26 May 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

Monday, May 25th, was mine and Robert's 8th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has been 8 years, it has gone by sooo fast!

So much has happened in 8 years, it really feels like time has flown by.
Wow, we have changed! Ugh, now I feel old...

We spent the weekend in Astoria to celebrate.
We lounged around and watched movies, walked around Astoria, went to the Astoria column, but didn't get to climb to the top, tried to find a lighthouse without a map or directions (whim thing and I wasn't prepared) and walked the beaches (and froze because we forgot sweaters).

It was a very nice weekend. I had a great time and found it very relaxing. We had dropped the kids off at gramma's on our way out and picked them back up on our way home. And after a quick clean up of the house by everyone when we got home, and getting laundry going again, I got to spend the rest of Monday vegged out on the couch and reading while Robert worked on his computer.
P.S. Lots more pictures to come - ran outta room on Flickr for this month and don't have time for a longer post right now... check out what is on flickr now by clicking here.

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