30 December 2012


The SUN came out this weekend. It was GLORIOUS!

Carus had her birthday sleepover party Saturday night.  We didn't do anything super special, just a sleepover with a couple friends.  There was lasagna and root beer floats and they watched a movie.  There is giggling and some squeaking, but at lights out, it stops.

Movie time with some puggy cuddles.
365_366 12-29-12

366:366 (Not the last of the year, explanation here.)

We drove one of Carus's friends home today and while driving into Aloha we got to see Mount Hood. I took a pic with my cell phone and went back to soaking up the sun and enjoying the blue skies.  Later, I went with Geneva out to the barn. (My hip is still sore (STILL! Grrr!) but I think it's time to stop babying it and start working it more.  And eventually I will get back on that horse. Hahaha. So anyways, I went out to the barn because it's easier to do something you don't want to do when doing something you enjoy.)  On the way out to the barn, we got a really good view of Mount Hood.

366_366 12-30-12

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