27 November 2009


Last week when visiting the in-laws I raided their picture folder.  And by visiting I mean dropping the kids off for a weekend with the grandparents and date night for Robert and I.
 That date night was going shooting.  I like shooting.  It is such a great stress reliever.
 Unfortunately I didn't get to shoot the fun gun (MAC-90 aka AK-47). But I got to shoot Robert's new pistol for the first time.  And David's pistol. 

Anyhoo, back to the story.

I was raiding their picture folder stash and I found some great pictures that I don't have.  And I don't have them because I don't make it a regular habit to raid their picture stash.

That is going to change because it was a nice little trip down memory lane.

There was this one from not that long ago - Beginning of September in fact.

Gramma and Grampa came to watch Adam's practice.

Oh and this one from Easter this year . . .

Then a few years ago.

June 2007

I think that is the Columbia River - might be Willamette...

But the bestest that I found was this one.

Adam in a tux as ring bearer in Gramma Barbara and Grandpa Alan's wedding.  September 2002.

Just barely 4 years old.


And this one.

This guy is cute too.

And look at the little baby he is holding, isn't she a cute little chunky butt?!

Carus and daddy at Gramma and Grandpa's wedding.  Carus was about 8 months old and daddy's little princess.

She still is daddy's little princess.

If you want to see more pictures from Gramma and Grampa's stash, click HERE.

26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a little slide show of our day. Hope everyone had a great day.

25 November 2009


I just totally busted Adam!

I walked up the street a bit to meet the kids walking home so that I could let one of the neighbor kids know that his mom texted me and to say she was running late today so he was going to stay at our house until she gets home.  It is nice having neighbors you can trust and that can help out when something comes up.  I've texted her a few times before too (in fact just last week for a work meeting that ran long) because I was going to be late getting home. 

So I'm walking up the street, while tugging on the dog because he has to smell every single piece of grass and 'mark' every bush 20 times, and I have timed it perfect since Adam and Carus have just turned onto our street.  Carus is in the lead, like usual, and a few yards behind her is Adam.  With his nose buried in a book. 

He isn't supposed to be reading while walking home.  We don't want him to trip or walk out into traffic, or have a stranger walk up to him or something, and it would be nice if he could watch out for Carus with traffic and strangers. But he is repeatedly offending this rule.

I was able to walk up to about a foot in front of him without him noticing.  He wouldn't have noticed me and probably walked right into me if Carus didn't then say something to him. 


In other news - Have a picture. 

Carus will pose...Adam will not...

20 November 2009

Jello Cake

1 box yellow cake mix (and ingredients need to make it) 2 small boxes of Jello in your favorite flavors
1 tub Cool Whip

Prepare and cake mix according to box directions.  Make Jello and pour over cooked cake.  You might need to poke some holes in the cake to help the Jello soak through.  Put cake in fridge to cool and get the Jello to set.  When set, 'frost' with whipped cream.

I usually make Jello cake in a 9 x 13 pan and use two of the same flavor of Jello.  Here I made it I using two cake rounds and 2 different flavors of Jello.  When it was all set I stacked the layers like a regular layer cake using whipped cream between the layers as well as the outside of the cake.

Orange and raspberry layers.  The orange didn't soak up as much as it should have.  I was impatient to get it in the fridge.  It isn't the prettiest, but it was yummy. 

19 November 2009

Happy birthday Robert!

Hope you enjoy your day, and your carne asada!

Dinner, originally uploaded by smiles2have.
And because I love you I won't say how OOOOLLLLLDDDD you are!

18 November 2009

Why today sucks!

I can be a tad forgetful. I know that. My kids know that. Robert knows that. All my friends know that. Everyone knows that. I'm okay with it, and I'm working on it.

But still, being a tad forgetful does not mean I will forget every single thing that I'm told.

Things I will easily forget:

  • Birthdays of new acquaintances. I'll need to know you at least 2 years before I can faithfully remember your birthday.
  • Addresses (unless I have lived there recently)
  • Phone numbers. I use to be able to recall phone numbers for tons of people and even multiple numbers for some. Now if I lose my cell phone, and the address book in it, I'm screwed...
  • Names of the people I hung out with in high school. I remember the people, the names - not so much.
  • Appointments made for myself. I don't usually forget the kids appointments.
  • To return phone calls. This is a toss-up. Sometimes I will remember to return a call no problem, other times I'll remember like 3 weeks later.
  • Sending out birthday cards - I'm working on this one, but have YET to succeed in it. Most times I am sending them out AFTER the birthday.
  • Grocery items that I did not put on the grocery list
  • To use a coupon

  • That you are coming over to my house, especially ESPECIALLY if it is to watch my kids, take me somewhere, or happens to be for a birthday/holiday function hosted at my house. And I do not need 50 calls in the span of an hour to remind me that you're coming over to my house and will be there in an hour or at a previously determined time.
  • What you are getting one of the kids or Robert as a gift. Returning accidentally doubled-up on items isn't fun so I try to avoid it. Also, the wish lists I give out DO NOT contain anything I've decided to buy because of the trying to avoid accidentally doubling up on gifts.
  • Olives. Thanks to telling people I don't need olives for the party/dinner and still being brought olives, I will never ever again forget to have olives in my pantry.
Other things that ruin the day - okay, most of these have been building and building and today have just become too much...

That I am not going to get any credit again. I just know it. I'm not doing anything big, but I know I will not get any credit at all for what I am doing.

Inviting yourself to the party I'm throwing through someone else.

Not asking if I had plans with my kids for the weekend before ANNOUNCING that you have plans with MY KIDS! And I can't complain. For years and years when the kids where younger I wanted needed to be able to get a break from being a mom and couldn't get it - and now, I can't make any plans with my kids w/o consulting everyone else. But I can't complain because I'm getting a break.

I found out today I'm missing an item for dinner tomorrow, and instead of calling someone up and asking for help I am going to go to the store for that one item. Why? Because I am tired of being treated like I can't do anything right. If I call someone up to ask for that ONE STUPID FREAKING ITEM it will encourage the treating me like I'm incompetent. If I say I don't need you to bring anything to dinner for Pete's sake DO NOT ASK 20,000,000 MORE TIMES! (Even if I actually do need you to bring something. I don't want to be incompetent, and I really don't want to be treated like I am.)

Having the ability to go for a date night, and not having anything to do. And having to always come up with date night plans just to have EVERY SINGLE idea shot down.

Asking someone to go do something with me to be told no and then to be told moments or days later that they are going to do the suggested activity with someone else. Am I not good enough?

Note: I have exaggerated for dramatic effect, unfortunately I don't need to exaggerate much...

17 November 2009

I just realized

I'm one of those . . . people

I use ... WAY TOO much!

I'm sorry....I will try to cut back...

11 November 2009

09 November 2009

They home yet?

Yoda waiting for Adam and Carus last week. Seriously, at 2:45 he got up off his doggy bed under my desk, climbed up on the cat tree and sat there watching for the kids. (They get in between 2:55 and 3:05.)

And as soon as he saw them coming down the street he hopped down to wait at the top of the stairs for them to come in.
He also waits for Robert and will quietly follow him around once he is home until he gets his hello loves. Timmy joins him in waiting for Robert.

05 November 2009

If you could go back in time...

If you could go back in time, your personal time, what would you do?

What would you tell your past self? What would you change?

Although I've had heartache and headaches and stresses, I don't think I would change any of it. It made me who I am, and I like me (for the most part). I don't know if I could have changed anything, I am a believer in fate and destiny, to a point.

I would, however, give myself a better camera. And maybe a break from the kids. Nope, no maybe about it - I would give me a break from the kids.

These were taken with a film camera and I had to adjust the exposure like crazy - stupid flash!

Oldies, but goodies - from 2002

They just don't do the kids justice. They were cute babies. Really, really cute! And this camera couldn't focus worth crap! I edited with free online editing software.

Oldies, but goodies - from 2002 How did they grow up so fast!?!?! Seriously, Adam is only 2 inches shorter than me! Carus has hair and no more cute little baby fat rolls. Oh, you should have seen Adam's fat rolls, he was a chunky monkey!

Oldies, but goodies - from 2002 She looks so sweet and innocent...ppppptttthhh, yea right.

Oldies, but goodies - from 2002

But it still makes me want another baby.

02 November 2009

Game #8 - the final game

We won!

Game #8
Originally uploaded by smiles2have

It was an exiting game. Very well played by both teams, we did fall behind at one point, but we quickly retook the lead and then kept it. We'd get a touchdown and they'd get a touchdown, then we'd get another touchdown and so on. Gramma Barbara and Grampa Alan were able to make it out to watch the last game with us.

Game #8
Originally uploaded by smiles2have

OH - and we found out today that our team nearly made it to the playoffs!!! If we had won one more game this season we would have gone to playoffs! That is so cool. Adam was really excited (and then a tad disappointed and then a tad relieved) about that bit of news.

I'm going to miss football. Robert said he will too - he won't miss sitting at practices freezing his butt off, but he'll miss football games. Maybe Adam will want to play again next year...

I guess last Monday was a particularly muddy football practice (Adam missed it because he was sick) and the boys left the field dripping in mud because they were running and sliding through a mud puddle to see who went further (sounds fun for the kids, not so fun for the parent's cars). One boy said the next day that it was the first time he washed his practice uniform because his mom made him. 3 months of sweat and dirt, and SWEAT! Boys are gross.

Adam was telling us that Saturday while on the field, setting up for a play, he farted and a couple boys from the opposing team started laughing. They got yelled at by their quarterback to "Shut up and get ready..." Adam thought it was hilarious! The new secret weapon.

Game #8
Originally uploaded by smiles2have

No pictures right now. I have the ones picked out that I wanted to share and are waiting to be uploaded as soon as I remedy my Flickr Uploadr problem (see previous post) we will have pictures here. With my new camera I have been taking TONS of pictures (like over 500 just this weekend) and it can be difficult to pick out specific ones to share. I like flipping through really quickly, like a cartoon flip-book type thing.

Come back soon for pictures :)

EDIT: As you can see, pictures have been added. More pictures are always available on Flickr. And as a side note, while adding pictures to this post I accidentally deleted a portion of the text. That I wrote yesterday. That I don't have any other backups of. And while blogger' automatically saving so I don't lose something is helpful most of the time, I really really really want back the last 15 seconds! I think I need to step away from the computer for awhile. I'm adding back in what I remember of what I wrote, so if you read it before and it sounds funny now, now you know why. Ooh oooh ooh, good news. It didn't update to my facebook notes yet, so I was able to go steal the text from there. HA!!! Take that blogger!

Happy Halloween!

Annikan Skywalker and the Spider Countess.

Last year Carus was TERRIFIED of that fake spider. Like running and screaming bloody murder as Adam chased her with it. But now she can touch it and pet it. She is so proud of herself. You can see that she is making her self be okay with the fake spider. Poor thing.

Spider Countess
Originally uploaded by smiles2have
Annikan Originally uploaded by smiles2have

I will have more pictures on
Flickr when I can get the stupid Flickr Uploadr to connect to the internet. I refuse to upload any other way. I wanna use the uploadr.

Edit: I am now able to upload pictures using the Uploadr, yes Robert fixed it.

Robert wiped my computer 2 weeks ago (I got a virus...completely my fault...yada yada yada - and had bad memory so my computer was restarting on its own) so I had to redownload the Uploadr and then my virus scanner popped up and asked if I wanted to allow this program to have access to the internet and I accidentally clicked no, and now I can't get it to clear and okay the program....ggggrrrr!!!! It says it is allowing it, but still can't connect to the flippin' internet. Maybe it is flickr's fault and I'm getting all frustrated for nothing...and Robert is playing with a new laptop that he got so he isn't interested in rescuing me right now.

But I will have more pictures there soon so come back later :)

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