04 June 2009


Hi, my name is Becca and I'm a Twilightaholic!

I am addicted, badly - I've accepted it and I'm trying to burn myself out . . . it isn't working as quickly as I need it to.

In the past month I have read the series fully twice, Breaking Dawn 2 more times on its own (my favorite book), and I've just started over at the beginning . . . again . . .

I made Robert put Twilight on our Netflix queue but he has movies in line ahead of it so in the mean time I've been watching it at least twice a week online - and while I liked it, I didn't like it that much! Kristen Stewart's gasping is driving me nuts . . .

And I've decided I want to be an actor and my break out role will be a small character from Breaking Dawn. She only has a few scenes near the end and not a lot of lines, but I think I would be great (you can guess, but I ain't telling who).

K, now that I have that off my chest - I'm off for another fix. Just two paragraphs and I'll be good. I swear!

Do they have a Twilight's Anonymous?

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  1. You're so funny. The books were such a great read!! And next time I re-read Beaking Dawn I am gonna try to guess who you want to be.
    This is exactly how I feel about Harry Potter.


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