26 December 2010

Happy Birthday Carus

Today is Carus's 9th birthday! 

9 years has just flown by.  She is such a sweet and thoughtful girly girl.  She loves Justin Bieber and ICarly and animals (especially baby animals or animals easily cuddled).  She loves to do all things art - drawing, painting, crafting, etc. Her favorite color is sometimes purple (because that's Biebers' favorite color) but it is usually blue.  She loves having her nails painted and going to get pedicures with me (which reminds me, we need to go again). 

Today we went roller skating at Skateworld then had some crisp burritos from Taco Time before taking her to Walmart to spend some birthday gift cards and money.  She says she doesn't like cake and voted for having birthday ice cream instead. 

Having a birthday so close to Christmas has its challenges now with making friend included parties hard to do, and it will have more frustrations as she gets older, but for now, I am so glad that she does not feel lost in any holiday shuffle. That her birthday feels as special as it should.

Happy Birthday Carus!

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