17 May 2015

Adam dresses up again

A couple of weeks ago Adam and his friend went to Prom and they dressed up and were adorable and I made them stand in front of the hydrangea because it was blooming while I took photos and was an annoying mom.  Also, I love her blue hair. 

But I wasn't too annoying - I only made them pose for a handful of pictures before letting them leave.

01 May 2015

Outlander returns!

Outlander has returned!

That break felt so long, but it could have been longer. 

I think I like how they split this season. Do you think they will continue this pattern with the subsequent seasons?

Adam and I have been discussing how much we like how they are doing the adaptation. They are staying pretty true to the book adding in scenes and commentary to allow thoughts and suspicions of Claire's into the show.

I particularly like the scene were Claire slapped Loaghaire. It was great.

I found a continuance error. In episode 1 Claire and Mrs. Graham are in the kitchen with their tea and palm reading and Frank and the Reverend come into the kitchen. They were discussing Black Jack and how it was thought he had an important political character protecting him as he harassed the country side, and Frank said "Duke of Sandringham" in a questioning manor. It was an odd questioning, like he was testing the name out. BUT! In episode 10 Claire again flashes back to that memory, but now there is more conversation leading up to Frank's suggestion of Sandringham being protector and it flows better.  

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