15 February 2011

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone had a great V-day!

Mine was pretty good. We had a steak and potato dinner at home and then I made some peanut butter cookies for my Valentine's.

Yup, Carus had Justin Bieber Valentine's to hand out for her class party.

45_365 02-13-11

Robert surprised me with flowers, a very lovely rose bouquet with some interesting flowers that I don't know.

46_365 02-14-11

See. Do you know what kind of flower that is? I think it is really cool looking.

A storm moved in last night and we were just expecting rain and wind and usual spring storm behavior. Robert was surprised this morning, being the first to open the front door to leave, and finding big fluffy snowflakes falling quite steadily. But not sticking.

Adam and Carus went to the bus stop for Carus to head to school and Adam returned with the flakes still falling and just starting to stick. He was excited and hoping for a snow day to be called. I assured him it wouldn't be called before he had to go to school and about 15 minutes after he left for the bus it stopped snowing. No snow day :(

At lunch I was watching, from my front window, the clouds roll off the mountains. They were pretty low and looked like they could touch the roofs of the houses....

47_365 02-15-11

I do love my view...

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