16 June 2009

There is always an argument...

Conversation from lunch time today. Carus went to warm up some mini corndogs in the microwave and . . .

Carus: "Mom, why did you put the cupcakes in the microwave!"

Me: "I don't want to attrack ants." (We've been having problems with the little sugar ants, it's a yearly event and will pass soon, but in the meantime it sucks to wake up to a moving counter.)

Carus: "They can't get into the container, duh!" (Yea, she 'duhs' people)

Me: "I'd rather not risk it."

Adam: "Yeah Carus, ants can do anything."

Carus: "No, they can't explode."


  1. Now, that is pretty funny. I can't wait until my boys are old enough to snark at eachother.

  2. Well she is right. They can't explode.


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