19 December 2010

6 days until Christmas

This morning I declared today a lazy day, and then I drank a cup of the Kona coffee for breakfast.  It's 100% Kona coffee I recieved from my secret santa coworker (who lives in Hawaii on Oahu) at our gift exchange. 

Then I declared it laundry day and while we're at it - lets strip the beds, Febreze and flip/rotate the mattresses and remake them.

And I'm still not tired.  And it hasn't made me jittery either.

I did take some lazy time while waiting for the washer and dryer to watch some shows online (Vampire Diaries and Desparate Housewives) and then decided to paint my toenails in bright pink because 1) Its a pretty color and 2) Today 7 days had the theme "Bright"

Not extremely creative but eh, I'm good with it.

Now for Carus's and my 7 day photo #2.

Becca 7days; day 2

Carus 7days; day 2

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  1. You guys are too cute. And that color is really pretty.

    Also, I miss Hawaii. Sad face.


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