27 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday

01-18-10 (18 of 365)

A girl and her hamster.

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22 January 2010


Last night I found myself wishing that sometimes our day-to-day lives were being taped for a reality television show.  Not because I actually wanna be on TV - the camera adds 10 pounds, and I just don't need that!  But because then some of the funniest things that my husband and kids do could be captured. Not to mention the priceless please-God-let-me-remember-that things the kids do and say.

Last night we had one of those funny moments -

Robert: "...we're invited to his video game party in a few weeks"

(Note: The 'his' in this sentence refers to Robert's friend Gizmo Guy.  Side note: YAY for all geeks, nerds, and gamers!)

Now camera, pan to Adam.  Adam, who has started hyperventilating and bouncing with his eyes popping out of his head and is just dying for the statement that says he gets to go too.

Disclaimer: Adam's excitement of being at a party where the sole purpose is to play video games may have been substantially increased over the fact that he has been grounded for 2 weeks for slacking on his responsibilities (minus the time where he was released on parole but got himself re-grounded in mere minutes).

The end

Yeah, I'm not the greatest storyteller - that's why it would be great if we had cameras going around recording us....well maybe. I like to pick my nose in private.

13 January 2010

I was rammed!

I got in an accident today.

And before I go any further - I am okay.  I am still shaken up, but no longer shaking, but I'm starting to get rather sore.  Especially my left shoulder that was already having issues and just happens to be where the seat belts sits so is now gets to be more sore.

I was driving back from picking up my new work computer and we (traffic) came to a construction area and slowed down.  That slowing down probably prevented the accident from being any worse than it was.  There was a sudden stop where the car in front of me stopped fast and the car in front of them stopped fast and I stopped fast and so on and so on - however, the guy in the 1996 Dodge Ram behind me wasn't able to stop fast enough and he rear ended me.  I clearly remember looking in my rear view mirror and saying 'oh shit' to myself right before he hit me.  He was probably going around 10 MPH or so and luckily he didn't push me into the car in front of me.

01-13-10 (13_365)
I was so shaken up, but he was really nice and seemed concerned.  He handed over his insurance and drivers license and helped me write down the information and let me get as much as I wanted to get.  And he told me to have my insurance call his insurance (which was actually his companys' insurance, he was driving a company truck) when I get a repair estimate. 

After we got back in our cars, he sat there in his until I was able to get someone on the phone.  I happened to be a few blocks from the hospital and so I ended up driving there to park and finish calming down and to wait for Robert.  I was still shaking really badly.  Robert got there, calmed me down some more, and then followed me home. 

My poor, newly paid off, Jeep! I love that Jeep so much. The bumper is all bent in and we can't open the hatch.  There is a plastic box next to the hitch that is broken too.  I'm not sure what else is broken, if anything else is broken.  But it could have been worse.

We've already started the insurance claim and handed the Jeep over to the repair shop, Leifs, and got a rental.  They are a great shop that takes care of all of the paperwork and does a great job.  They've fixed the bumper before when a tow truck backed into it and it was a BEAUTIFUL job.

Since the Jeep is more than 10 years old (its a 1999) the body shop said it is probably totaled . . . I really hope not.  Why is it that I get hit just after we paid off the Jeep? It's only been all ours for a week.

Good news is - I'm not hurt (just sore I think).

More good news - It was not my fault! I have guilt issues sometimes and I can be hard on myself, but I don't have to feel guilty about this and that feels good.

Bad news - My Jeep is hurt :(

Wordless Wednesday - Siblings

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06 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday - How Timmy Is Spending The Winter

That's a heating pad.

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05 January 2010

All ours!

Today we paid off our Jeep. It is officially all ours. No more monthly payments. No more paying the bank interest. All ours.

01-05-10 (5 of 365)

And one step closer to us being able to buy a house.

01 January 2010

Goodbye 2009


Saying "twenty ten" is going to take some getting used to.  I like it better than "two thousand ten" though.  Well maybe. 

2009 seemed to go by so quickly! It was a good year for us and 2010 promises an even better one.  I have lots of hopes for 2010, and tons of plans, and things to do, and places to go and people to see.  I've never done New Year's resolutions and I don't know if I want to start now. . .

I resolve to have a great year!

Hope you have a good one too!
I'm in jail for like the 10th time!
This is not how I want to spend 2010.  We played Monopoly New Years Eve with the kids and this is how I spent most of the game. I went to jail like 10 times - and I was broke so I couldn't just pay to get out; I had to sit there and try to roll doubles which of course I didn't do when I needed them!

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