25 May 2010

9 years

Not everyone believes in soul mates. That one person your life gravitates to, and you gravitate to. The one that makes things perfect, that make every moment your together better, even the hard moments are more bearable when they are there. The one that feels like the other half of you. But I do. I believe in soul mates, and I believe I was lucky enough to find mine.  Not only did I find that soul, but I got to marry him. 

We've had our ups and downs, our offs and ons, and we will continue to have them.  We will continue to argue and disagree, but we will also continue to try to not let those disagreements and arguements crumble us.  We will put more effort into our marriage then into our fights.  Especially if he always lets me win. 

Not only is Robert my soul mate but he is my best friend. He is the first one I want to tell when something good has happened.  When something bad has happened I want him first - to talk to, to be comforted by. He is the one that can always make me laugh even when I don't want to, always make my anger lessen, and my sadness and tears go away. He frustrates me and annoys me, and loves me and comforts me.

9 years ago today I married my best friend, my soul mate, the love of my life, and while it has been hard at times I am so happy and thankful for every day, month, year we get to spend together.

Here's hoping for not just 1 more year, not just 9 more years, but for more. So many more I can't even decide on a number to put here.

I'm so excited to think of growing old and terrorizing the nursing home together or maybe we'll make the kids take care of us.

I love you Robert! 

(I completely refrained from embarrassing you by posting one of my nicknames for you. Be proud of me, or I'll say it.)

21 May 2010

Slowly coming together

The past 2 weeks have been so emotionally and physically draining.  More emotionally though. 

I've heard from many many people that if a couple can buy a house together, if they can deal and cope with that stress, then they can deal and cope with anything.

And I believe it.  Boy have we've been stressed! But I think we are handling it okay.

It has been a long road, and while the end is very near we just can't quite get our hands on it.

After getting the keys we decided that we want to paint before we move any furniture in because it would be easier. And it was, except it wasn't.  We completely underestimated the amount of paint we needed.  Word of the wise here - even if the walls were recently painted, if you are going with darker colors (which is anything other than white) count on needing AT LEAST 2 coats.  There were a couple that actually needed 3 coats. Or use primer. Live and learn. Live and learn... And painting a ceiling is such a pain in the neck - literally. I had trouble turning my head the next day.

And I do have pictures of the rooms, of the pretty pretty colors that I love love love. And I promise I will share. But I'm still just getting computer time on my lunch break since my evenings are driving home, getting kids fed, bathed, and in bed, playing catch-up with my laundry, and keep up with the dishes all while unpacking a box or two.  Robert was able to get the rooms painted during his week off of work, he just missed the bathroom and now is questioning my color choice so I have to come up with a new color for it or convince him on the gray again. He has been setting up computers, TVs, hanging closet shelving, replacing light switches and plugs, and finishing up moving stuff (we just have 'little' stuff left).  When replacing some plugs he found a couple outlets where there was bare wire just hanging there - fire hazard. Just crazy I tell ya.  He also had a whole saga on trying to hang his LCD TV for his computer monitor - no studs in the wall where he wanted to hang and the anchor broke and .... whole saga, poor guy.

I've decided - I don't like having to drive to work. I love my lazy commute of walking from the kitchen or bedroom or whatever to the office. LOVE IT!  Nothing like having to miss something to make you appreciate it that much more!

We have one more week of commuting kids to school and me to work, and then I get to do about 3 weeks of kid taxi juggling until the end of the school year.  The way I drive home is GORGEOUS though, and I have pictures of that too - hopefully - I'm pointing the camera towards the window and hitting the shutter. I hope some of those come out.

To top things off, today we go to court to testify as witnesses in a domestic abuse case. Fun fun...

(Just to be clear, that 'fun fun' was completely sarcastic. I am not looking forward to it, am very very nervous about it. And not just nervous about being in court for the first time ever!)

14 May 2010

Lift with your legs!

Load up!

Moving day (weekend) is here.  We hope to spend our first night in our house tomorrow night!

I'm working today (this is my lunch break) and Robert is loading up by himself.  Well, until I get off of here and go help for my lunch break.  Eating on a lunch break - psssh - eating is for woosies. (I will grab something to munch don't worry). I'm having so much trouble sitting still because I have so much to do but I have to work. ANXIETY!  Where is the ability to clone yourself when you need it!

Tomorrow, we finish up loading the beds and such and will head on over to get those up first.  They are priority since we wanna sleep there.

Robert's mom will be here to help and I'm assigning her to finish off the kitchen - and then clean bathrooms. I hate cleaning bathrooms.  THANKS A MILLION BARBARA!!!!

Anyone else wanna come help? I have tons of jobs I could assign ya and I pay in coffee, pizza, popsicles, and soda.

09 May 2010

mom day

Happy Mother’s Day, to all of you: The Stay at Home Moms, Work at Home Moms, Working Moms, Single Moms, Grandmas, Great Grandmas, Mothers with Babies, Mothers with grown children, and Mothers to be.

Ours is the greatest gift and the greatest responsibility:  To raise the future, to teach them to stand and watch them become everything they dream, and to see them grow into such amazing people.

Sorry this is late, I have been painting.  We finished Carus's room yesterday and I started on Adam's ceiling while Robert worked on changing outlets, light switches, and door knobs.
My neck hurts from looking up all day.

05 May 2010

End of an era

We've been renters for 10 years, almost to the day. I am so glad it is over!
Yup, we've signed papers and got our keys. We are officially home owners!!!

It's the end of an era so I want to share something I learned from every place we have lived:

Our first place living with friends - Some friends you cannot live with, well maybe just friends' with bitchy wives.  I can never let another person parent my kids & I am very aggressive when it comes to standing up for my kids and/or for my right to parent my kids as I deem fit.

Our first place alone - I do not want to be kissed by a Mario-look-alike. (Mario-from-Super Mario Brothers-Mario.) Always assume the sliding glass door is closed, even if you just opened it; someone else can close it. I bounced several feet off of that sucker after running at it full speed! When there is a shooting at the convenience store around the corner, it is time to move. You can eat too many hot dogs & Mac 'n' cheese. Because we were so broke; that's pretty much all we ate and I still have trouble eating them now.

My favorite apartment/our first place as a married couple - After Carus was born I learned that a family of 4 does not fit into a 2 bedroom apartment. Teenagers with drum sets should not be in apartments, especially not ones above a family with young children that need sleep. Clove cigarettes are the stinkiest! There is such thing as TOO MUCH CURRY! I really like having a swimming pool.

The duplex (3 months) - When going to sign a rental agreement, ask if they plan on selling in the near future. Roofers usually start work on replacing a roof at 7 a.m.

The in-laws (for a between-places-time-period) - I love ya, but I cannot live with ya. We won't go into why that is; if you have in-laws you can totally use your imagination!

The town home - even the sweetest neighbors can be a little looney; upstairs neighbor was scamming couples into adopting her unborn (non-existent) baby. Also, I love love LOVE cooking on a gas range.

The big house - I hate ants. I hate popcorn ceilings. Even when neighbors aren't on the other side of a wall, they  can be a pain in the ass. Pot can be smelled across the cul-de-sac from a closed garage, especially with a good wind. The more space you have, the more CRAP you accumulate. SERIOUSLY HOW DID I GET SOME MUCH FREAKING JUNK! The designers of the 70s should be smacked. Cul-de-sacs are the best! Squirrels climb on roofs and could fall down chimneys - cats will stare intently for hours at a blocked off fireplace until you figure out there is an animal in there and then freak out when trying to remove that animal. Big windows attract hand prints, cat boogers, dog nose prints, and kid’s nose prints like mad! Wood sheds attract the biggest spiders I have ever seen (just short of tarantulas).

Wonder what I will learn from our first home.

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