26 June 2009

There's always an argument part 2

I have the kids doing some chores this morning. Adam was the first one done with breakfast so he is the first to get started. One job was to get all the dirty laundry from all the rooms.

Me: "Did you get all the laundry from all the rooms?"

Adam: "Yes."

Me: "Nope." As I pointed to a dirty dish towel in the kitchen.

Adam: "This doesn't have room in the name, it is only the kitchen so it doesn't count."

24 June 2009

Coundowns, updates, and random thoughts

My quote of the week -

"Thank you for not being crazy." Robert to me

Parenting rule of the week -

Us to Adam - "Until you're 18, you may have an opinion, but that doesn't mean we'll take it into consideration." He wanted to do something that we said no to and he tried to whine about it. Can't remember the specifics now.

Robert is in LA working this week. He left early Monday morning and won't be back until LATE Friday night.

I can't sleep without him. Well, actually, I am sleeping, it is just taking me FOREVER to fall asleep and I don't stay asleep, so therefore I am SO.TIRED.IT.IS.NOT.FUNNY! And it is only Wednesday.

I'm considering drugging myself to sleep tonight. I wonder if we have any Nyquil. I tossed out the prescription sleeping pills ages ago because they gave me nightmares. No, not bad dreams - nightmares.

I am still wrestling with my Twilight addiction - but it is getting better.

I didn't get those shoes I was drooling over a few months ago because when I went to get them I found 2 pairs for the same price as those that I wanted more. One pair that are very similar and twice as cute and one pair I can wear to work. Have to wear closed toe shoes only.

My birthday is this weekend. Robert and I are going to go out - where? To do what? I don't know. I refuse to plan my birthday celebrations, after the kick ass surprise party he got he owes me. I told him I want to go out and he has free reign from there. We'll probably end up at the club our friend bounces at having some drinks and playing pool. I do have plans with Carus to go get pedicures Monday so we both have pretty toes for our vacation and the wedding. She squealed when I told her. It was great.

Adam and Carus are enjoying their summer. Carus's neighborhood friend is actually home this year - she was put into daycare previous years - and so Carus has someone else to play with giving Adam a break. Poor Adam, on the other hand, has no one to play with with his neighborhood friends usually off doing their own thing. Occasionally someone will be around to play - and he has been playing some basketball and football and having fun there. He has been playing video games and reading in the down time.

Right now, I've forced them to stop fighting with each other and go play outside. Adam was enjoying his video game and didn't want to go so I told him he could have a water fight...wanna bet on how long until Carus comes in screaming that Adam soaked her?

We leave next Thursday (July 2) for Orlando! We will be in Orlando until the 5th or 6th and then we head up to Dothan, AL for the wedding which is on the 10th. We fly home on the 11th. Peter and Carie and Charlie will be there too. Unfortunately Bud isn't able to come - 'cause he is a butthead like that. I blame his g/f, she probably isn't all to blame but I don't like her, something about her urks me. I don't like to be urked. I miss Bud. I know the kids do too - and Robert, although he would probably never admit it.

I heard from Granny and Gramps today that Aunt Pam is coming - WOOO! And Aunt Bon might make it - WOOO! But Aunt Kathy and Uncles Buddy, Len, and Jim are not, and no cousins. :(

Now for my random thought -

Because I am fortunate to work with such a great group of people, I'm spoiled. I expect as much compassion and respect in my personal relationships that I receive in my work relationships and it is disappointing when I find I don't have it.

Now I am going to see if I can sneak up on the kids with the hose.

Happy Summer all!

19 June 2009

The hamster has gone to jail...

Yesterday the kids were playing and Carus asked to borrow the camera to take a video of Justin because he was being 'sssssooooooooo ccccccuuuuuuuutttttttteeeeeee'.

This is the video - that poor hamster. He is such a good hamster and puts up with so much.

Angel would probably be submitted to some of this torment, but she is still adjusting to people and would rather stay in her house.

16 June 2009

There is always an argument...

Conversation from lunch time today. Carus went to warm up some mini corndogs in the microwave and . . .

Carus: "Mom, why did you put the cupcakes in the microwave!"

Me: "I don't want to attrack ants." (We've been having problems with the little sugar ants, it's a yearly event and will pass soon, but in the meantime it sucks to wake up to a moving counter.)

Carus: "They can't get into the container, duh!" (Yea, she 'duhs' people)

Me: "I'd rather not risk it."

Adam: "Yeah Carus, ants can do anything."

Carus: "No, they can't explode."

11 June 2009

To remember when she's all grown up...

Just a quick note so I can get this down and will not lose it because of my craptasticular memory.

While grocery shopping the other night, Carus announced that for Father's Day she was going to get Robert:

"1 box of aloe-coated tissues, a handmade card, and....$5."

And then added, "Mom I need $5."

She wanted to get him tissue because his allergies are sooo bad lately (we also happened to be picking up a couple boxes at that time) - and the card is, of course, because she wants to be an artist and loves to make cards. Don't ask me where the $5 came from, but it was cute.

04 June 2009


Hi, my name is Becca and I'm a Twilightaholic!

I am addicted, badly - I've accepted it and I'm trying to burn myself out . . . it isn't working as quickly as I need it to.

In the past month I have read the series fully twice, Breaking Dawn 2 more times on its own (my favorite book), and I've just started over at the beginning . . . again . . .

I made Robert put Twilight on our Netflix queue but he has movies in line ahead of it so in the mean time I've been watching it at least twice a week online - and while I liked it, I didn't like it that much! Kristen Stewart's gasping is driving me nuts . . .

And I've decided I want to be an actor and my break out role will be a small character from Breaking Dawn. She only has a few scenes near the end and not a lot of lines, but I think I would be great (you can guess, but I ain't telling who).

K, now that I have that off my chest - I'm off for another fix. Just two paragraphs and I'll be good. I swear!

Do they have a Twilight's Anonymous?

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