02 November 2009

Happy Halloween!

Annikan Skywalker and the Spider Countess.

Last year Carus was TERRIFIED of that fake spider. Like running and screaming bloody murder as Adam chased her with it. But now she can touch it and pet it. She is so proud of herself. You can see that she is making her self be okay with the fake spider. Poor thing.

Spider Countess
Originally uploaded by smiles2have
Annikan Originally uploaded by smiles2have

I will have more pictures on
Flickr when I can get the stupid Flickr Uploadr to connect to the internet. I refuse to upload any other way. I wanna use the uploadr.

Edit: I am now able to upload pictures using the Uploadr, yes Robert fixed it.

Robert wiped my computer 2 weeks ago (I got a virus...completely my fault...yada yada yada - and had bad memory so my computer was restarting on its own) so I had to redownload the Uploadr and then my virus scanner popped up and asked if I wanted to allow this program to have access to the internet and I accidentally clicked no, and now I can't get it to clear and okay the program....ggggrrrr!!!! It says it is allowing it, but still can't connect to the flippin' internet. Maybe it is flickr's fault and I'm getting all frustrated for nothing...and Robert is playing with a new laptop that he got so he isn't interested in rescuing me right now.

But I will have more pictures there soon so come back later :)

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