20 February 2011

Almost Monday...

Another picture from my Valentine's Day bouquet.
02-16-11 (30)

48/365 - Close up of baby's breath from my Vday bouquet
48_365 02-16-11

49/365 - Sunset panarama taken from my driveway
49_365 02-17-11

50/365 - Playing with Yoda pug
50_365 02-18-11

51/365 - Robert
51_365 02-19-11

53/365 - I love Robert's sense of humor.  This was a ball Carus had with little rubber spines all over it.  You can squeeze it and stretch it and play with it - but it breaks.  And then Robert pulled it over his head to get a few laughs, and he agreed to let me take a picture of it.  I think mostly because I was talking to Granny when he came out with that on his head and I told him I wanted her to see it.
52_365 02-20-11

Chocolate Mousse Torte.  I made this for dessert tonight.  Robert saw the recipe on the side of the vanilla wafer box last week and I decided it looked good enough to try.  It was pretty easy to make and very yummy.  Hee, look - found the recipe! It would also be good with strawberries on top, or even sliced between the layers. 
Chocolate mousse torte


Sunday - Meat balls (like meatloaf, but in balls!), mashed taters, steamed broccoli
Monday - Soup
Tuesday - Costco Alfredo (we have an alfredo recipe, but I'm cheating cause it's soccer camp night)
Wednesday - Pizza nachos
Thursday - Garbage (Robert's version of taco salad)
Friday - Orange chicken and fried rice
Saturday - FFY

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  1. Beautiful flowers and a good sport Robert.That really does look cute.


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