19 April 2014

Faire In The Grove

This year I'm going to have a little photo booth at the Faire In The Grove in Forest Grove, Oregon Saturday, May 3rd and Sunday May 4th. 

It's an annual event held at McMenamins Grand Lodge.

Here are a few photos from a couple years ago (I didn't take my camera last year) to give you an idea of a fraction of all the fun stuff there.  The kids love the actual fencing lessons with real swords, foils, and rapiers and the sword fighting arena for the kids where they have paddle swords that allow you to smack the crap out of your sibling and not do any damage.  

The merchants have fabric, costumes, jewelry, candles, soaps, weapons, tools, and more.  I got an amazing hair stick there a few years ago, which I've unfortunately lost.  I put it somewhere I wouldn't loose it. There are demonstrations of how to make beads for jewelry, how they did wood working without power tools, and others.  So much to learn and see and do.  

There is also a battle competition that is always amusing to watch.  

I would LOVE to see all my friends and family come out and have some fun (well, at least those local) - and stop by my booth and have a photo taken with your swag. 

16 April 2014

Yard and Garden

Garden view for March 2014

These photos are a few weeks old.  I took them thinking of a blog post and then didn't get around to doing it so now they're old and things have changed a bit. (Flickr has changed some things and the below photo is now slides - just hover over to see the arrows to click through the photos in the Yard and Garden 2014 set on Flickr.)(You might not be able to do that if viewing this post in your email.)

The garden bed furthest from the gate was planted first.  I planted carrots, radishes, kohlrabi, lettuce, and broccoli.  Those have all come up; the lettuce and kohlrabi the first to make an appearance.  I planted the other bed this last last weekend with the same (minus kohlrabi because I was out of those seeds) and to make things a bit more organized (and to help keep track of where I planted) I marked out sections with twine.

Garden view for April 2014

I have the hoop houses open during the day and closed at night (if it's predicted to be below 40F).  It's getting about 30 degrees warmer inside when all closed up which means I could have them up this fall and growing things until November or December.  Then next spring I should be able to start in February or the beginning of March.

08 April 2014

The Tiny Footprints Project

I was recently accepted as a photographer for The Tiny Footprints Project.  

The Tiny Footprints Project is a group of photographers who are  matched with local families to offer their services free of charge to parents of premature babies living in the NICU. 

The photographers capture the newborns earliest moments and are a part of the families precious beginnings.

Please share this information with friends and family to help spread the word so that we can make sure all babies that stay in the NICU (premie or not) have a chance to get professional photos taken.  

See the flier below for information on how to request your TTFP session.  

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