03 December 2010

23 days - actually 22 days

Yeah, so my math sucks… I was trying to do a countdown to Christmas and started on December 1st at 25 days, if I had continued on that count Christmas would have fallen on the day after.  That doesn't really work for the kids... or me. It might just be that my brain has been faulty all week. I won't get into specifics, but lets just say, it hasn't been cooperating and it hasn't been pretty.

How about a picture of the outside lights we have so far?

See my net in the middle there that has only the middle strip working? Lovely huh.

I want to also add lights around the front windows and the garage doors. I might or might not do that.

And here is my small japanese maple in the front yard. It might be my last one and it is the one that came with the house and not my favorite.  I had two others that I got 2 years ago, but lost one to a harsh winter and might have lost the other in the move. I am sad about it, I liked those trees....


I am so excited for Christmas - are you?

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  1. I love it when you say "Anyhoo". Just cracks me up. I should send you pictures of our lights. I love to decorate outside on the bushes also. I bet you are having fun this year decorating your own place. Love you!


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