30 March 2011

Yahoo sucks

So I was all ready to upload my 365 for today and I go and try to log into my flickr account and Yahoo doesn't recognize my ID. I know my ID, I'm not misspelling it or forgetting it or whatever.
HOW IN THE FRICK does that happen?!?!?!

Piece of crap.

And now you're probably reading this the next day, Wednesday, and I've finally got into my account.

Stupid Yahoo.

89/365 - Wilbur kitty.

89_365 03-29-11 copy

* * * * * * *

You know how I had to fix it - I had to update my internet explorer version from 7 to 8 and then Yahoo magically decided it was able to recognize my log in ID. Thankfully I figured out that SIMPLE fix quickly.

I'm still going with STOOOOPPIIDD YAHOO!

* * * * * * *

And even though it is technically still Wednesday, this is being published much later than I had planned. There was work and taxi service and soccer practice and dinner and then I watched a movie with Robert - Grownups, which is HILARIOUS!

* * * * * * *
Now for Wednesday's 365.

90/365 - Little ladybug on the bush in front of the house.
90_365 03-30-11

* * * * * * *

Stupid Yahoo!

28 March 2011


If you haven't noticed, I got the pictures to finally show up on yesterday's post. It only took replacing the codes and publishing three times.

Sorry if all that publishing messed with your blog readers.

Pain in the butt... sorry, I'm talking to myself again.

* * * * * *
88/365 - Yoda pug. Cause I love my puggy.

88_365 03-28-11

* * * * * *

And I realized I forgot to post the menu yesterday. Now with special commentary!

Sunday - Chicken-pot chicken-pot chicken pot pie (if you got that, or didn't, click here). I've never made it before, made it up as I went mostly, and it turned out GREAT!

Monday - Beef stroganoff which Robert ended up making as I was freezing at soccer practice and it was good. :)

Tuesday - BBQ pork ribs, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and cauliflower
Wednesday - FFY
Thursday - Meatballs, mashed potatoes and ??? (not yet determined vegetable)
Friday - Chicken strips and french fries
Saturday - Beef and shrimp kabobs

27 March 2011

Can I get a HAIL yeah?

Carus had a friend over yesterday and they were digging in the dirt when they found this earthworm which they quickly named David and then played with him for hours. I made them let him go when they came in.

03-26-11 017

Yesterday between rainshowers which is normal of Oregon's spring weather we had some sun breaks and we did some yardwork, which made this weekend feel uber productive. During one of the sun breaks we happened to be inside for a break or drink of water or something and we ended up sunning ourselves on the living room floor with the kitties...and then goofing around with the camera.

03-26-11 (86_365)

And between the rainshowers and sun we got a hail storm. It was coming down really hard and fast and quickly turned the ground white...flashback to winter and snow storms.

Not snow, hail

87/365 - Adam and Robert putting together Adam's new bed frame we found via Craigslist. We upgraded him to a full sized bed a few weeks ago and have FINALLY found a frame we liked, that was sturdy, and wasn't incredibly expensive. YAY Craigslist!

03-27-11 (87_365)

I rearranged and cleaned up my "office" today. Hoping this setup works better for me.

03-27-11 office

PS. The pictures aren't showing up for me right now, hope they are for you. If they are not, try back tomorrow, Flickr might be a smidge overloaded and that could be causing the problems.

Or view them Flickr.

26 March 2011

Day 7

A little late, but here ya go. Last day of this 7days run.

Carus's 7days, day 7 - Doing a puzzle with my Dad.
7days day 7 (Carus)

Adam's 7days, day 7 - playing with Yoda
7days day 7 (Adam)

My 7days and 85/365. Taking a walk with Yoda and (not pictured) neighbor and her dogs.
7days day 7 (Becca 85_365)

24 March 2011

7days day 6

7days day 6 - Carus, "Mmmm root beer float"
7days day 6 (Carus)

7days, day 6 - Adam, "playing my guitar"
7days day 6 (Adam)

7days, day 6 and my 84/365. Can you find me? Having trouble, try viewing it larger.
7days day 6 (Becca 84_365)

23 March 2011

7 Days, day 5 UP

Today's 7days photo was to have a theme and the theme was Up.

Adam and Carus helped each other take their photos today and the squinty faces are from the sun (OMG SUN!) being in their eyes.

Carus found inspiration from the movie UP and balloons and I think Adam was doing a play on the I'm with stupid. (I'm with up, he's up...get it?)

Day 5, Up by Carus
7days day 5 UP Carus (6)

Day 5, Up by Adam
7days day 5 UP (1)

Day 5, Up by Becca and my 83/365.  And while there was sun today, I did have to put UP my umbrella for Carus's soccer practice this afternoon.
7days day 5 UP (Becca 83_365)

22 March 2011

7 days, days 3 and 4

"Halfway" through and I'm caught up.

Carus, day 3.
7days day 3 (Carus)

Adam, day 3.
7days day 3 (Adam)

Becca, day 3 and 81/365 - I worked at the hospital yesterday. Its a nice change from routine. Can you see me?
7days day 3 (Becca 81_365)

Becca, day 4 and 82/365 - Making dinner, skillet lasagna.
7days day 4 (Becca 82_365)

Adam, day 4 - Eating dinner.
7days day 4 (Adam)

Carus, day 4 - Bedtime reading, Pugsly.
7days day 4 (Carus)

21 March 2011

365 last week

76/365 - Carus at soccer practice
76_365 03-16-11

77/365 - Making dinner with the kids. We made this.  Needs a little less green onions.
77_365 03-17-11

78/365 - My friend's dog Ricky.
78_365 03-18-11

My 7days photos day 1 and 2 are 79 and 80. They can be seen here in this post.

I'll show 81 tomorrow when I upload today's 7days photos.

But for now - random pictures!
Soccer practice:
03-16-11 (11)

Ricky grinning for her ball:
03-18-11 (1) copy

Pretty Monet:
03-18-11 (8) copy

And one more:
03-18-11 (14) copy

Itty bitty Cisco:
03-18-11 (16) copy

Cisco and Monet are my friend's dogs too.

Soccer practice today. LOOKIE LOOKIE LOOKIE We have blue sky!!!
03-21-11 004

There was a bit of sun too. No body better jinx it away!

Now off to comment on a few 7days portraits. Been looking forward to it all day!

20 March 2011

7 days, days 1 and 2

Little catch up for the 7days photos that started yesterday.

We went to a horse show yesterday in Albany.  Got a bonus of a mini road trip. I love road trips and technically this was my very first one I have ever driven myself. It was a 2 hour drive each way, so not that bad. Our neighbor/friend was showing in the Rhinestone Cowgirls Drill Team (think synchronized swimming on horseback). And I have video of that - and will show it, just be patient with me.

Carus stayed true to the rules while Adam and I were rebels. She took her picture. 

Carus's 7day, day 1. Reflection in horse cut out.
7days day 1 (Carus)

Adam's 7 day, day 1. I helped Adam take his picture because horses are not known to hold still long enough for camera timers.  This is Rikki, a Fresian and a very big horse (and gorgeous)! He and his rider are with the Black Pearl Friesians
7days day 1 (Adam)

Becca's 7days, day 1. Since I helped Adam with his 7days photo I had him help me with mine. What I did a lot of yesterday, driving. 
7days day 1 (Becca)

Day 2 has a theme of down.

Adam's 7days, day 2. Upside down in a spoon.
7days day 2 (Adam)

Carus's 7days, day 2. Hanging upside down off a bed.
7days day 2 (Carus)

Becca's 7days, day 2. Feeling down while going grocery shopping.  This is also my 365 for today. I think it is 80/365.
7days day 2 (Becca)

Night folks!

17 March 2011

Daylight savings can suck it

In the fall we love daylight savings.  That extra hour of sleep is wonderful and it doesn't seem to mess us up too bad.

But daylight savings in "spring" can suck it. I'm not kidding.  At first I was all "this isn't that bad", Monday was awesome.  We all dragged ourselves out of bed, not happy about it, but still up and got ready for the day.  And were ready early.  There were no bickering between the kids. There was no reminders to put on that shoe you've been putting on for the last 10 minutes already, you need to leave like now! It was good.

And then Tuesday showed up and taught me how it's done. Wednesday pretty much made me it's bitch.

I also found a new level of my phone sucks (I hate my cell phone, need a new one) in that because of the time change it decided that ALL my appointments and schedule reminders needed to be moved up an hour. Thankfully all the things I needed to remember I remembered without the reminders (for a change) and now that I've discovered the phone is a sneaky bastard I have reset all my reminders for the next 3 months.

I better not have this thing that much longer.

Piece of crap.

ANYHOO!!! On to the first half of my photo catch up for the week.  I was able to get my Saturday through Monday pics uploaded Tuesday night, but they've been sitting in my Flickr stream since.  And after this I still have my Tuesday through...and I need to find something to take a picture of today.

71/365 - Carus.
71_365 03-11-11

72/365 - Robert and Adam ran off to the grocery store Friday night to pick up some snacks for movie night, and Robert returned with this bouquet of roses because my vase was empty.  :)
72_365 03-12-11

73/365 - Look, a self portrait.  Robert thinks I look pissed off. I don't really see that. I started out smiling but after 20 shots of blurry me or nothing I sorta just stood there.  I think I have a small smirk.  Also - LOOK at my pretty earring! (Can't see the other one) It's a new set I got on girls night out with Carus a few weeks ago and I love them. They are large and a bit heavy, but still so dangly. I like dangly earrrings.
73_365 03-13-11

74/365 - Mud spatters up the back of Carus during soccer practice.  It's Oregon and it's raining pretty much non-stop around here and fields are muddy.  Add in 10 girls (I think we have 10 girls on the team) running and kicking and things get a bit muddy.  You should see them after they slip on the mud/grass.  Sorry for the horrible bathroom lighting.
74_365 03-14-11

75/365 - Simba kitty.
75_365 03-15-11

In closing - this Saturday starts another run of 7 days and I enjoyed it sooo much last time that I am going to play along again.  I have asked Adam and Carus if they want to play along too and they both do.  I'm really excited to see what they will come up with while at Gramma's house this weekend.

13 March 2011

Lazy weekend

We've had a lovely lazy lazy weekend and did a whole bunch of noda damn thing.  We went out to dinner Saturday night, watched Toy Story 3 (first time - we are behind in movie watching) and enjoyed that.  Today I took the kids to Barnes & Noble to spend some gift cards they got for Christmas (thanks Dave & Eula!)(it's not close so it takes a specific trip to go, that's what took so long). They loved it, spent all of their gift cards and then some...and still had books and things they wanted to buy.  Carus would find a book or two go around a corner and find more.

I did do dishes and laundry so I did do some work this weekend...

We have a busy week ahead with jury duty, work, extra training at work, parent/teacher conferences, soccer practice, work meeting downtown, beginning of spring break with the kids only having 3 days of school this week and that is just me and the kids. Robert's got his own work drama.  Because of all that is looming I really enjoyed the laziness so much that I didn't make a menu up or go grocery shopping.  Will cook off of what we have so far. I have a good stock pile of meats in the freezer from meat sales and I will probably only need to pick up one or two things...if that.

So far the menu this week (because I had to get meat out of the freezer to thaw) we will have:

Monday - BBQ chicken legs and thighs
Tuesday - Something beef? maybe chicken?
Wednesday - Crockpot pork chops (something I wanted and this is the only day it would work)

And that's as far as I have gotten...

12 March 2011

Extra pictures

Yoda pug

03-08-11 (27) copy

Goofy Adam face. I was trying to get a sun flare photo of him and he started making faces.
03-08-11 (30)

Wilbur kitty.
Wilbur kitty

10 March 2011

Mid week 365

67/365 - I went to bed Sunday night with a slightly sore throat and woke up completely stuffed up, throat on fire, head pounding, and feeling crummy.  I called in sick to Jury duty and then found a doctor to see if it was strep throat so I could get antibiotics sooner rather than later.  It turned out not to be strep, but because my ears and throat didn't look good and my lungs were a bit wheezy she gave me antibiotics anyways. This was what I took Monday - except the Dayquil, that was for the rest of the week.  And then I slept all day.

So far I've gotten the worst of it; Carus missed one day of school, but didn't get too bad. Adam had a sore throat yesterday morning but it hasn't gotten worse, and Robert has just been extra tired (and cranky).
67_365 03-07-11

68/365 - Adam
68_365 03-08-11

69/365 - The first daffodil is up and blooming. Does that mean spring is here?
69_365 03-09-11

70/365 - Can you guess what we've been watching lately.  Bonus points if you can!
70_365 03-10-11

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