18 October 2011

A 365 catch-up

284/365 - I found a snail in the backyard - more interesting than a slug so he got to live.
284_365 10-12-11

285/365 - Pre-wedding prep.
285_365 10-13-11

286/365 - Final touches on pre-wedding prep and decoration.  Visit Flickr for notes on the photo for who is who and other what nots.
286_365 10-14-11

287/365 - Bride and groom goofing around for pics.
287_365 10-15-11

288/365 - Carus and I tried some water marbling with nail polish. Little parsnickity but we will get the hang of it in no time.
288_365 10-16-11

289/365 - Apparently Carus is a comfy bed for Leia.
289_365 10-17-11

290/365 - Playing with Timmy kitty.
290_365 10-18-11

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