10 December 2010

15 days

Why does getting my children to bathe have to be so flipping difficult?!

You'd think I was asking them to vacuum the moon or some other rediculously impossible task.  Everytime I announce bath time I am met with one a combination of the following:

1. But I went first last time, he/she has to go first this time.
2. But I took a bath/shower last night
3. But I don't want to.
4. But I'm already ready for bed.
5. Okay (but then 10 minutes later they still aren't in the tub)
6. But I don't need one.
7. But I don't smell (uh, child, and I can smell you across the room)

Carus takes 10 minutes to get in and then 30+ minutes to get out. Half the time I have to go in and haul her out. And she hasn't washed her hair yet.

If Adam goes first, he'll argue just as long as Carus on why he shouldn't have to go first and then he'll get in and take a bath and an hour later we are pounding on the door telling him to get out.  If he goes second Adam gets in immediately because I've already been arguing with Carus and I'm peeved and he knows better than to argue with me; but he is out 1 minute later and I am not even exaggerating.  He looks and smells clean, but how in the heck did he wash that fast?

Then he goes and put on pajamas that he has worn for unknown amount days, maybe the jammy pants longer than that, I don't remember the last time I washed those...

I am really considering making good on that threat of - "Get in the shower and wash or I will take you out to the front yard and turn on the hose!"

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