10 October 2011

Menu Monday

HHmmm, I wonder if I move my menu post to Monday's I can actually get it up on the day I said I was going to...

We'll find out!

Sunday - Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese

Monday - Meatballs (moved from Saturday which became FFY after baking all day), mashed potatoes (because I had Robert make the mashed potatoes Sunday and he made too much/extra) and ___insert other vegetable here that I'm not sure of yet___not broccoli___

Tuesday - Chef's salad

Wednesday - Beef and broccoli

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - kids will be at gramma's and Robert and I will be heading south a bit for a friend's wedding...back late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

I'm anticipating next Sunday to be FFY (fend for yourself) as well...but we'll see if I'm hungover.

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