh about it.

Anyways, we put him in his baggiest pair of pants, put one of Robert's shirts on him so it would be baggy and told him to wear his cap sideways.  Robert then reminded me about the braided belt that was worn with the tail of it hanging down between the legs, remember that?! I had forgotten!  Unfortunately we didn't have one of those, but I think we got close enough...and the kids got a lesson in the fashion choices of some kids of the 90s.

114_365 04-23-11

114/365 - Carus had another soccer game Saturday and it was bright, sunny, and near 70 degrees. BEAUTIFUL day!

Her team did well, they need to be a little more aggressive. When they are aggressive they score. They lost this game too.

After the game we worked in the yard a bit and from being outside all day Robert and I ended up a little pink.

Sunday was Easter and we had a family dinner with just us.  Good thing too because Carus woke up feeling crummy Sunday morning with a headache and a fever.  After some meds and a nap she felt better though.  For some reason I didn't get pictures of the kids with their Easter baskets, but I did get dinner. Then after dinner the kids and I played some Wii.
Mashed potatoes
Easter dinner

Deviled eggs, normal
Easter dinner

Deviled eggs with pickles
Easter dinner

Carus set the table and insisted on us using the special china glasses.
Easter dinner

Easter dinner

Gramma green beans
Easter dinner

Easter dinner

And for desert - my 365 for today cause it is that good - Peach Crumb Cake
115_365 04-24-11

22 April 2011


Taco on a stick. The kids were watching iCarly and they had tacos on sticks - the kids didn't believe it was possible so Robert showed them.

04-15-11 (1)

Out doing soccer pictures. The field they were taking pictures in was very very soggy, so the girls got muddy pretty quick. This was a competition to see who had the dirtiest shoes.
04-14-11 (3)

21 April 2011

Yoda loves his catepillar

112/365 - Yoda and his catepillar.  Not the best photo, little blurry. But I still like it.
112_365 04-21-11

And my jaw hurts so this is all you're getting from me tonight.

20 April 2011

The G-shizzle

110/365 - My new Japanese maple courtesy of my awesome neighbor G (not sure if she is okay with me sharing her name with the internets so she is being dubbed G. In cases of extreme awesomeness she will become G-dog or G-shizzle. Also, from here out she will no longer be referred to as my neighbor, but my friend, cause I consider her my friend now. She must deal with that reality). ANYHOO! I lost my Japanese maple in the move (sad face) and she had a spare volunteer maple growing in her yard that she didn't want and I went I'LL TAKE IT! Voila! New Japanese maple for me!
110_365 04-19-11

111/365 - I was at the hospital today and took this from the 7th floor of the parking structure looking west. Look here to see it bigger and actually see the little birdie.
111_365 04-20-11

18 April 2011


Adam's little ingrown toenail surgery went well. The doctor was super nice and joked and teased all of us the entire time. Including a really good one about toe-fu. I think it helped distract Adam a bit from the pain. The only pain he had was from the injections of the anesthetic that numbed his toes. Tomorrow I'm sure he will be a little more sore though.

In the exam room he had these 2 soda can planes hanging up. Made for him by an old patient of his. How many cans do you think it took to make one of those planes?

04-18-11 001

04-18-11 002

* * * * * * * * * * *
109_365 - Carus post soccer practice.
109_365 04-18-11

* * * * * * * * * * *
While taking a few pictures of her Carus started swinging her water bottle around. I thought it was pretty cool that I caught the water drops.
04-18-11 011

04-18-11 012

04-18-11 013

Yard projects update

It's finally starting to dry out a bit...just a bit... and Robert is able to get back to work on the retaining wall.

Here it was at the start of the day yesterday, he was just about halfway. The hard clay soil is giving him fits and he has a bit of trouble getting it level enough for the next section...but because he is extremely stubborn and persistent he finally does, adds the sand for the base, tamps it down, and then lays and levels the base stones.

He is pulling out bits of clay that you can mold with. In fact, Carus was molding things with it yesterday.
04-17-11 (2)

The second and third layers of the stone go much quicker since he doesn't have to level those. And here it shows his stopping point yesterday, about three-quarters done with the wall.
04-17-11 (12)

While he was working on the wall, I was prepping for the next project. We want to extend the grass in the backyard and are leaning towards laying sod (although we might just put down some seed) so I loosened the soil where we are planning on having grass.  This project will only take a day once we decide sod or seed and get it here... and once we get that wall done. Robert doesn't want to do any more projects until he is done with that wall and that stupid clay dirt is slowing him down.

04-17-11 (1)

Hopefully Oregon will go ahead and continue with some more dry days, or just save the rain for the weekdays when we are working anyways, so we can hurry up and get things done.

Stay tuned for more progress...

17 April 2011

Another week in 365s

102/365 - Pretty flowers. Don't remember the name of them. They aren't daisies, but look a lot like them. (Update: They are called Seneti, had to look at the tag from the nursery. Besides these magenta and white, I also have a blue and white and all magenta)
102_365 04-11-11

103/365 - Adam has taken up archery with a homemade bow and arrow.
103_365 04-12-11

104/365 - Told ya I'd get another shot of that bluebird! He is sitting on top of the snowball bush.
104_365 04-13-11

105/365 - Timmy watching Adam create his Mii on the Wii.
105_365 04-14-11

106/365 - Yay Friday! A friend came over and we had some wine.  Tisdale was good, David Hill was good (and local) and Ardiri (also local) didn't get popped open, but we've tasted it before and it is good too. We saved it for another time.
106_365 04-15-11

107/365 - Failed attempt at a moon shot...someday I will get it. For now, trust me that the moon was pretty.
107_365 04-16-11

108/365 - Neighbor friend's kitten Paxton.
108_365 04-17-11

* * * * * * * * * * *
Adam has had problems with ingrown toenails on his big toes, and lately they've been getting infected and staying that way, so have been extra bothersome. I took him to the doctor last week to see if they could do something and get us some antibiotics. The doc just referred us to a podiatrist for a little surgery where they will remove a bit of his toenail on the side of each toe and then treating the nail bed in a way that the nail won't grow back and then voila - no more ingrown toenails and no more infections (and pain). YAY!  That surgery is tomorrow.

I have problems with them too, as well as at least one of my brothers, my uncle, and my grandfather - apparently we all have the same shaped toes... I keep my in control with pedicures, but maybe I will vote for the procedure too.

* * * * * * * * * * *
This weekend we got Adam a cell phone.  We were going to wait until the fall when he started middle school but I needed a new phone and adding a line for him helped me get one much cheaper. 

He is so happy about it - and right now I can pretty much get him to do anything.

He has free mobile to mobile (all carriers), free nights and weekends, and unlimited text messaging (all excluding hours he is at school). Email me or text me for his number.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Quicky menu list:

Sunday - Steak and salad
Monday - Phil's sub sandwiches
Tuesday - Spaghetti and garlic bread
Wednesday - FFY
Thursday - Beef stroganoff and corn
Friday - FFY
Saturday - Pizza Rolls

13 April 2011

ZZZZzzzzzzzzz (dentist drill, not sleeping Zz's)

I started out going to the dentist to see if he could remove my bottom two wisdom teeth which hadn't been out enough to pull when I had the top ones pulled. 

And it ended with me getting a filling.

They took x-rays of my wisdom teeth to see if they where they were sitting and found that I had a cavity. It was hidden between two teeth so it's not/wasn't visible.  Even though it wasn't bothering me the dentist wanted it taken care of because it was close the nerve and he wanted to avoid having to do a root canal. I liked that idea.

I did not like the idea of having a cavity.  Or getting that cavity filled.

I've never had a cavity before.

I've never had a filling before.

So naturally (right?) I was nervous when I went in yesterday.

And then they had trouble getting me numb enough.  Their usual course of anesthetic wasn't enough. Eep, that's a bad sign, right?

But with a little more meds, and a little bit of drooling from me, I was numb enough, and I survived the drilling out of the cavity. (Ugh, that sentence made me cringe.) I then got fitted for my filling and the temporary put in and back to home I went still very very numb.

There's a new experience for ya - attempting to eat (so I could take ibuprofen and Tylenol to avoid the pain when the numbing wore off), drinking (so I could you know, swallow the pills), and uh not drooling all over myself.  Also, I was still working and had to make a couple phone calls, and talk, to, like, people, all professional-like, when I couldn't feel my tongue. 

Now the numbing has worn off and I'm just a little sore and having a heck of a time trying to eat. The temporary filling is interfering with my bite and it's hard to chew. But I'm okay and no longer nervous about having cavities filled.

I am a little sad. No, more like really really bummed out.  I have made it this far in my life with not one single cavity and now my streak is broken.

12 April 2011


96_365 Carus has found her medium - chalk. Our driveway is covered with drawings, and Oregon is helping her by cleansing her canvas often.
96_365 04-05-11

97_365 My camilla is blooming.
97_365 04-06-11

98_365 The bluebird of the neighborhood. He's pretty camera shy, but I'm determined to get some good pictures of him.
98_365 04-07-11

99_365 Adam with his hair done up for crazy hair day at school, and giving me a goofy pose.
99_365 04-08-11

100_365 Carus in her soccer game.  They didn't win this game either, the other team had enough players for 2 teams so they didn't tire out as quickly as ours.  It was a GREAT game, the score 3 to 6.

Man, I love this photo.
100_365 04-09-11

101_365 Adam making salsa for dinner.
101_365 04-10-11

04 April 2011

Melting hearts

95/365 - Carus's chalk hearts being washed away by the rain.
95_365 04-04-11

Sorta poetic no?  I knew the rain was returning, but now that it's here I've been kinda bummed out by it all day.  I just need to start thinking about the sun we are supposed to get the second half of this week into the weekend. 

Yeah, there's a plan - SUN will be here soon. Sun is coming. Sun is coming.

* * * * * * * * *
In other news, my baby brother (well they're all my baby brothers, but this particular one is the youngest) just got engaged. He will be getting married next year and I am so flipping excited! 

03 April 2011

I am my mother's daughter

A few weeks ago, my mother was out walking when she tripped and fell, and when trying to catch herself with her arm, broke her arm; both the radius and ulna.  She had to have surgery to place a couple plates and screws and is healing nicely now, albeit slower than she would like.

Why am I telling you about it now?

Um, well because it shows where I get my clumsiness from. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit how clumsy I am, but I suppose it is just how I I confess away!

Which leads me to the newest way I've injured myself. 

This morning as I was leaving to go grocery shopping (WOO fun!!!) and I was going down the front steps, I missed one or two at the bottom, came down funky on my foot and rolled my ankle. Thankfully no one witnessed my fall so the embarrassment is all my own (and now the internets), and after the initial throbbing let up I felt I was okay and I went shopping.  Two hours later I came limping home and put my foot up with an ice pack on it and Robert wrapped it with a bandage. I don't think I broke anything - but it still freaking hurts. I probably sprained it or something. We'll see how it goes...

* * * * * * * * * *

Now for the 365s!
91/365 - Can I come in now?
91_365 03-31-11

92/365 - Yoda watching the neighborhood, waiting for the kids to come home.
92_365 04-01-11

93/365 - Carus's first soccer game was Saturday morning, bright and early.  We had to get up at 7 am on a Saturday morning to get ready and get to it..not too much fun and we will do it again this weekend. But the games are so much fun! She scored the first (and only) goal Saturday, and while her team did lose it was still a great game and the girls played so well.
93_365 04-02-11

94/365 - Even though I was hurt I was determined to follow through on my plans anyways. After shopping and the little rest I gave my ankle, I went to work on this little flower bed on the side of our front yard and driveway. Last year I had petunias in it and it had a black plastic border. We pulled that out and then Robert suggested putting a stone border in. I liked it so much that when he went to get his stones for his retaining wall project I had him pick me up some more of these stones (we have them lining a little flower bed in the backyard too).  Then he helped me get all the weeds and grass out of the bed and put the stones in. Then Carus and I planted some pansies and violas.  I'm going to top it off with some bark mulch, but didn't do that today. 

94_365 04-03-11

* * * * * * * * * *
It's a bit cold and I know the rain will not let up too much for a few months yet, but I'm so happy that spring seems to finally be here.  Grass everywhere is green and growing fast.  Weekends are filled with sounds of lawn mowers and weed eaters. Stores are filled with garden soils, bark mulch, compost, starter plants and seeds, seeds, and more seeds. Trees are blossoming, daffodils and tulips are up and blooming.  Birds have been seen building nests everywhere (including in a neighbor's gutters). Spring, thank you for finally making it to Oregon!

* * * * * * * * * *
Carus might be a bit related to Dr. Seuss.  She decided to use some chalk to color our stone border. It will wash away in the rain that is expected tomorrow - but we are supposed to dry up Wednesday or Thursday this week and stay dry until at least Sunday (hopefully a bit longer).

* * * * * * * * * *

Saturday after getting up super early for the soccer game and doing some yard work I decided I didn't want to cook and Robert took us out to dinner at Mazatlan's (a mexican restaurant), my fave! So the kabobs got moved to the next day.

Menu this week

Sunday - Beef & shrimp kabobs, roasted veggies
Monday - Beef and broccoli
Tuesday - Garbage
Wednesday - Take & bake pizza
Thursday - BBQ chicken legs & thighs, potato salad (?)
Friday - Chicken tacos
Saturday - FFY

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