23 February 2011

Late snow storm...

Oregon's spring weather is truly weird. We are getting snow again! It's nearly March and we are getting snow...

54/365 - I was trying to get a picture of the dusting of snow we had last night, but this was the only picture in focus...and you can't see the flakes falling.  BUT see the snow on Robert's car?   54_365 02-22-11

This morning we woke to a dusting of snow on the ground, and a few flakes fell before the kids left for school. 

55/365.  My view this morning about 7:30 a.m. Pretty huh?
55_365 02-23-11

Then it got sunny and most of what had stuck to the ground, roofs of houses, and cars melted away. 

And then around lunch time, I watched the sun dissappear across the front windows.  One window would darken, and then the next.  It started with rain and then quickly changed to snow, and it was coming down hard! Or fast...snow doesn't really fall hard like raindrops do...

It didn't last long and there was no accumulation, but that wasn't the end of it.

There were a few more rounds of rain, snow, sun and even a wave where it was snowing in front of our house, but not in the back yard and the sun was still out.  Crazy weather...

It was fun to share with my coworkers when each round of snow started and passed and then hear from them when it reached them - we sorta watched the storm move east in real-time.

During my lunch break I was lucky enough to get one of those sun breaks and the kitties and the dog did a little posing...


I really like this one of Timmy though half his face is cut off.
02-23-11 022 copy

02-23-11 029

And Simba.  He is my best poser most of the time
02-23-11 042

We are expected to get more snow overnight and into tomorrow morning. AND I have jury duty tomorrow...

It will be interesting if the kids have a snow day tomorrow.

In other news: My mom tripped and fell this morning and broke both bones in her forearm. She had surgery to place to plates with screws and a pin and she's in a bit of pain - for those that believe in prayer, please say one for her to heal easily and not hurt so much. And for those that don't believe in prayer, how about sending some warm wishes, good juju, or happy thoughts her way please.

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