28 November 2010


November 2010 110


November 2010 111 think...

November 2010 112

...I encourage my kids...

November 2010 113 drink...

November 2010 115's just sparkling apple cider.

27 November 2010

I was reminded

A coworker of mine reminded me that I haven't blogged about winning a photo contest in September. 

So here I am, tooting my horn.  

The department I work in at the hospital has held a photo contest for the past couple of years.  This year I entered a few photos, including the one above, with which I won.

I'm pretty proud of myself. Its one of my favorite pictures of Adam.

25 November 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Otherwise known as get up early on your day off and cook day.

I hope everyone has had a nice, warm, filling, happy, stress free (or mostly stress free) day with good food and good family (and/or friends).

We hosted and had Barb and Alan (Robert's parents) and our new neighbors (that are awesome) over for dinner.  My inlaws inlaws (Alan's parents and his grandma) were supposed to join us, but a surprise snow fall and a surprise flu bug kept them home. 

The turkey cooked faster than it was supposed to so my relax meandering plan for cooking dinner turned into get everything done ASAP! But it all worked out well and everything was soooo good. That's right, I rock Thanksgiving dinner. Booyah!

I'd like to share this poem/prayer that I recieved in a letter from my employer that seems to really fit the holiday.

I wonder if the river ever despairs of its downward destiny,
and harbors a secret desire to flow uphill.
I wonder if winter yearns to be summer,
or if a flower wishes it could bloom out of season.
I wonder if silence would like to shout,
or if the sky wants to fall down and become earth.
I wonder if the bird longs to become a rabbit,
or if the fish ever dreams of walking on the land.
I wonder if the mountains envy the valleys,
or if snow secretly covets the warmth of June.
I wonder if the moon complains that it is not the sun,
or if the stars envy the earth.
I wonder if rain prefers a cloudless sky,
or if grass tires of green and hopes for blue.
I wonder if spring really likes growing,
or if fall rages against its colorful dying.
I wonder if the world ever sighs after more than it is...just like you and I.
Spirit of life, we struggle against our limitations. 

Teach us to accept them.

16 November 2010

Final games - A tomb of a blog post...

I totally lied in my last post. There were also games on 10-16-10. They all just start blurring together.  It's madness I tell you, MADNESS!

I really enjoy watching the kids in sports and REALLY REALLY enjoy the benefits they get from them, but at the end of the season'd.out. I'm tired of practice schedules and game schedules and running around. I'm especially tired of rushing to get dinner done and in them in the 30 minutes I have from the time I get off work and the time it is too late for them to eat because they need to digest a bit or they will end up puking during their practice. And dinner after practice just isn't an option for us. Late dinners interfere with bedtimes and we are strong believers that kids should have VERY reasonable bedtimes. This year Carus graduated from 8 pm to 8:30 pm and Adam from 8:30 to 9 pm. That way they receive all the rest their growing bodies and minds (especially the minds) need and they do well behaviorally and academically in school and out of school the next day. It helps mommy not go insane.  It's also nice to have some alone time with Robert in the evenings.

SIDE BAR:  Forgot to do a Adam's broken tooth update!

So update on Adam's tooth - all gooood news.  It's a baby tooth that is broken because it is getting pushed out by an aggressively growing in adult tooth. All looks good and, even though I can never get the kid to brush his teeth properly or even just brush them, he has NO cavities. YAY!

Adam's game: won 2 touchdowns to 0
Carus's game: lost 3 to 1

10-16-10 (18)

10-16-10 (2)

HA! Kid got air!

Carus's final game
Carus (last game) lost 6-2.  They were a VERY tough team and we did amazing against them. There was passing (which was something the girls had trouble with), but these guys were just a bit better than us. 

10-23-10 (7)

Adam lost 4-1.
10-23-10 (32)

Adam's final game

We played the Jerky Dad team again, but Jerky Dad was behaving and things felt a little less aggressive. 

Unfortunately we lost 3 touchdowns to 1.

10-30-10 (14)

It was raining so there were a lot of times the boys on both sides dropped the ball, but occasionally the ball was stripped - this time my son did it. Adam is in the gold jersey on top of the kid in the black that just lost that ball in front of his helmet. The rest of the sequence to that play can be found on my Flickr.

Football 2010

And all the soccer pictures I uploaded are here:

Soccer 2010

I might add more pictures from the games to those folders over time, but not sure when or how many. I try to avoid pictures of other peoples' kids (that are very identifiable)...

04 November 2010

Sorry, no pictures for you!

Okay, I'm a slacker and because of it we are going to go back in time for the games that I haven't said anything about yet.

Also, I'm sick. So I'm using it as an excuse.  Carus brought home the death cold TWO weekends ago and I have been fighting it off since. I lost and now my lungs hurt. I need to cough it out, but don't wanna cause that hurts and I don't actually want to succeed in dislodging my lungs from my body, but anyhoo...

This is going to be a long post, but I'll try to keep things as short as possible. And I felt bad about the no picture thing so you'll get some. HA! NOT LAZY!

But I'm not changing the title. Crap, back to lazy.



Adam - Lost 2 touchdowns to 1

10-02-10 (2)

Gramma Barbara, Carus, and Daddy all ready for Adam's game.

10-02-10 (56)

Carus had two games.
1st game: Lost (don't remember the score)
2nd game: Lost 3 to 2

10-02-10 (203)

10-02-10 (198)


Rain rain rain! IT RAINED. And we got wet. But not as wet as the kids.

Carus's game - They won 3 to 1.
10-09-10 (37)
Soggy Carus

10-09-10 (39)

Adam's team won 4 touchdowns to 1. (Adam is 87)

10-09-10 (24)

10-09-10 (70)

Rain was our good luck charm. YAY Rain!

K, I know there is one more game for Carus and one more game for Adam to go through, but I haven't even organized those pictures and my head is pounding so without further ado...

TOODLES! I'm going to hit the NYQUIL!

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