27 November 2009


Last week when visiting the in-laws I raided their picture folder.  And by visiting I mean dropping the kids off for a weekend with the grandparents and date night for Robert and I.
 That date night was going shooting.  I like shooting.  It is such a great stress reliever.
 Unfortunately I didn't get to shoot the fun gun (MAC-90 aka AK-47). But I got to shoot Robert's new pistol for the first time.  And David's pistol. 

Anyhoo, back to the story.

I was raiding their picture folder stash and I found some great pictures that I don't have.  And I don't have them because I don't make it a regular habit to raid their picture stash.

That is going to change because it was a nice little trip down memory lane.

There was this one from not that long ago - Beginning of September in fact.

Gramma and Grampa came to watch Adam's practice.

Oh and this one from Easter this year . . .

Then a few years ago.

June 2007

I think that is the Columbia River - might be Willamette...

But the bestest that I found was this one.

Adam in a tux as ring bearer in Gramma Barbara and Grandpa Alan's wedding.  September 2002.

Just barely 4 years old.


And this one.

This guy is cute too.

And look at the little baby he is holding, isn't she a cute little chunky butt?!

Carus and daddy at Gramma and Grandpa's wedding.  Carus was about 8 months old and daddy's little princess.

She still is daddy's little princess.

If you want to see more pictures from Gramma and Grampa's stash, click HERE.

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