24 October 2011

A lot of animals and a little girl too

293/365 - Friend's new horse, Starlett.

By the time Friday rolled around, it had been a VERY long week and a VERY long day. I needed a break.  I threw dinner together and ran away for a couple hours with a friend to the barn to meet her new horse.

Ahhh, barn smells and horses...
293_365 10-21-11

294/365 - Sleepy Timmy
294_365 10-22-11

295/365 - Carus's Halloween costume is coming along nicely.  She wasn't happy about trying it on and me taking a picture.  There are a few things I'm not happy with, but I'm not sure I can fix it... I'll try. Just one week left until Halloween.
295_365 10-23-11

296/365 - Pretty puppy
296_365 10-24-11

20 October 2011

Fall colors

291/365 - Fall colors in my front yard...sort of.  The grass is actually in my neighbors yard, but the red bush is in mine.
291_365 10-19-11

We went to an outing with Carus's school today (ORVA) to a local pumpkin patch.

292/365 - View from top of the hill at the pumpkin farm.  Facing south(ish), to the east(ish) is Beaverton and to the west(ish) Hillsboro.
292_365 10-20-11

Daddy and Carus sling-shoting (sling-shooting?) pumpkins.
10-20-11 (1)


When doing school work with Carus this morning (which, by the way, she is zooming through and I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that she wants to go to the Pumpkin Patch with her school today and meet her teacher) she had some poems to read that I liked and wanted to share.

Some People by Rachel Field

Isn't it strange some people make
You feel so tired inside,
Your thoughts begin to shrivel up
Like leaves all brown and dried!
But when you're with some other ones, 
It's stranger still to find
Your thoughts as thick as fireflies
All shiny in your mind!

Thoughts on Talkers
by Walter R. Brooks

Some people talk in a telephone
And some people talk in a hall; 
Some people talk in a whisper, 
And some people talk in a drawl; 
And some people talk-and-talk-and-talk-and-talk-and-talk
And never say anything at all.

Ten Kinds
by Mary Mapes Dodge

Winnie Whiney, all things grieve her; 
Fannie Fibber, who'd believe her?
Lotty Loozem, late to school, sir; 
Albert Allplay, quite a fool, sir;
Kitty Kissem, loved by many; 
George Grump, not loved by any; 
Ralph Ruff--beware his fist, sir;
Tillie Tattle, like a blister; 
Gus Goodactin, bright and cheery; 
Sammy Selfish, sour and dreary.
Do you know them, as I've sung them?
Easy 'tis to choose among them.

18 October 2011

A 365 catch-up

284/365 - I found a snail in the backyard - more interesting than a slug so he got to live.
284_365 10-12-11

285/365 - Pre-wedding prep.
285_365 10-13-11

286/365 - Final touches on pre-wedding prep and decoration.  Visit Flickr for notes on the photo for who is who and other what nots.
286_365 10-14-11

287/365 - Bride and groom goofing around for pics.
287_365 10-15-11

288/365 - Carus and I tried some water marbling with nail polish. Little parsnickity but we will get the hang of it in no time.
288_365 10-16-11

289/365 - Apparently Carus is a comfy bed for Leia.
289_365 10-17-11

290/365 - Playing with Timmy kitty.
290_365 10-18-11

Menu post

Sunday  - FFY
Monday - Baked chicken and broccoli and rice
Tuesday - Take and bake pizza (thanks to Robert making a Costco run)
Wednesday - Chicken noodle soup
Thursday - Carne asada
Friday - Ramon stir-fry
Saturday - French onion soup (maybe, haven't made this before and not sure if I'm ready to attempt it)

11 October 2011

Costume, kitty, and puppy

281/365 - Carus's Halloween costume. A "not so girly" princess dress. These are the dress pieces cut out, there are still some gauzy material (it's not gauze, but I can't think of the type of material it is) to cut out for the drape and sleeves. I've since gotten the front half of the dress sewn together and so far so good. It's a very pretty blue satin-like material.
281_365 10-09-11

282/365 - Sleepy Simba kitty 282_365 10-10-11 copy

283/365 - Leia puppy
283_365 10-11-11 copy

10 October 2011

Menu Monday

HHmmm, I wonder if I move my menu post to Monday's I can actually get it up on the day I said I was going to...

We'll find out!

Sunday - Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese

Monday - Meatballs (moved from Saturday which became FFY after baking all day), mashed potatoes (because I had Robert make the mashed potatoes Sunday and he made too much/extra) and ___insert other vegetable here that I'm not sure of yet___not broccoli___

Tuesday - Chef's salad

Wednesday - Beef and broccoli

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - kids will be at gramma's and Robert and I will be heading south a bit for a friend's wedding...back late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

I'm anticipating next Sunday to be FFY (fend for yourself) as well...but we'll see if I'm hungover.

08 October 2011

Fall is here

277/365 - Fall morning.  Fog is just starting to pull back. It had recently rained. Trees are starting to turn. Gorgeous. I'm enjoying the cooler weather and drizzles and foggy mornings.
277_365 10-05-11

278/365 - Wilbur
278_365 10-06-11

279/365 - Hair bow.  Carus and I had come across some how-to videos for some pretty hair styles thanks to the rabbit holes* of Pinterest and YouTube and this one seemed quick and easy - and it was - so I pulled her hair up into a hair box really quickly during my lunch break, and then popped off a few shots.  I LOVED how cut it was! AND she let me play with her hair!!!
279_365 10-07-11

280/365 - The aftermath of making cookies and brownies for a friends wedding next weekend.  And this is after clean up (thanks Barb!).  The two foil pans in the middle are the cookies, ready for the freezer (so they last until next weekend).  The brownies are in the pans still.  My MIL Barbara and friend J came over and helped mix and bake 2 batches chocolate chips (one with nuts, one without), 1 batch Mexican wedding cookies, 2 batches marbled brownies, and 1 batch Emma's wedding cookies.  Thanks to both LOADS for all the help - I'd probably still be baking without them!
280_365 10-08-11

*Internet rabbit holes are when you find yourself wondering how you ended up reading/watching this online after clicking many many many links.... you've gone down an internet rabbit hole.  YouTube is a MAJOR rabbit hole in that you can get lost watching videos for hours and hours.  Pinterest is another where you can get lost pinning things for hours and hours.  

04 October 2011

Doing something I want

275/365 - Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed with all my "have to do's" and missing all my "want to do's". There's just not enough time in the day.  I haven't quilted anything in at least a year, haven't sewn much at all save a few repairs, haven't done knitting, crotcheting, drawing, painting, etc. I haven't really had much time to read either and in fact I've been working on the same book for more than a month - and not because I don't like it.

So now, I've been trying to make an effort to spend at least 15 minutes a day on something I want to do.

Yesterday it was quilting. I pulled out a quilt I had easy access too (most of my fabric is still packed away).  I started this Irish chain quilt around 5-6 years ago.  It's part machine piece and part hand applique.

Carus was helping chose squares for the next block.
275_365 10-03-11

276/365 - Carus says that she isn't feeling too well and she has a headache. I pulled out some Emergen-C hoping to stop what ever bug she is trying to get before it turns into a cold for everyone.
276_365 10-04-11 004

* * * * * *
Tonight I'm vegging out on the couch watching some of *my* shows without Robert's commentary about how it's stupid (maybe, but I'm easily amused so I'm okay with it being stupid) or it's too girlie (and I'm a girl that likes girlie shows or movies once in awhile, problems?) or something.  And I don't have to listen to the commentary BECAUSE he is out with friends for a bachelor party.  Yes, it's weird to have a bachelor party in the middle of the week, but the groom works weekends and Tuesday's are his Saturday.  And Robert is the best man so he kinda has to be at the party.

They have a party bus for the bar hopping so no worrying about drinking and driving (and I'm available to go pick him up if necessary).  It ain't happening.

02 October 2011


272/365 - Bedtime snack - milk and cookies mmmm
272_365 09-30-11

Waaaayyy back in April we got a Groupon for a great deal on the Oregon Coast Aquarium and it expires October 4th, so this was kinda our last weekend to, we went. Off to Newport!

273/365 - We stopped in Lincoln City for lunch on the beach.  What a great view to have while eating.
273_365 10-01-11

My favorite things at the aquarium were the shark tunnel and the sea nettles.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good picture of the sharks, but they were really cool.

I did get one of the nettles. They are so lovely.
10-01-11 (136) copy

Starfish just hanging around.
10-01-11 (142) copy

We enjoyed the aquarium, however, I am so.glad. we didn't pay full price to go.  Adult tickets are $15.95 each, Adam is youth age now so his would have been $13.95, and Carus is lucky enough to still be "cheap" at $9.95.  Those prices are RIDICULOUS! We were there about 45 minutes and saw everything there was to see... totally worth the $25 Groupon, totally not worth full price (IMO).

Road trip naps on the way home.
10-01-11 (162)

10-01-11 (163)

274/365 - Making a mess in someone else's kitchen.  A friend and I canned some tomatoes and made some roasted marinara sauce.
274_365 10-02-11


Sunday - BBQ pork baby back ribs and potatoes romanoff (And they were good.  I ended up adding garlic and bacon to the potatoes cause uh, yeah, you can't go wrong with garlic and bacon.)

Monday - Nacho chicken bake

Tuesday - Shepherd's pie

Wednesday - Roast beef and vegetables

Thursday - FFY

Friday - Pork steaks and salad

Saturday - Meatballs and baked potatoes

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