05 May 2010

End of an era

We've been renters for 10 years, almost to the day. I am so glad it is over!
Yup, we've signed papers and got our keys. We are officially home owners!!!

It's the end of an era so I want to share something I learned from every place we have lived:

Our first place living with friends - Some friends you cannot live with, well maybe just friends' with bitchy wives.  I can never let another person parent my kids & I am very aggressive when it comes to standing up for my kids and/or for my right to parent my kids as I deem fit.

Our first place alone - I do not want to be kissed by a Mario-look-alike. (Mario-from-Super Mario Brothers-Mario.) Always assume the sliding glass door is closed, even if you just opened it; someone else can close it. I bounced several feet off of that sucker after running at it full speed! When there is a shooting at the convenience store around the corner, it is time to move. You can eat too many hot dogs & Mac 'n' cheese. Because we were so broke; that's pretty much all we ate and I still have trouble eating them now.

My favorite apartment/our first place as a married couple - After Carus was born I learned that a family of 4 does not fit into a 2 bedroom apartment. Teenagers with drum sets should not be in apartments, especially not ones above a family with young children that need sleep. Clove cigarettes are the stinkiest! There is such thing as TOO MUCH CURRY! I really like having a swimming pool.

The duplex (3 months) - When going to sign a rental agreement, ask if they plan on selling in the near future. Roofers usually start work on replacing a roof at 7 a.m.

The in-laws (for a between-places-time-period) - I love ya, but I cannot live with ya. We won't go into why that is; if you have in-laws you can totally use your imagination!

The town home - even the sweetest neighbors can be a little looney; upstairs neighbor was scamming couples into adopting her unborn (non-existent) baby. Also, I love love LOVE cooking on a gas range.

The big house - I hate ants. I hate popcorn ceilings. Even when neighbors aren't on the other side of a wall, they  can be a pain in the ass. Pot can be smelled across the cul-de-sac from a closed garage, especially with a good wind. The more space you have, the more CRAP you accumulate. SERIOUSLY HOW DID I GET SOME MUCH FREAKING JUNK! The designers of the 70s should be smacked. Cul-de-sacs are the best! Squirrels climb on roofs and could fall down chimneys - cats will stare intently for hours at a blocked off fireplace until you figure out there is an animal in there and then freak out when trying to remove that animal. Big windows attract hand prints, cat boogers, dog nose prints, and kid’s nose prints like mad! Wood sheds attract the biggest spiders I have ever seen (just short of tarantulas).

Wonder what I will learn from our first home.


  1. YEA!!!!! I am so excited for you guys. Being homeowners is fun because it's yours. Hope you all have fun making it into your HOME. Love ya!

  2. I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see the house pictures.


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