05 April 2010

Boxes, tape, and .... a label maker

Friday both Robert and I got off work early so we used the free time to start cleaning out and packing downstairs. Our hobby room/guest room/catch all room.  We've been avoiding it.

FINALLY some packing got done!  Not much, but its a start.

I have 2-1/2 boxes packed, 2 bags ready to go to goodwill, TONS of stuff tossed and recycled.  Oh and a crate all sealed up for the move.  I have a crate full of fabric, I just added a bit more stuff to it and then we screwed it shut. So progress, YAY!

Robert did some tossing and recycling of his stuff too.

Robert did bring home a label maker - but it didn't get used...yet.  He might use it when packing his stuff.  I guess my Sharpie isn't good enough for him. HA!

As for the house stuff progress thing...

We've had our inspection and nothing was found that we didn't already know.  Foundation is good, roof is good, chimney is good.

The bank has done its appraisal and it came back just above our offer, which means we still can buy.  Bonus - it will lower our property taxes!!

We've meandered around Home Depot and priced a few things on our to get list and put a few million things on our wish list, and got a few paint samples.  Home Depot feels so different when you actually own (almost) a home.

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