30 November 2013


My laptop died about 2ish weeks ago. I'm very sad about it. If you follow me on Facebook you will see my hilarious posts lamenting its demise. Well, they're hilarious to me.

I'm doing this update from my phone and am finding it rather annoying (autocorrect doesnt think I mean what I think I mean) so I probably won't be doing it again soon.

I asked the kids to clean their bathroom today to make it presentable to the guests we will be having this evening (cooking a turkey dinner cause we like leftovers)(our neighbor/friends are coming cause they like turkey dinners) and it reminded me of a couple weeks ago when I asked them to clean it last time for company.  After making my request, Carus asked me who was coming over.  "Gramma and Grandpa are for Daddy's birthday."

"Oh, well then we're okay. We don't have to clean it. They don't mind."

Gotta love her reasoning. Ha!

07 November 2013

Calling it

I'm calling it.

I'm officially quitting the 365 this year.  It's been more stressful than inspiring for awhile now.  I've often found myself in the evenings grabbing the camera or my phone and glancing around looking for something to inspire me to take a photo of. Or, I would magically claim one of the photos I took with my cell phone that day was the 365.

Not to mention the guilt and anxiety I've been feeling about not getting the photos caught up with labeling, uploaded, and shared.  I have some that I want to share, but not all of them, and I don't have to share them all the time.  I don't need to be making myself feel like a failure or a loser, that's not inspiring - and it leads to further procrastinating and guilt and feelings of failure. (A guilt spiral. <---you click="" link="" on="" should="" that="">

The point of the 365 project was to help me learn my camera better and inspire me to take photos. It's not doing that.

I want to focus on photography projects.  I have an idea in mind for a Little Red Riding Hood shoot with Carus that I'd like to focus on and the beginnings of a Robin Hood or something shoot with Adam. (He's been wearing his cloak almost daily - around the house, to school, to a football game - everywhere and how it moves and swirls is idea forming.)  I also have a few projects in discussion with a friend that I need to be more excited about to be able to focus on - she's been patient with me and I'd like to come through and get this thing done.

I'm not done taking photos, nor sharing them, so don't worry.  I'm just taking some pressure off me.

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