23 December 2010

2 days!

Carus 7days; day 6

Carus and Adam.

Carus was sick today, or trying to get sick. She has a bad cough and a stuffy nose, but no fever. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow. She's quietly sleeping now with some meds in her so...

Becca 7days; day 6 (4)

Aaaggghhh blurry!

I didn't want to use the flash and it is a barn after sundown, and he wanted to get back to his dinner so I didn't continue to bug him with my posing and picture taking.

This is my friend's horse. He is Fresian and soooo gorgeous (although a bit muddy right now). My friend boards him and she has been going out in the evenings this week on barn duty bringing in and feeding all the horses (13 total) and today I went out to help her. After everyone was brought in and had their food I quickly took my pic with Wynston.

Someday I hope to have my own horse (or 2) and I love going to the barn with her. I enjoy the smells of the musty barn and the hay and the horses. I'm in heaven every single time I get to go.

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