25 November 2009


I just totally busted Adam!

I walked up the street a bit to meet the kids walking home so that I could let one of the neighbor kids know that his mom texted me and to say she was running late today so he was going to stay at our house until she gets home.  It is nice having neighbors you can trust and that can help out when something comes up.  I've texted her a few times before too (in fact just last week for a work meeting that ran long) because I was going to be late getting home. 

So I'm walking up the street, while tugging on the dog because he has to smell every single piece of grass and 'mark' every bush 20 times, and I have timed it perfect since Adam and Carus have just turned onto our street.  Carus is in the lead, like usual, and a few yards behind her is Adam.  With his nose buried in a book. 

He isn't supposed to be reading while walking home.  We don't want him to trip or walk out into traffic, or have a stranger walk up to him or something, and it would be nice if he could watch out for Carus with traffic and strangers. But he is repeatedly offending this rule.

I was able to walk up to about a foot in front of him without him noticing.  He wouldn't have noticed me and probably walked right into me if Carus didn't then say something to him. 


In other news - Have a picture. 

Carus will pose...Adam will not...

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