23 April 2010

Today was the day

Today was supposed to be our closing date, but instead of signing papers and getting our keys, we signed an addendum to extend the contract.

Thankfully, our broker thinks we only needed to extend it by a little over a week.  He also thinks that we will be able to sign by next Friday.

We'll see. 

I am still trying to be patient. But I don't want to wait anymore! 

So anyhoo, looks like we're almost there.  Almost there. Almost there.  Sorry, repeating it might help me with the wait....maybe

The plan (now) is to be completely moved in by the end of May.

I kinda like that - it will help me get the kids through the end of the school year. 

I have to make it to June 17th. 

The news on that is that thanks to Barbara (Robert's mom), my neighbor Abbie, and my wonderful boss - afterschool pick up/care is covered. *knock on wood*

Getting them to school will be mostly on Robert's shoulders - I'm making the poor guy get up an hour earlier every morning so he can drive them to school.

Not much longer!!

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