19 May 2009

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

I flew through these books starting Friday evening and not stopping until just now.

Eclipse made up so much for all that I was disappointed with in New Moon. I know I loved it, evidenced in that I read it in 2 days (it isn't the easiest for me to read that fast sometimes), but I don't remember many specifics because Breaking Dawn was just so very intense for me and drowned it out just a bit.

I didn't pause to say anything about it when I finished Sunday, I just moved on. I couldn't wait and I am SOOOO glad that Target wasn't sold out AGAIN! (I got the last copy they had of Breaking Dawn.)

I could not put this book down. I started yesterday. 1-1/2 days is a record for me in a long while, especially with a 750+ page book. I had so much trouble tearing myself away, Robert is a little irritated. I was reading while making dinner, didn't do dishes last night, was late getting the kids to bed, and then actually kept myself awake a lot last night trying not to get up and go read and then still dreaming about the story, and I've read while getting ready for work and in breaks. - sshhh, don't tell him

The passion, the danger, the plain intensity you get from the writing is just . . . WOW!!! I don't want to say any spoilers, but I'm pleased with the outcome of the characters.

But I'm finally done with the series and I'm going to go back and start over. Now that I can relax because I know the ending, I know I will get a lot more from the story.

I hope they don't screw up the rest of the series with the movies. . .

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  1. They will always screw up the story with the movies, always. But they will still be kinda good.

    I loved the last book too, probably my favorite after the first. A lot of people did not like it, but I was happy and pleased with the ending.

    I think it is the best feeling to get so wrapped up in a story, when you can't put it down and neglect your kids (I am so guilty of this) and dream about it at night. Best feeling in the world, it is why I love to read. I am always looking for that next great book.


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