16 April 2010

It's Justin Bieber!

Carus has her first singer crush.

 Justin Bieber.

I heard he was doing a concert tour so I decided to see if he was coming to Portland.

He is.

So I looked up if there were tickets left.

There were.

So I checked the prices and lost my breath at the $250-$800 floor seat tickets! But, after some looking around for the best deal, way up in the nose bleed section I found a few cheap tickets left. So I talked to Robert and since it wasn't bad, I bought her and I tickets to see Justin Bieber on July 14 at the Rose Garden.

Then we called Carus in from outside.

Carus went back outside told Adam, jumped on him, then screamed very loudly a couple of times. 

I am so happy I get to take her to her first concert.


  1. That is so cute! I freaking have a crush on Justin Bieber!

  2. How adorable! I had the volume on low expecting a lot of high pitch screaming :)

  3. That is so wonderful that you're able to take Carus to see her favorite singer.


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