27 February 2011

Taste like chicken

This week's menu:

Sunday - Beef stew
Monday - Chef salad
Tuesday - Spaghetti
Wednesday - Pork ribs, crash hot potatoes, green beans
Thursday - Chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
Friday - FFY
Saturday - Carne asada

* * * * * * * *
The beef stew was good! I'm a good cook.
* * * * * * * *
59/365 - Adam. I noticed today the peach fuzz on his upper lip is darkening. My baby is growing too fast. 
59_365 02-27-11

I bet he just got embarrassed and doesn't know why.  Why Adam? Well, your mom told the internets about your impending facial hair and then called you her baby.

Did I tell you about his squeeky voice? I love it, especially when it cracks in the middle of a serious statement from him, or better yet when he is laughing and then it squeeks and then we are all laughing.

'Kay, now that I'm all teary for my little beebo I'm going to bed. Night internets!

26 February 2011

Um, where's my spring?

56_365 Our snow day Thursday - after it started melting. Robert took this picture for me mid morning after I begged him to take some pictures. It was sooo pretty first thing in the morning when a few flakes were still falling.  If I hadn't been trying to get to jury duty on time I would have had the camera out clicking away...

The kids did have a snow day, and from Robert's report they had some fun playing in the snow. 

Now, I love the snow.  It's pretty and the magic it brings to bring school and a lot of other things to a stop or crawl and is so exciting each and every time it is predicted to snow or the moment I see some flakes.  But I do have a practical side, it does make some things difficult. I am ready for spring, but for now I'm going to enjoy this late cold winter snap we are having.
56_365 02-24-11

In jury duty news - I got picked for grand jury and will be going back for my duties (hehe I said duties [yeah I did that joke]) every Monday for the next 4 weeks for many hours at a time. FUN! ? There are some aspects that might be interesting, but others maybe not so much...the jury's out until Monday afternoon (haha get it - jury's out).

Definition for ya: A grand jury's purpose is to investigate alleged crimes, examine evidence, and issue indictments if they believe that there is enough evidence for a trial.

57_365 Timmy kitty.  He's such a pretty kitty...
57_365 02-25-11 B&W

58_365 Girl Scout cookie time is here!  While grocery shopping today the kids and I came across a group of girls and their moms SHIVERING in our cold weather (our high today was 35 but felt much colder) so of course I had to make it worth their time and bought a couple boxes.  I only bought 2 and they've made it through the day... can't guarantee they'll make it much longer. We have a friend that buys cases of those Samoas each season. And it's not so he can freeze them for later...
58_365 02-26-11

23 February 2011

Late snow storm...

Oregon's spring weather is truly weird. We are getting snow again! It's nearly March and we are getting snow...

54/365 - I was trying to get a picture of the dusting of snow we had last night, but this was the only picture in focus...and you can't see the flakes falling.  BUT see the snow on Robert's car?   54_365 02-22-11

This morning we woke to a dusting of snow on the ground, and a few flakes fell before the kids left for school. 

55/365.  My view this morning about 7:30 a.m. Pretty huh?
55_365 02-23-11

Then it got sunny and most of what had stuck to the ground, roofs of houses, and cars melted away. 

And then around lunch time, I watched the sun dissappear across the front windows.  One window would darken, and then the next.  It started with rain and then quickly changed to snow, and it was coming down hard! Or fast...snow doesn't really fall hard like raindrops do...

It didn't last long and there was no accumulation, but that wasn't the end of it.

There were a few more rounds of rain, snow, sun and even a wave where it was snowing in front of our house, but not in the back yard and the sun was still out.  Crazy weather...

It was fun to share with my coworkers when each round of snow started and passed and then hear from them when it reached them - we sorta watched the storm move east in real-time.

During my lunch break I was lucky enough to get one of those sun breaks and the kitties and the dog did a little posing...


I really like this one of Timmy though half his face is cut off.
02-23-11 022 copy

02-23-11 029

And Simba.  He is my best poser most of the time
02-23-11 042

We are expected to get more snow overnight and into tomorrow morning. AND I have jury duty tomorrow...

It will be interesting if the kids have a snow day tomorrow.

In other news: My mom tripped and fell this morning and broke both bones in her forearm. She had surgery to place to plates with screws and a pin and she's in a bit of pain - for those that believe in prayer, please say one for her to heal easily and not hurt so much. And for those that don't believe in prayer, how about sending some warm wishes, good juju, or happy thoughts her way please.

21 February 2011


53/365 - I've had a bad evening, so I lit some candles.  They seem to calm me. 53_365 02-21-11

It did help a little, but I'm still hurting.

I'll be fine though... eventually.

20 February 2011

Almost Monday...

Another picture from my Valentine's Day bouquet.
02-16-11 (30)

48/365 - Close up of baby's breath from my Vday bouquet
48_365 02-16-11

49/365 - Sunset panarama taken from my driveway
49_365 02-17-11

50/365 - Playing with Yoda pug
50_365 02-18-11

51/365 - Robert
51_365 02-19-11

53/365 - I love Robert's sense of humor.  This was a ball Carus had with little rubber spines all over it.  You can squeeze it and stretch it and play with it - but it breaks.  And then Robert pulled it over his head to get a few laughs, and he agreed to let me take a picture of it.  I think mostly because I was talking to Granny when he came out with that on his head and I told him I wanted her to see it.
52_365 02-20-11

Chocolate Mousse Torte.  I made this for dessert tonight.  Robert saw the recipe on the side of the vanilla wafer box last week and I decided it looked good enough to try.  It was pretty easy to make and very yummy.  Hee, look - found the recipe! It would also be good with strawberries on top, or even sliced between the layers. 
Chocolate mousse torte


Sunday - Meat balls (like meatloaf, but in balls!), mashed taters, steamed broccoli
Monday - Soup
Tuesday - Costco Alfredo (we have an alfredo recipe, but I'm cheating cause it's soccer camp night)
Wednesday - Pizza nachos
Thursday - Garbage (Robert's version of taco salad)
Friday - Orange chicken and fried rice
Saturday - FFY

15 February 2011

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone had a great V-day!

Mine was pretty good. We had a steak and potato dinner at home and then I made some peanut butter cookies for my Valentine's.

Yup, Carus had Justin Bieber Valentine's to hand out for her class party.

45_365 02-13-11

Robert surprised me with flowers, a very lovely rose bouquet with some interesting flowers that I don't know.

46_365 02-14-11

See. Do you know what kind of flower that is? I think it is really cool looking.

A storm moved in last night and we were just expecting rain and wind and usual spring storm behavior. Robert was surprised this morning, being the first to open the front door to leave, and finding big fluffy snowflakes falling quite steadily. But not sticking.

Adam and Carus went to the bus stop for Carus to head to school and Adam returned with the flakes still falling and just starting to stick. He was excited and hoping for a snow day to be called. I assured him it wouldn't be called before he had to go to school and about 15 minutes after he left for the bus it stopped snowing. No snow day :(

At lunch I was watching, from my front window, the clouds roll off the mountains. They were pretty low and looked like they could touch the roofs of the houses....

47_365 02-15-11

I do love my view...

13 February 2011

Sunday catch-up

I'm sensing a theme of catching up....hmmm

Maybe I should stop being lazy in the evenings and post more often. Maybe not. I do enjoy lazy time.

38/365 - Wooden plate bowl that sits on our coffee table to hold remotes. 
38_365 02-07-11

39/365 I love our view.  And sunsets are great.
39_365 02-08-11

40/365 Pretty tulips sitting on my counter.
40_365 02-09-11

41/365 Wilbur likes sitting on our new entry bench. We chase him off cause no kitties on the leather, but had to get a quick picture first.
41_365 02-09-11 (8)

42/365 - Adam playing the guitar some more.
42_365 02-10-11

43/365 Carus and I have been having girls night outings each week.  I'm hoping as she goes into her teenage years we can continue these girl nights and stay friends.   This time we went to the mall and wandered around.  I bought her an outfit for her Build A Bear bear Adam gave her 9 years ago and then we got some jewelry.  I got 4 pairs of earrings and she got a ring and a headband.  We ended the night with smoothies for our 1 hour drive home (we live far from the mall).
43_365 02-11-11

44/365 Gramma (Robert's mom) came and picked up the kids around noon Saturday for a movie and to stay the night and Robert and I had a date day. Sorta.  We went shopping for this mirror for our entry way and then out to chinese food for lunch. 
44_365 02-12-11

Sunday - Cornish game hens
Monday - Valentine's Steak dinner
Tuesday - Build your own tace night
Wednesday - Chicken and potato bake
Thursday - Beef and broccoli
Friday - Quesadillas
Saturday - FFY

07 February 2011

365 catch-up

31/365 - Adam NOT talking.  I took like 10 pics in a row and this is the only one where he wasn't gabbing.  He goes and goes and goes and goes - and that boy has a ton of trivia and random facts.
31_365 01-31-11 copy

32/365 - Timmy.  Lately we've been getting a bit of sun and there were a couple days in there where it was really sunny.  I open the living room blinds to let the sun in during the day and the kitties love it.  I even found myself spending my lunch break sunbathing with them. It was lovely.  This day, I grabbed the camera.  I got a little sun flare going on, but I love it more because of it. 
32_365 02-01-11 BnW

33/365 - Little flowers from a plant a friend gave me for 4th of July last year.
33_65 02-02-11

34/365 - Carus was twisting the stem on the apple to see how old it is - or to see what the first letter of the name of her boyfriend/husband.  Did you ever do that with apple stems? I did. I never got past letter for Robert huh? Unless he wants to start going by Bob. HA!
34_365 02-03-11

35/365 - Simba kitty
35_365 02-04-11

36/365 - Our new bench.  We are in the market for some matching nightstands and a new dresser for our bedroom so while browsing a furniture store Saturday we saw this bench.  We didn't find nightstands or dressers that we liked, but the bench was better than what we were originally looking at for the entryway (this here) and a MUCH better price so we snatched it up.  I smile every time I see it, I love it.
36_365 02-05-11

37/376 - Tulips. When doing our grocery shopping for the week I decided to grab a bunch of fresh flowers.  They make me happy too.
37_365 02-06-11

There, pretty much caught up. 

Friday it came up that Carus had lied about having homework last week so she could watch a TV show so she got grounded from TV, computer, and video games for the weekend. It was just the weekend because it was her first offense lying about having/completing her homework.  We had a few issues with Adam last year and after 4 separate groundings he still was trying to lie about it - and then we had him copy a page out of the dictionary.  Voila! That did the trick.  Hopefully Carus learns a little faster.

Today after school Carus walked in and asked, "Can I play with G (neighbor kid) after I do my homework? And I do have homework, not doing that again. IT WAS HORRIBLE!"

Carus doesn't generally watch much TV or spend much time playing electronic games (she is usually constantly drawing and writing) but still not having it available as an option left her pretty bored this weekend. Until she tagged along with me and a friend to the barn.  I went to help her give her horse a bath.  Carus ended up climbing haystacks and playing with the barn cats and amusing herself. Its funny, she is bored at home with toys and such but stick her in a barn with nothing else and she amuses herself.

I need my own barn...

06 February 2011

Menu post

Menu, originally uploaded by smiles2have.

Sunday's menu post.

Didn't want to miss my Sunday post, and I was going to catch up on my 365 from the week, but the day got away from me so this is all ya get today.

See ya tomorrow (maybe?) :P

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