15 May 2009


There are a few countdowns going on around here, wanna see what we are counting down for?

There are 7 days until Robert and I head to Astoria, Oregon and Hotel Elliot for our anniversary weekend. We will be there from Saturday afternoon until Monday afternoon. Our anniversary is Monday, and falls on Memorial Day this year. Note: Planning an anniversary anything is a bit of a pain on holiday weekends - and more expensive! Fortunately when calling for quotes to hotels I got someone who wasn't completely on the ball and didn't realize it was a holiday until AFTER she quoted me the 'normal' May price. hehehe

With that, there are 9 days until Robert and I have been married for 8 years!

We are planning a group zoo trip and there are 21 days left until that. If you're in the area and wanna come, let me know. It is Saturday, June 6.

For the kids - there are 27 days left until school lets out for the summer on June 12th.

Then there is the sandcastle contest in 28 days in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We aren't participating, but we are going to see all the amazing entries.

There are 43 days until my birthday! I like that day :) If anyone needs gift ideas, this is what I really really really want, not picky on the color though.

There are 47 days until we leave for our Florida/Alabama vacation (give or take a day allowing for when our plane leaves, which is TBD) topped off with 55 days until my dad and Sandy get hitched. I am really looking forward to this vacation. I have NEVER been on that side of the country, or seen the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean (although I'm not sure if I will get to see it this time), and we plan on hitting up DisneyWorld and maybe Seaworld and I am really really excited.

And that is the end of the current countdowns 'round here. What are you counting down to?

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