07 February 2011

365 catch-up

31/365 - Adam NOT talking.  I took like 10 pics in a row and this is the only one where he wasn't gabbing.  He goes and goes and goes and goes - and that boy has a ton of trivia and random facts.
31_365 01-31-11 copy

32/365 - Timmy.  Lately we've been getting a bit of sun and there were a couple days in there where it was really sunny.  I open the living room blinds to let the sun in during the day and the kitties love it.  I even found myself spending my lunch break sunbathing with them. It was lovely.  This day, I grabbed the camera.  I got a little sun flare going on, but I love it more because of it. 
32_365 02-01-11 BnW

33/365 - Little flowers from a plant a friend gave me for 4th of July last year.
33_65 02-02-11

34/365 - Carus was twisting the stem on the apple to see how old it is - or to see what the first letter of the name of her boyfriend/husband.  Did you ever do that with apple stems? I did. I never got past letter for Robert huh? Unless he wants to start going by Bob. HA!
34_365 02-03-11

35/365 - Simba kitty
35_365 02-04-11

36/365 - Our new bench.  We are in the market for some matching nightstands and a new dresser for our bedroom so while browsing a furniture store Saturday we saw this bench.  We didn't find nightstands or dressers that we liked, but the bench was better than what we were originally looking at for the entryway (this here) and a MUCH better price so we snatched it up.  I smile every time I see it, I love it.
36_365 02-05-11

37/376 - Tulips. When doing our grocery shopping for the week I decided to grab a bunch of fresh flowers.  They make me happy too.
37_365 02-06-11

There, pretty much caught up. 

Friday it came up that Carus had lied about having homework last week so she could watch a TV show so she got grounded from TV, computer, and video games for the weekend. It was just the weekend because it was her first offense lying about having/completing her homework.  We had a few issues with Adam last year and after 4 separate groundings he still was trying to lie about it - and then we had him copy a page out of the dictionary.  Voila! That did the trick.  Hopefully Carus learns a little faster.

Today after school Carus walked in and asked, "Can I play with G (neighbor kid) after I do my homework? And I do have homework, not doing that again. IT WAS HORRIBLE!"

Carus doesn't generally watch much TV or spend much time playing electronic games (she is usually constantly drawing and writing) but still not having it available as an option left her pretty bored this weekend. Until she tagged along with me and a friend to the barn.  I went to help her give her horse a bath.  Carus ended up climbing haystacks and playing with the barn cats and amusing herself. Its funny, she is bored at home with toys and such but stick her in a barn with nothing else and she amuses herself.

I need my own barn...

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  1. Granny has finally got caught up on your blog. Good pictures of the cats and Yoda. I so enjoy reading about Adam and Carus and what they are doing. You started a big job Robert.Glad you have two big helpers.Ah the memories of our projects over the years.


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