31 December 2010

Good-bye 2010

It was a great year and we've had a lot of fun and some new adventures.  Here's hoping 2011 is just as good, just as fun, and maybe a bit more.

Now, an outtake from Carus's 7 days run earlier this month.
Carus 7 days outtake

See ya next year!!!

30 December 2010

Movie Time

I'm off to watch Cop Out with Robert


29 December 2010


Feeling better today.

My throat is still incredibly sore, but I have most of my voice back.  Especially after yelling at the kids to stop fighting and/or screaming today.  That really helps bring a voice back.  Or makes it go away more. Right now - going strong.  But talking takes a lot out of me.

BUT instead of getting pictures off my camera like I want to. You know, before they're a week old, but I decided to go grocery shopping and make sure we have food so like we can eat dinner, and other meals.  Especially if we get snowed in.

Oh yeah, snow.  So we had some snow last night, but it didn't stick around and I barely saw any traces by the time I got up this morning.  Then it snowed for a few minutes here and there for most part of the morning.

And then the sun came out and it was bright and shiny.  Especially where it was reflecting off the melted snow/rain puddles.  Then it started raining in front of the house, but not raining in the back of the house.  (It's amusing when it does that.)  Oh, and the sun was still out.  So it was raining, but the sun was out...okay weirdo weather.

But still no snow on the ground.  Carus and I went and got hair cuts (spoiler alert - I cut off quite a bit) and went grocery shopping.  When we left the grocery store, we were getting snowed on. 

Big, fat, fluffy flakes.  That stuck to our sweaters and hair and groceries and the car. 

YAY for Jeeps and 4-wheel drive - I do not worry about me getting stuck in the snow or slipping (too much).  Others slipping and sliding into me, that's a whole new kettle of fish. (Been there, done that, still have issues, don't wanna do it again.)  Okay, yeah, I don't have a lot of snow driving experience so I do have some concerns about me; just not a lot.

We didn't get far before the snow stopped though. And then it started again. And it was sticking.  There was a nice dusting over the roads, sidewalks, parked cars, grass, etc. And then it stopped again.

Boo :(

Its okay though.  I think it might start back up again tonight and tomorrow we will wake to a couple feet of snow to play in (hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping).

NOW I'm off to bed so it can start snowing.

28 December 2010

Colds still suck

Except that I left work early and after making lunch I'm taking a nap.  Naps are good. Mmm nap.

Hopefully the kids will continue to get along and not decide to start fighting (please no fighting).  Yay that Robert is home this week and he can be referee.

To top off the stuffy head, sneezing, coughing, headache, and general ickyness - I have (sorta) lost my voice.  I can squeak like every third word.  Remember that episode of Friends when Pheobe got sick and her voice was all sexy because of it.  Um, yeah, so that is totally not me.  I sound awful, especially trying to yell across the house for someone to bring me a blankie.

I just texted Robert in the other room. 

And you guessed it, because I'm still sick I still haven't gotten around to uploading pics.  Maybe I can get to it after my nap.

27 December 2010

Colds suck

I was going to go through pics from Christmas but I caught Carus's cold.
Luckily I got off work early today because it was a slow day and I took a nap on the couch.  Now that dinner is done I'm back to vegging on the couch.  Adam put a dirty (very very dirty) glass away the other day and I found it while making dinner; he is back to dishes duty.  I feel bad putting him back on when he just got off for the last dirty dish but rules are rules...

Now back to my vegging on the couch.  I will continue to play on my laptop while I have battery life - currently amusing myself looking on Craigslist and playing on Facebook. Then back to reading The Princess Bride on my Kindle. Or maybe a movie...

26 December 2010

Happy Birthday Carus

Today is Carus's 9th birthday! 

9 years has just flown by.  She is such a sweet and thoughtful girly girl.  She loves Justin Bieber and ICarly and animals (especially baby animals or animals easily cuddled).  She loves to do all things art - drawing, painting, crafting, etc. Her favorite color is sometimes purple (because that's Biebers' favorite color) but it is usually blue.  She loves having her nails painted and going to get pedicures with me (which reminds me, we need to go again). 

Today we went roller skating at Skateworld then had some crisp burritos from Taco Time before taking her to Walmart to spend some birthday gift cards and money.  She says she doesn't like cake and voted for having birthday ice cream instead. 

Having a birthday so close to Christmas has its challenges now with making friend included parties hard to do, and it will have more frustrations as she gets older, but for now, I am so glad that she does not feel lost in any holiday shuffle. That her birthday feels as special as it should.

Happy Birthday Carus!

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. 
I had a good day.

Before writing this post, I was reading the recipe book that came with my new food dehydrator (thanks Barb and Alan) while waiting for my new Kindle to charge up (thanks Robert) and I decide what book I want to read first. 

Adam is putting together a LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (8017) after putting away his new guitar that he played with a lot today. 

Carus is putting together a small 100 peice puzzle she got from Santa while Robert it putting together her new drafting table (I believe this one Adjustable Drawing and Drafting Table with Black Frame and Dual Wheel Casters [NAN-JN-2739-GG] )

Happy Christmas everyone!

24 December 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

Last day of this 7 days run; the next one is in the spring I believe.

Also, last day before Christmas day. This year anyways.  Instead of writing 1 on our countdown chalkboard the kids put 366 days until next Christmas.  Already starting another countdown.

Carus 7days; day 7
I helped Carus take her 7 days photo today because she wanted to take it with Yoda and he doesn't cooperate enough for many outtakes. 

She is still sick, but we've got more meds in her as well as some Emergen-C and we hope she will be feeling better tomorrow morning... or at least not any worse.  It would suck to be sick on Christmas, hopefully we can keep her from being too bad off. 

I love the magic, the excitement you can feel in the air leading up to Christmas.  It gets stronger and stronger the closer we get to the big day, but today especially felt different.  Felt more exciting, more magic.

There is another magic that I still feel, this special magic that surrounds children on Christmas; but it fades as kids get older.  Adam and Carus will soon be at the age where Santa will become less a magical person that brings them gifts for being good and more the spirit of the season that he is for adults. He might already be becoming that for Adam, but I'm not sure. He vocalizes more and more his questioning. I'm not sure when to explain to him who old St. Nick really is, what he truly did and does, and what he means. I am pretty sure that Carus still believes more than she doesn't. I know there are TV shows and books and peers that might suggest otherwise, but a counter to all that there are the TV shows, books, and peers (as well as parents and grands) that still encourage the belief.

Becca 7days; day 7 005

My 7 days photo was a family Christmas Eve photo.  This was the 4th try, which isn't bad when coordinating 4 people and 1 dog with a 10 second timer on the camera.

I'm so very excited for Christmas tomorrow.  I'm excited for the kids, for the festivity, for the kids reactions to their gifts, to see if Robert likes what he got, to see what I got, but mostly I'm excited for us to spend our first Christmas in our first home as a family. It means so much to me.

Now I'm off to watch some Christmas movies with the kids before setting out Santa's cookies and milk and getting them in bed.  I hope I can sleep (I have so much trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve, always have).

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone has a truly wonderful day!

23 December 2010

2 days!

Carus 7days; day 6

Carus and Adam.

Carus was sick today, or trying to get sick. She has a bad cough and a stuffy nose, but no fever. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow. She's quietly sleeping now with some meds in her so...

Becca 7days; day 6 (4)

Aaaggghhh blurry!

I didn't want to use the flash and it is a barn after sundown, and he wanted to get back to his dinner so I didn't continue to bug him with my posing and picture taking.

This is my friend's horse. He is Fresian and soooo gorgeous (although a bit muddy right now). My friend boards him and she has been going out in the evenings this week on barn duty bringing in and feeding all the horses (13 total) and today I went out to help her. After everyone was brought in and had their food I quickly took my pic with Wynston.

Someday I hope to have my own horse (or 2) and I love going to the barn with her. I enjoy the smells of the musty barn and the hay and the horses. I'm in heaven every single time I get to go.

22 December 2010

7 days photo, day 5

Carus and I decided to take our picture together today.  I set the timer and she pushed the shutter before joining me.

Today had a theme and the theme was festive - so we took our picture in front of the tree.  Festive, no?

Becca and Carus 7days; day 5

Carus is definitely getting sick being cranky and feeling icky and coughing.  She spent all day on the couch watching movies today (wish I could have joined her) and she is not happy about bedtime tonight.  She usually has a problem with bedtime and will get up or procrastinate or something to avoid going but when she is sick (at this stage sick anyways) she will really fight going to bed.  Just a little sicker and she won't fight me on anything.

3 days and Wordless Wednesday

3 days until Christmas!

I'm participating in Wordless Wednesday today (yeah, I know this isn't completely wordless). Be sure to go check out the other participants here.

Robert gave this snowglobe to me 8 or 9 years ago. Maybe even 10 years... its been awhile. 

12-20-10 (2) copy

Our 7days photos will be posted later.

21 December 2010

4 days

Carus 7days; day 4
Carus's friend Jane* came over to play today.  It's been awhile since she's been able to come over, so it was nice for her and Carus to be able to hang out and catch up.  When I reminded Carus to not forget to take her pic today she decided that she wanted to take it with Jane. 
Becca 7days; day 4And I made cookies.  This is my reflection in the oven - excuse the smudgy door.  They are peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a recipe I got from my neighbor.  They are really good.  I always want to bake during the winter, especially around the holidays, but I'm trying not to bake too much - not good for the weight, right...

*Names changed to protect the innocent; real name not known.

20 December 2010

5 days

5 days.
5 days until Christmas!

Don't believe me? See Carus's 7 days photo for day 3 - see 5 days.

Told ya so.

Carus 7days; day 3
The show in the background is ICarly, Carus's FFFAAAAVVVVOOOORRRIIITTTEEE show. I had 10 pictures of the show that she took.

And my 7 days photo - what was on my lap tonight.

Yoda pug and my knitting project, a shawl.

Becca 7days; day 3

19 December 2010

6 days until Christmas

This morning I declared today a lazy day, and then I drank a cup of the Kona coffee for breakfast.  It's 100% Kona coffee I recieved from my secret santa coworker (who lives in Hawaii on Oahu) at our gift exchange. 

Then I declared it laundry day and while we're at it - lets strip the beds, Febreze and flip/rotate the mattresses and remake them.

And I'm still not tired.  And it hasn't made me jittery either.

I did take some lazy time while waiting for the washer and dryer to watch some shows online (Vampire Diaries and Desparate Housewives) and then decided to paint my toenails in bright pink because 1) Its a pretty color and 2) Today 7 days had the theme "Bright"

Not extremely creative but eh, I'm good with it.

Now for Carus's and my 7 day photo #2.

Becca 7days; day 2

Carus 7days; day 2

18 December 2010

7 days and 7 days

7 days until Christmas.

I need to sit down and do these a lot earlier in the day.  10 minutes until tomorrow, really cutting it close...but I made cinnamon rolls and played monopoly.

And the beginning of 7 days on Flickr. When taking my picture today Carus asked what I was doing and then asked if she could play along. 
7 days; day 1

I explained the rules and then showed her how to use the timer on my little point and shoot camera and let her take as many pictures as she wanted. 

Here is the picture she chose for today.
7 days; day 1

I'll share some of the 'outtakes' at the end of 7 days.  There were a couple I really liked. But they're not for now.

Heh, now its 8 minutes...

17 December 2010

8 days

8 days!!  Actually because I'm posting this late, we are closer to 7 days.

Until Christmas! WOOHOO!!

The kids started their Christmas breaks this afternoon. I think I'm more excited than them though.  And I don't get any time off...

* * * *

A few weeks ago I got all worked up and cranky about the thought of taking a family photo for our Christmas cards.  I just wanted to use the kids pictures because I'm not "pretty" enough to be in a picture.

With my kids. And my husband.
Yeah, I'm not proud. That is not the reaction I should have had. Boo me.

My family loves me for who I am, not what I look like, and my kids (and future grandkids) will enjoy looking back on photos.  I know I do.  I love seeing how my mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents (and more) looked growing up, young adults, young parents. Its the beauty of photographs - to be able to capture history, personal, family, and public histories. 
So, I've resolved that I will get over my 'fear' of being in front of the camera and start being in more photos.  I'm going to start with a Flickr group that does self portraits every day for 7 days.

I'm thinking I will share those photos here too....but we'll see....

16 December 2010

9 days

Quote of the day:

"Carus, honey, hush. I'm not listening to you right now. I'm listening to the doctor."

You'd think after typing the date 12/16/2010 allllllll day that I would reach the point where I didn't accidentally start with 10 or 11 or 01 and then proceed to have to think about the date, including looking at the calendar...

I need to mark off days on the calendar, it might help me keep track of which day it is.

* * * *

Our Christmas tree this year.

12-14-10 (1) ED

Robert thinks it looks a bit cluttered...

I think it looks a lot better in person...

15 December 2010

10 days

Last day of double digits, and it got away from me again.  I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday, but didn't get around to uploading the picture from my camera...

I'm off to bed, see ya tomorrow.  Send the house elves to do the dishes for me.*

*Adam actually said the other day that I'm this houses' house elf.

14 December 2010

11 days

Aaacck! Today got away from me!

I almost went to bed without posting.

Not like I have anything exciting to say, just didn't want to break my streak. 


11 days until Christmas!

That is all.

13 December 2010

12 days

Envelope glue is gross.

Robert is a poo poo head because he wouldn't help me close the envelopes.

Mondays are too long.

I started out the day with 10 loads of laundry to do.

I have 9-1/2 to do now (I washed one, haven't moved it to the dryer).

Vodka and Cherry 7Up is a GREAT end to a Monday.

Or Tuesday.

Or Wednesday.

Or... you get the idea - its good for any day.

I'm almost out of vodka though. :(

To the liquor store! But another time, since I've been drinking.


12 December 2010

13 days

I was going to make a whole bunch of cinnamon rolls today

but yeah...

I didn't get to it.

Another time.

I made granola bars instead.

They are still cooling off so have to wait to see if they're good yet. They smell good!

Christmas cards - addressed and stuffed. Just gotta stamp and mail.

13 days until Christmas and I'm ready!

11 December 2010

14 days...

We have two weeks until Christmas.

All gifts are bought and wrapped and under the tree.

Cards have been ordered and arrived.

I just need to address and mail off my Christmas cards and I'm done.

Done done done

I rule!

10 December 2010

15 days

Why does getting my children to bathe have to be so flipping difficult?!

You'd think I was asking them to vacuum the moon or some other rediculously impossible task.  Everytime I announce bath time I am met with one a combination of the following:

1. But I went first last time, he/she has to go first this time.
2. But I took a bath/shower last night
3. But I don't want to.
4. But I'm already ready for bed.
5. Okay (but then 10 minutes later they still aren't in the tub)
6. But I don't need one.
7. But I don't smell (uh, child, and I can smell you across the room)

Carus takes 10 minutes to get in and then 30+ minutes to get out. Half the time I have to go in and haul her out. And she hasn't washed her hair yet.

If Adam goes first, he'll argue just as long as Carus on why he shouldn't have to go first and then he'll get in and take a bath and an hour later we are pounding on the door telling him to get out.  If he goes second Adam gets in immediately because I've already been arguing with Carus and I'm peeved and he knows better than to argue with me; but he is out 1 minute later and I am not even exaggerating.  He looks and smells clean, but how in the heck did he wash that fast?

Then he goes and put on pajamas that he has worn for unknown amount days, maybe the jammy pants longer than that, I don't remember the last time I washed those...

I am really considering making good on that threat of - "Get in the shower and wash or I will take you out to the front yard and turn on the hose!"

09 December 2010

16 days!

Last night I went to a club meeting for the Forest Grove Camera Club.  It was interesting, a lot of really gorgeous photos.  I'm thinking about joining hoping that it will help me learn to use my camera better. We'll see.

Don't have anything left to talk about but the weather, which, in case you're wondering, is rainy and then sunny and then rainy again.  And cold, but not cold enough for snow.  I wouldn't mind snow, but would like it to wait until it is closer to Christmas.  I still have a few teeny things to pick up and would really like the kids to finish all planned days of school for December.

They do not need more time off of school (and neither do I).

See ya tomorrow!

08 December 2010

07 December 2010

18 days!

We took the kids shopping for each other tonight.  We kept it easy and went to Walmart, Robert took Adam and I took Carus and we let them pick out a gift to each other. 

They both wanted to get each other a bunch of things they know the other wants but we kept it at one gift.  I will add their names to one of the gifts we got for them too, but this is something from just them.  I like how it makes them think of the others likes and dislikes - and I love how much they really care about each other and want to get them a really special gift. 

Robert also picked up Carus's birthday gift and I attempted to grab some stockings stuffers.  Carus kept spotting them in the cart or caught me "looking" at them so I had to have Robert (who finished before me) come and get her to wait in the car with him.

Shopping is just what I needed today, I wish I could've done more :P

18 more days until Christmas! (It's actually closer to 17, but we'll pretend)

I am so very excited!

06 December 2010

19 days!

Today is sad. If you don't like reading about sad, skip today.

Adam and Carus have both lost their first pets.  We have other family pets (cats and dogs) and those are still alive (except Czar, my doggy that I lost about 7 years ago and Cotton, my porch kitty who died 3 years ago).

These were their pets. All theirs.  Adam had a pet rat, Angel, and Carus had a pet hamster, Justin.

I am a believer that owning pets helps children learn responsibility and compassion, and eventually the difficult lessons of loss.  We hold them responsible for help caring for all pets, but their pets are solely their responsibility.  I did usually ask them if they remembered food and water and remind them when it was time to clean the cages (which they did not like doing) and did fill in on weekends they went to gramma's but they were their responsibility.  They help with the cats' and dog too, but those are mainly my responsibility.

Adam's Angel, like most female rats, developed a benign mammary tumor.  It's very common and if/when removed they reoccur most of the time. Because of a rats' short life span (3-5 years), and because the tumor would most likely reoccur, when it showed up we opted to just give her the best ratty life possible.  She spent a few months getting tons of treats and coping well to the tumor.  When it became too large and, long story short, compromised her quality of life we helped Angel go to her final sleep. I will not go into more detail here but rest assured it was 150% completely pain free and humane.  She passed November 27th.  We knew it was coming, but it was still hard and the guilt is hard too.

Robert helped Adam give her a final resting place in our backyard.  She even has a stone over her grave. 

Adam is trying to be very strong and 'manly' about his grief and hasn't cried much and has made a few jokes. I see the tears in his eyes when he makes those jokes. But he does not let them fall.

Carus's hamster, Justin, like most rodents is nocturnal so it wasn't common for us to see him during the day and we usually let him be until he'd waddled out of his house in the evenings to stuff his cheeks with food. So yesterday evening when I went to check on him I was surprised to find he had passed.  He had crawled into his house and went to sleep and that's it.
Robert and I told Carus together, comforted her, wrapped him in a blanket so she could say goodbye and Robert (again) helped her bury him in the backyard.  (Thank you Robert, I don't think I could have done that either time!!!)  He lies next to Angel and has his own stone. 

I think Carus is doing well with her loss.  She cried, stopped crying, and then start up again randomly throughout the evening.  She's made a few jests (not really jokes) but not many.  She even was fighting tears this morning over breakfast.

Poor Robert (me too, just especially him) is having a really hard time.  Yes, we are sad about losing Angel and Justin - but seeing your kids hurt is so much harder for us! I knew it was going to be hard, and we even knew Angel's time was sooner rather than later, but I guess you underestimate these things. 

This morning Carus asked me, "Can I keep Justin's cage in my room? It reminds me of him, but not that he's dead." It was the.hardest.thing to have to tell her no. But I know in the long run it is better for her because at some point it will remind her that he is gone.  Maybe in time, when we've had some time, they can get a new friend, but for now - we will remember.

Justin - Unknown (but to us March 2009) to 12/05/2010.
Pretzel treat
Carus and Justin
Angel - Unknown (but to us March 2009) to 11/27/2010.

Losing a pet is very hard, but if we only dwell on the pain of that then we wouldn't know the joys of owning loving and being loved by a furry (or feathery or scaly) friend.

04 December 2010

21 days!

Today has been BUSY! Sorta.

Okay okay, just my evening.  (I went Christmas shopping and then to a Passion Party at a friends house).

On to the rambling!

Adam has been wanting to learn to cook and start cooking more and stuff so I'm teaching him.  He has checked out a couple cookbooks from the library and I told him he can pick something and make it.  In one cookbook he chose a stew recipe and it had parsnips and turnips in it and I have never had them, the kids haven't had them, and Robert was unsure about them so instead I taught him to make our family stew recipe. In the crockpot. And it was goooood!

I didn't get a picture of all the steps (which probably would have been a great idea) because I was helping him not burn stuff or himself, not chop his finger off, etc. You know, the important stuff.  We put it together this morning and had dinner done before we even had lunch.

Here he is slicing up the carrots. He tried to be all pro chef like and go chop chop chop 50 miles per hour but I stopped him. He doesn't have the experience to try to be all food network in the kitchen. It was cute to see him try though.

Teaching Adam to cook

Dumping a can of corn and can of green beans into the crockpot.  Also already in the pot are potatoes and sliced carrots.

Teaching Adam to cook

Stirring the meat.  He had just added the flour and broth so he was also making gravy - his first gravy! *Sniff*  Milestones.
Teaching Adam to cook

The recipe, if anyone is interested.  I usually make mine the crockpot because I can put it together and hours later it is yummy and HOT and good and easy and blah blah blah - CROCKPOT!

Stew meat, cut into small pieces
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 whole medium onion, diced
1/4 cup flour (this is a guess, I don't measure -see notes below)
1 can beef broth
seasonings (I use garlic salt, seasoning salt, pepper, meat tenderizer, and red pepper flakes)
Worcestershire sauce
5-6 potatoes, peeled and diced into 1-inch cubes
1-2 carrots, sliced
1 can corn or 1 cup frozen corn
1 can green beans (personally haven't tried frozen so don't know if they work)

In a crock pot or large pot put in your peeled, diced potatoes, sliced carrots, corn, and greenbeans. 
In skillet heat up the olive oil and add the onion and garlic.  Cook until soft (DON'T BURN).
Add the stew meat.  Season meat with seasonings and Worcestershire sauce.  Cook until meat is done. 
Mix in the flour, you want to soak up the drippings/juice/fat from the meat and create a paste-y meat mixture, it will no longer be white, but it won't be so dry. Add in the beef broth. Stir to mix and allow the flour stuff to meld with the broth.  If you add the broth before the flour has attached itself to the meat you get clumps of flour. No bueno.
Put meat and gravy mixture into pot on top. DON'T STIR IT IN. Well I guess you can, but I don't. Add water or more broth until just at meat level. Or cover the meat, depends on how much gravy you want.

Put lid on crockpot and set the heat setting and walk away to drool over the smell for the rest of the day - high is done in 4 hours, but even better at 5-6 hours. Low is 7-8 hours and perfecto.

IF you cook in a pot and not a crockpot, I would put it on low-medium heat and stir it every 30 minutes or so to make sure it is not sticking to the bottom of the pot and burning. The lower the heat is the safer, but also will take longer to cook. It will probably be done in an hour or two, depending on the heat.  If you want, crank up the heat - just stay close to stir more often.  Stew is done when potatoes are soft and it is bubbly.

Careful it is HOT!
Phew, I got in my post for today! Cut it close though.
In case you were wondering, I'm TRYING to post one post each day for the month of December. I really hope I can keep it up.  I MIGHT keep it up year-round... Would you want to hear from me everyday for a year??

03 December 2010

23 days - actually 22 days

Yeah, so my math sucks… I was trying to do a countdown to Christmas and started on December 1st at 25 days, if I had continued on that count Christmas would have fallen on the day after.  That doesn't really work for the kids... or me. It might just be that my brain has been faulty all week. I won't get into specifics, but lets just say, it hasn't been cooperating and it hasn't been pretty.

How about a picture of the outside lights we have so far?

See my net in the middle there that has only the middle strip working? Lovely huh.

I want to also add lights around the front windows and the garage doors. I might or might not do that.

And here is my small japanese maple in the front yard. It might be my last one and it is the one that came with the house and not my favorite.  I had two others that I got 2 years ago, but lost one to a harsh winter and might have lost the other in the move. I am sad about it, I liked those trees....


I am so excited for Christmas - are you?

02 December 2010

24 days!

This is how much Robert loves me.

Or how much of a sucker he is.

He doesn't like heights and really dislikes these kinds of ladders and yet he climbed up and down a ladder all day Saturday AND Sunday to help me hang Christmas lights on the house.

It didn't take us two days because we hung a whole lot of lights, it took two days because of issues.  We just hung some along the roof line and a couple thrown over the bushes.  Saturday we were hanging our icicle lights with clips and ran out 4 feet shy of the roof line. We headed to the store for another set of the icicle lights and because Robert wanted different clips because the ones we had weren't working well.  At the store we found that they either didn't carry those strands anymore or were all sold out. Well poo.... new plan.

New lights AND new clips!  Robert wasn't fond of the icicle lights anyways so we switched to the larger bulb lights and got some clips.  When we got home from the store it was starting to sprinkle and was getting pretty late so after we pulled down the lights we hung and the bad clips we stopped for the day.

Sunday we hung all the lights along the roof, including a quick trip to the store for replacement bulbs after Carus took Robert's instructions to drop the strand a little too literal and broke two bulbs when they hit the concrete, and net lights over the bushes.  There is a couple burned out bulbs in one of my nets that is causing half the strand to not light up, but I will fix that this weekend (hopefully).

28 November 2010


November 2010 110


November 2010 111 think...

November 2010 112

...I encourage my kids...

November 2010 113 drink...

November 2010 115's just sparkling apple cider.

27 November 2010

I was reminded

A coworker of mine reminded me that I haven't blogged about winning a photo contest in September. 

So here I am, tooting my horn.  

The department I work in at the hospital has held a photo contest for the past couple of years.  This year I entered a few photos, including the one above, with which I won.

I'm pretty proud of myself. Its one of my favorite pictures of Adam.

25 November 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Otherwise known as get up early on your day off and cook day.

I hope everyone has had a nice, warm, filling, happy, stress free (or mostly stress free) day with good food and good family (and/or friends).

We hosted and had Barb and Alan (Robert's parents) and our new neighbors (that are awesome) over for dinner.  My inlaws inlaws (Alan's parents and his grandma) were supposed to join us, but a surprise snow fall and a surprise flu bug kept them home. 

The turkey cooked faster than it was supposed to so my relax meandering plan for cooking dinner turned into get everything done ASAP! But it all worked out well and everything was soooo good. That's right, I rock Thanksgiving dinner. Booyah!

I'd like to share this poem/prayer that I recieved in a letter from my employer that seems to really fit the holiday.

I wonder if the river ever despairs of its downward destiny,
and harbors a secret desire to flow uphill.
I wonder if winter yearns to be summer,
or if a flower wishes it could bloom out of season.
I wonder if silence would like to shout,
or if the sky wants to fall down and become earth.
I wonder if the bird longs to become a rabbit,
or if the fish ever dreams of walking on the land.
I wonder if the mountains envy the valleys,
or if snow secretly covets the warmth of June.
I wonder if the moon complains that it is not the sun,
or if the stars envy the earth.
I wonder if rain prefers a cloudless sky,
or if grass tires of green and hopes for blue.
I wonder if spring really likes growing,
or if fall rages against its colorful dying.
I wonder if the world ever sighs after more than it is...just like you and I.
Spirit of life, we struggle against our limitations. 

Teach us to accept them.

16 November 2010

Final games - A tomb of a blog post...

I totally lied in my last post. There were also games on 10-16-10. They all just start blurring together.  It's madness I tell you, MADNESS!

I really enjoy watching the kids in sports and REALLY REALLY enjoy the benefits they get from them, but at the end of the season'd.out. I'm tired of practice schedules and game schedules and running around. I'm especially tired of rushing to get dinner done and in them in the 30 minutes I have from the time I get off work and the time it is too late for them to eat because they need to digest a bit or they will end up puking during their practice. And dinner after practice just isn't an option for us. Late dinners interfere with bedtimes and we are strong believers that kids should have VERY reasonable bedtimes. This year Carus graduated from 8 pm to 8:30 pm and Adam from 8:30 to 9 pm. That way they receive all the rest their growing bodies and minds (especially the minds) need and they do well behaviorally and academically in school and out of school the next day. It helps mommy not go insane.  It's also nice to have some alone time with Robert in the evenings.

SIDE BAR:  Forgot to do a Adam's broken tooth update!

So update on Adam's tooth - all gooood news.  It's a baby tooth that is broken because it is getting pushed out by an aggressively growing in adult tooth. All looks good and, even though I can never get the kid to brush his teeth properly or even just brush them, he has NO cavities. YAY!

Adam's game: won 2 touchdowns to 0
Carus's game: lost 3 to 1

10-16-10 (18)

10-16-10 (2)

HA! Kid got air!

Carus's final game
Carus (last game) lost 6-2.  They were a VERY tough team and we did amazing against them. There was passing (which was something the girls had trouble with), but these guys were just a bit better than us. 

10-23-10 (7)

Adam lost 4-1.
10-23-10 (32)

Adam's final game

We played the Jerky Dad team again, but Jerky Dad was behaving and things felt a little less aggressive. 

Unfortunately we lost 3 touchdowns to 1.

10-30-10 (14)

It was raining so there were a lot of times the boys on both sides dropped the ball, but occasionally the ball was stripped - this time my son did it. Adam is in the gold jersey on top of the kid in the black that just lost that ball in front of his helmet. The rest of the sequence to that play can be found on my Flickr.

Football 2010

And all the soccer pictures I uploaded are here:

Soccer 2010

I might add more pictures from the games to those folders over time, but not sure when or how many. I try to avoid pictures of other peoples' kids (that are very identifiable)...

04 November 2010

Sorry, no pictures for you!

Okay, I'm a slacker and because of it we are going to go back in time for the games that I haven't said anything about yet.

Also, I'm sick. So I'm using it as an excuse.  Carus brought home the death cold TWO weekends ago and I have been fighting it off since. I lost and now my lungs hurt. I need to cough it out, but don't wanna cause that hurts and I don't actually want to succeed in dislodging my lungs from my body, but anyhoo...

This is going to be a long post, but I'll try to keep things as short as possible. And I felt bad about the no picture thing so you'll get some. HA! NOT LAZY!

But I'm not changing the title. Crap, back to lazy.



Adam - Lost 2 touchdowns to 1

10-02-10 (2)

Gramma Barbara, Carus, and Daddy all ready for Adam's game.

10-02-10 (56)

Carus had two games.
1st game: Lost (don't remember the score)
2nd game: Lost 3 to 2

10-02-10 (203)

10-02-10 (198)


Rain rain rain! IT RAINED. And we got wet. But not as wet as the kids.

Carus's game - They won 3 to 1.
10-09-10 (37)
Soggy Carus

10-09-10 (39)

Adam's team won 4 touchdowns to 1. (Adam is 87)

10-09-10 (24)

10-09-10 (70)

Rain was our good luck charm. YAY Rain!

K, I know there is one more game for Carus and one more game for Adam to go through, but I haven't even organized those pictures and my head is pounding so without further ado...

TOODLES! I'm going to hit the NYQUIL!

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