26 April 2010

I had nothing to do with it

Guess what Robert decided this weekend.

He decided that since we are paying a full months' rent in May that we might as well take advantage of it.  I will be driving the kids to school in the morning and then coming here to work and they will walk here after school like they currently do.  It will be like working in an office.  Yoda will be coming with us too.  Then after work - I drive back 'home'.

The fact that I suggested that EXACT SAME FREAKING IDEA five million times had nothing to do with this idea suddenly popping into his head.  Normally I don't like sharing credit for my ideas, but since I'm getting my way I am letting him have this one.

I think me reminding him how early he would have to get up to drop the kids off at school on time made him come up with such a great solution - which I am remembering for further use in getting my way.

June is back to the taxi/after school care schedule and he'll be the one getting up extra early and doing the extra driving! (I will be too cause someone has to make lunches and supervise getting ready)

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