02 December 2010

24 days!

This is how much Robert loves me.

Or how much of a sucker he is.

He doesn't like heights and really dislikes these kinds of ladders and yet he climbed up and down a ladder all day Saturday AND Sunday to help me hang Christmas lights on the house.

It didn't take us two days because we hung a whole lot of lights, it took two days because of issues.  We just hung some along the roof line and a couple thrown over the bushes.  Saturday we were hanging our icicle lights with clips and ran out 4 feet shy of the roof line. We headed to the store for another set of the icicle lights and because Robert wanted different clips because the ones we had weren't working well.  At the store we found that they either didn't carry those strands anymore or were all sold out. Well poo.... new plan.

New lights AND new clips!  Robert wasn't fond of the icicle lights anyways so we switched to the larger bulb lights and got some clips.  When we got home from the store it was starting to sprinkle and was getting pretty late so after we pulled down the lights we hung and the bad clips we stopped for the day.

Sunday we hung all the lights along the roof, including a quick trip to the store for replacement bulbs after Carus took Robert's instructions to drop the strand a little too literal and broke two bulbs when they hit the concrete, and net lights over the bushes.  There is a couple burned out bulbs in one of my nets that is causing half the strand to not light up, but I will fix that this weekend (hopefully).

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