14 May 2010

Lift with your legs!

Load up!

Moving day (weekend) is here.  We hope to spend our first night in our house tomorrow night!

I'm working today (this is my lunch break) and Robert is loading up by himself.  Well, until I get off of here and go help for my lunch break.  Eating on a lunch break - psssh - eating is for woosies. (I will grab something to munch don't worry). I'm having so much trouble sitting still because I have so much to do but I have to work. ANXIETY!  Where is the ability to clone yourself when you need it!

Tomorrow, we finish up loading the beds and such and will head on over to get those up first.  They are priority since we wanna sleep there.

Robert's mom will be here to help and I'm assigning her to finish off the kitchen - and then clean bathrooms. I hate cleaning bathrooms.  THANKS A MILLION BARBARA!!!!

Anyone else wanna come help? I have tons of jobs I could assign ya and I pay in coffee, pizza, popsicles, and soda.

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  1. I would so come help if I could! Good Luck, I am excited for you!


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