27 December 2011

Other plans

I have a plan - to catch up on my 7days commenting tonight. Or at least make a dent in it, I'm woefully behind.

After work this afternoon, I was going to curl up with my book (Kindle) and read for a little bit before getting up and getting things done.  I didn't have anything that "needed" to be done or anything, just felt like I had to do something.

The book had other ideas though. I couldn't put it down - 4 hours later I finished the book. The Hunger Games, by the way, and it was good. Really good.  I hope the movie lives up to the book.

Carus was uninspired to do a shot today and has decided - "I started late, and Imma finish early."

359/365 and 7 days, day 7
359_365 12-27-11 Becca 7days7


I didn't want to tag along on Carus's birthday post so I'm making another post - 3 in one day... well kinda, it's almost midnight.

358/365 - 7days6 - Finally! The last of the Christmas dinner dishes.  After the initial wash, dry, and put away of the crystal dishes right after dinner; one load through the dishwasher yesterday; and another load today this is what I have left. All the hand wash dishes plus a few that didn't fit.

358_365 12-26-11 Becca 7days6

26 December 2011

Christmas day wrap up

Carus 7days5 "My favorite gift."

12-25-11 Carus 7days5
We were very lucky to find this piano on Craigslist for a really good deal.  At first we were looking at console upright pianos, but those that weren't gone by the time we called about them and close enough to us (under 50 miles) that we could consider getting them here, were too expensive, and those that were in our price range were too far away.  Then there was the question of how we'll get it here, how we'll move it at both ends cause they are heavy and we just about gave up.  Robert found this one and went to look at it as like a last hope and it worked out great.  The bench corner was chewed on a little by their dog, but we recovered it no problem and you could never tell.  

357/365 - 7days5 Sitting down to Christmas dinner. 357_365 12-25-11 Becca 7days5

But before all that, there was the rest of the day.  I didn't get a lot of photos, but that's okay.  It was a great day.  We didn't get up super early, took our time eating breakfast and opening presents.  After presents I put the roast in the oven and went to lay down for a nap.  I was to work the swing shift and since I never sleep well Christmas Eve I was tired.  I didn't get much of a nap though, just a few winks.  Robert played with his new miter saw and Carus was playing with her new piano which don't work well with napping.

Soon I gave up trying to sleep and came out to finish dinner.  I did all the prep work for dinner on Christmas Eve so I didn't have to do much work - just pop things in the oven and cut up fresh vegetables for a veggie tray.  After dinner and clean up we opened gifts from the in-laws (that's them at the table with us) and mingled for a bit before I started working.  Work went well, not too busy - just enough to keep me occupied.  I've heard a lot that it sucks that I had to work on Christmas, and yes it does - but it doesn't.  The hospital is open all the time so it only makes sense that we are too.  We all (my coworkers and I) alternate holidays.  I've had a few Christmas's off so it makes sense that I do one, and now I'll get a few off before I have another go.

Now back to the beginning of the day for more photos.

Opening their first gifts.
12-25-11 011

 They like their new Minecraft shirts. Adam got a periodic table of Minecraft elements.
12-25-11 021

Carus's Minecraft shirt, Run Away.
12-25-11 022

Oooh, a gift card.  (Isn't he a goof?)
12-25-11 027

To: Carus
From: Awesome Man (AKA Adam)
12-25-11 030

Awesome Man did good with his gift, she liked it...
12-25-11 031

...Justin Bieber movie and JB teddy bear.
12-25-11 033

Adam's chess board.  This gift Adam sorta knew he was getting because Fed Ex sucks. They delivered the package and left it sitting on the front porch and didn't ring the bell or knock. I was working in direct sight of the door, and the dogs go nutso anytime anyone comes near the door, so I know they didn't knock.  And then Adam came home from school and found the box. It had a description of the board on the box. I went with the "it's Christmas time, everyone recycle boxes like crazy" lie but I don't think he believed me.  He still likes his board so YAY...
12-25-11 035

Carus reading her new Secret Agent Josephine Colors book. (She has two more books out for kids, usually younger kids than my kids, but Carus liked the book just the same.  SAJ is a brilliant, fun illustrator and writer. Her blog is full of other great stuff too.  The books are also available for Ipad, Iphone or Kindle.)
12-25-11 038

Table set for dinner.
12-25-11 042

That's it folks!

Hope your Christmas was good.

Happy Happy Birthday Carus!

10 years old

Happy Birthday Carus! Double digits WOO!

12-26-11 001 copy

New boots!  She got an new outfit as well, but I'm a dork and forgot to get a picture of her in it.  It's super cute too - oh well, next time she wears it.
12-26-11 002

Reading a card from Gramps and Granny GG
12-26-11 005

Carus 7days6 - Even though we weren't having her party today, I still wanted her to be able to blow out a candle and have Happy Birthday sung to her - so I grabbed a slice of the apple crisp pie* I made for Christmas.  She said she prefers the pie, she isn't a big cake fan.  Her party is Thursday.
12-26-11 Carus 7days6 copy

*I plan on sharing the recipe tomorrow

25 December 2011

Happy Christmas Eve!

And it is now 12:03 - Christmas morning so MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Christmas Eve was busy busy busy so I didn't get around to uploading these pictures earlier.

Up-side-down Carus.
12-24-11 Carus 7days4

Today we cleaned the house, then took the dogs to the dog park and wore them out. Afterwards, I got started on dinner prep for tomorrow and picked up Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner tonight.  About 3:30 I ran away for a bit to the barn with my friend/neighbor who has horses, to muck out stalls and bring in horses.  Horses and barn musty/hay smells calm me and put me at peace. I'd love to have my own horse (or two) but don't have the time or money (mostly money) right now.  Some day I will.  Some day I'll have my own little farm or ranch. For now, I'll invite myself along to do horse-y chores any chance I get.

357/365 - Feeding a peppermint to a horse.  I did not know horses could eat peppermints.  This is one of those chalky-like peppermints that are chew-able so the horse can chew it and it doesn't hurt their teeth, nor get stuck in their teeth.  Sorry the photo is blurry, but it's a bit hard to get a picture and feed the peppermint while keeping my fingers.  This horse (Starlett) has been described as a peppermint whore and she was a little overzealous in the grabbing of the peppermint..
357_365 12-24-11 Becca 7days4

Well, I'm off to bed so Christmas morning can come faster - I'M SO EXCITED!

24 December 2011

Eve of Christmas Eve

Except now it's after midnight so it's Christmas Eve.

Let's just pretend that I have a few more minutes or hours before I have to go to bed and it's not Christmas Eve.  I have quite a lot to do tomorrow today tomorrow and need to go to bed soon.

356/365 - 7 Days, day 3
Leia chasing her tail.

I was trying to get the reflection of her jumping, but it didn't work so well.  I put on my shoes to go grocery shopping and she thought it meant I was taking her for a walk or to the dog park and got excited and started jumping.  She was getting as high as my shoulder.  She stopped jumping when I pulled the camera out - but gladly chased her tail for a few minutes.
356_365 12-23-11 Becca 7days3

Carus 7 Days, day 3 - "Before and after I took a bite."
12-23-11 Carus 7days3

On another note - I remembered another pet peeve!

Grocery shopping with Robert.  It's like he is in this competition to see how fast he can get out of there with the least amount of groceries we need.

Ooh oh oh - and the fact that he likes to play "let's stuff all the groceries in one bag" and smushes my bananas and bread!!

22 December 2011


Today is a theme day for 7 days and the theme is CHOCOLATE!


355/365 - Making CHOCOLATE chip cookies on my lunch break.  I was going to just use the reflection in the bowl, but then the bowl wasn't as reflective as I thought it was.

I mixed in the last cup of flour by hand under the suggestion I found via Pinterest that the reason my CCC were coming out so flat because the dough was getting over mixed.  These ones weren't perfect, but they were much better than they've been in the past - so PROGRESS!

355_365 12-22-11 7days2

Carus helped with making the cookies, and when I pulled out the camera and explained it was 7days and the theme was chocolate, she asked if she could jump in a little late. I told her it was probably okay, then helped her set up the camera and timer and she pushed the shutter button and went back to cookie-ing the cookie sheet.

12-22-11 7days2

21 December 2011

Getting ready for Christmas and 7 days winter run!

353/365 - Making bookmarks.  This one was for a coworker for part of a secret Santa gift exchange (I got a coworker who is a reader - SCORE!) But I plan on making a couple more for the kids.
353_365 12-20-11

I'm done Christmas shopping and have everything wrapped. I just have a giant bow to make. And Carus's birthday gift to buy before Saturday.  Carus is more excited for her birthday than for Christmas, which makes me happy.  I have worried that with it being the day after Christmas it would get lost in the shuffle and bustle, but it looks like we've been successful in keeping it significant and separate.

I've been ho-hum a bit this year about Christmas.  I'm not sure if it has just been stress or missing my family or maybe a little of both.  Because of the ho-hum-ness I didn't get Christmas cards made up or sent, which I feel a little guilty about, but hopefully next year is better.

In more exiting news, the first day of the winter run of 7 days starts today (exciting to me at least, I enjoy participating in 7days).  WOO!!

354/365 - 7 days, day 1 - Kissing under the mistletoe.  Special thanks to Robert for cooperating with me on getting this photo, it only took three attempts. *wink*
354_365 12-20-11 (7 days, day 1)

19 December 2011

Weekend 365s and today's too

349/365 - I didn't think it was gonna be that blurry
349_365 12-16-11

350/365 - Sunset seen on my drive home from the grocery store. Not bad for a one handed, no looking, quick click of the camera.  The sunset was prettier than this picture - and there was a nice pink band of color.
350_365 12-17-11

351/365 - Friend Geneva and her Friesian Wynston, all festive.  That horse is just a little bit loved I think.
351_365 12-18-11

One more image.
12-18-11 (21) copy

Christmas Leia.  She loves that collar and will come running and sit still for us to put it on her.  We think it's the bells that jingle when she walks, runs, and plays. Silly puppy.
12-19-11 018 copy

Christmas puggy.
12-19-11 022 copy

352/365 - Christmas Yoda pug
352_365 12-19-11

18 December 2011

Peeved pets

Reverb Broads prompt day 16: 
What are your biggest pet peeves?

This prompt is a couple of days old.  I started it on the day of the prompt, but never finished it.  So now I'm back to finish it up and publish it.

Some of my pet peeves:

Light switches switched the wrong way. I like my light switches to be down if the light is off and up if the light is on.  This works fine on the single switch lights, but you get a double or triple switch light and it's next to impossible. (By single, double, and triple switch lights, I mean lights that have 1, 2, or 3 switches to turn them on/off.  Like my kitchen, it has two switches; one at each entry.)  In the cases where it is impossible for the switches to be down when off or up with on, the rule is that if the switch is next to another switch for another room/hallway - they both need to match.

Robert actually likes to mess with me on this one. If he catches me turning a light back on just to turn it off properly, he will tease me and/or unfix it.  My kids, however, enable my crazy.

Misuse of your and you're AND there, their, and they're.

Your is possessive - you own something.  For example: "Your new dog is adorable."  You're is a contraction for you are, as in, "You're acting like a dork." It also reads as, "You are acting like a dork."

Please here if you can't see above video.
Thanks to Mrs. Wilson for reminding me about that clip!

Their is possessive, meaning owning something.  "Their house is up for sale."
There refers to a place or idea.  "Look over there!"
They're is a contraction.  "They're going to be grounded if they don't follow the rules." (They are going ....)

Please see The Oatmeal for other common misspellings that I may or may not have a problem with. It's funny.

I don't like Woot!  Woot is not a word.  It is not how you say Woo as in Woohoo.  Seriously, the next time you're excited, listen to how you say "Woo" and see if you have a T-sound on the end.  If you do, knock it off. There is only a W-sound and OO-sound.

Okay, I looked it up.  Woot is a word in the Urban Dictionary; HOWEVER, it was originally a Dungeon & Dragons term.

I still don't like it.

I also have "issues" with misspelled words - but only the easy to spell words.  If you're trying to spell a big word and misspell it, I'm going to forgive you and/or assume it was a typo. BUT if you misspell one that kindergartners learn to spell, and misspell it consistently, my eye is going to twitch and it will take all of my strength not to smack you.

Are you with me on any of these or am I too crazy for you?  What are your pet peeves?

Sunday Menu

OOoh, lookie there. I'm a day early...kinda

Sunday - Costco Chicken Alfredo, broccoli and cauliflower, garlic toast

Monday - I dunno, I don't have anything and don't have any ideas and neither does the family sooo... I'm sure we'll find something to eat so FFY!

Tuesday - Grilled pork steaks, risotto, Brussels sprouts

Wednesday - Grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, fresh veggies

Thursday - FFY

Friday - Scalloped potatoes

Saturday - Either leftovers, fend for yourself OOORRR maybe some Chinese (cause that sounds good)

Bonus, I'm throwing in the Christmas day menu.

Christmas Sunday:

Raspberry Coffee Cake

Roast beef
Potatoes Romanoff
Gramma green beans
Rolls courtesy of the in-laws

Apple pie crisp and Pecan Pie

Links to recipes mentioned in my menus can be found here. It's pretty sparse right now, but I will be working on fixin' it up.

If you see anything you want a recipe too, and it's not listed on my recipe page, leave me a comment to let me know and I'll post the recipe.

15 December 2011

Just Chillin'

348/365 - Are you comfortable Timmy?
348_365 12-15-11

I think he is.

14 December 2011

Boob tube returns

The new light bulb for the TV arrived today.  YAY, big screen is back in biz-a-ness.

347_365 12-14-11

First pressie under the tree... Robert's.

I came home from the grocery store tonight and found that his present had been delivered AND the box said what it was!  In GIANT letters. On each side. With a picture and description with measurements and weight and GRRRR!!!!


He has assured me that he didn't hear the bell ring and that he didn't see it sitting out there - and the kids backed him up.  I really hope not.  I don't need another surprise ruined (see *) this year.

I didn't trust him to not go looking for it if I just hid it, plus it's not exactly small so it's hard to hide well, so I had to wrap it.

If he, the cats, or the puppy mess with that wrapping, they will be in so much trouble!

346_365 12-13-11

He just tried to snoop at it and I had to cover all my bases, "You may not touch, shake, kick, poke, peak, lick, sniff, or otherwise try to figure out what is in that box. Walk away and you won't get hurt."

*I have more for this rant, but can't express that right now in the rare case that one of my children reads my blog.  I don't think they do, but you never know.

13 December 2011

Garage shelf

345/365 - Robert's finished project (mentioned in this post) - already with stuff stored.  So far, our camping gear and my quilting fabric have been banished to the shelf, which is about 10 feet off the ground.

After the holidays all of the decoration boxes will go up there too (and get them out of my dining room).

345_365 12-12-11

Outside Christmas Lights!

334/365 - The last of my outside Christmas lights are hung.  We didn't do a lot this year.  Robert didn't want to climb up on a ladder again to line the gutters, and I'm a bit klutzy so I know better than to push my luck.  I don't need a broken bone.  Maybe next year he'll be easier to convince.

I made those little trees on either side of the garage by using tomato cages (inverted) and covering with garland and a couple strings of lights.
344_365 12-11-11

At night.
12-11-11 013

The lights around the window (which you can't really see) - and Simba
12-11-11 004

I was boring him
12-11-11 005

My little Japanese maple all festive with lights and balls
12-11-11 007

Japanese maple at night
12-11-11 011

12 December 2011

Guilty pleasures

Reverbs prompt day 12:
Name and explain the one guilty pleasure you can't live without.  ie: that cupcake shop you visit weekly, a book you repeatedly read to find solace in, etc).  Then explore the idea of how you would feel if you gave that thing up for a year.   
~Neha at

I have several guilty pleasures.

Like... My occasional coffee shop coffee.  I prefer my small in town coffee shop, but will take Starbucks anytime.  I try to limit myself to only once in awhile because I know they are high in sugar and fat and blah blah blah GOOD STUFF! Which is why I feel guilty about it.  That and it costs money which I could save if I just drank my regular coffee from home.  But I enjoy coffee shop coffee so very much when I do get it.  I usually order the white chocolate mocha, no whip cream, and the largest size.  If extra sleepy, I'll throw in a couple extra shots of espresso.  It's good hot or iced.  My second cold favorite is the coconut mocha frap. That one comes with whip cream and toasted coconut.  Mmmmm

I also enjoy my daily, at home, no frills, with French Vanilla Coffeemate creamer (liquid only, not the powdered crap) (very large cup) cuppa coffee and don't really feel guilty about that one.

My other guilty pleasure - except I don't feel guilty about it - my TV shows.  I especially enjoy my "chick shows" so deemed by Robert, which tend to be drama shows that he doesn't find interesting.  I think he does find them interesting, he just doesn't want to be sucked into the story.  He particularly likes to tease me for Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives, Once Upon a Time and Secret Life of an American Teenager.  That's just recent tease-worthy shows, there are more.

I'm getting him hooked on more and more shows though, it's all good.

I'd list all my current favorites, but I don't want to leave out older favorites because you can still see them in reruns or elsewhere (i.e. Scrubs and Friends) but then I'd forget one and then have to come back and add it and then remember another and come back and add it and... you get the idea. And besides, the list is probably too long anyways.

Let's just say, I'm easy to amuse and as such can find amusement in almost anything.  (I say almost because I didn't find amusement in, and apparently I'm the only one, Napoleon Dynamite. I nearly fell asleep and was only able to get through 20 minutes of that movie before shutting it off. I'm annoyed they are making a cartoon about it. Also, Will Farrell is not funny.)

Now as to the exploring the idea of giving up my guilty pleasures for a year.

Nope.  I've considered it and I don't think so.

Seriously though, I'm sure I could do it.  I might not be too happy about it, but I could do it.  I know I can because I can do anything I put my mind to.

The coffee would be the easiest to give up, I've done it before and while I missed it, I didn't have to have it back.

The TV shows - that's my down time in the evening and on the weekends.  It allows me to shut my brain off, stop thinking and/or stressing about shit and just enjoy the story, the suspense, the drama, the laughs.  I enjoy watching a show and knitting, crotcheting, sewing, quilting, playing on my laptop (Facebooking or messing with photos). Robert and I share a lot of shows and we watch and enjoy those together, and I like that too. Actually, this past week with our living room TV being broken I haven't been watching as much and I'm doing just fine.  (I'm also giddy over getting to watch several episodes in a row to catch up.)

I'm sure I could completely replace that TV watching time with books (stories to shut my brain off of me and my worries) and be just fine (and probably make a dent in my to-read list), but I don't have to.  I like the little arrangement we've got going with a little of both worlds.

What about you? What are your guilty pleasures?  Would you be able to give them up for a year?

This post is brought to you by Reverb Broads.  A group of bloggers encouraging each other to write more throughout December by sharing prompts.  

Menu Monday

Sunday - Chicken strips, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli

 Monday - BBQ pork ribs, salad

 Tuesday - Chili

 Wednesday - FFY

 Thursday - Meatballs (which is meatloaf made into balls instead of a loaf), crash hot potatoes

 Friday - Hot wings (maybe. It sounds good, but I forgot to buy wings at the store and I really don't think I have any in the freezer.  This recipe post is what made me start craving them, and I want to try it.  I might even want to try it enough to go to the store again.)

 Saturday - Pizza (the from the freezer kind, nice and easy so I can get Christmas shopping finished up [which it almost is] and wrapping done and maybe get some baking done.)

 Links to recipes mentioned in my menus can be found here. It's pretty sparse right now, but I will be working on fixin' it up.

11 December 2011

Wherein I'm playing catch-up again

You know, if I do decide that my goal for next year would be to upload AND post my 365 photo each and every day, I might be in a bit of trouble.  It hasn't been more than a week since the last time I said I wanted to stop getting so behind and I'm already behind.  UGH! What is wrong with me?!

Okay, enough whining.  ON TO MY 365 catch-up. Again.

337/365 - Christmas tree 2011.  I think I want a new tree topper, but I haven't found anything I really really like yet - so sticking with the all red star for now. What you can't see is all the lights I have in the window behind the blinds.  It's looks pretty from outside and also when the blinds are open.
337_365 12-04-11

338/365 - Robert's current project - Shelving in the garage for stuffs so that maybe some day we'll actually be able to, you know, park a car in the garage.  You can't really tell from the angle of this picture, but this was just the 2x4 bracing.  You'll have to wait for the "DONE" photo.
338_365 12-05-11

It's done now, but I don't have a picture yet. And I'm not taking one today - or at least right now.  Maybe in a bit when I go off to take my 365 for today.  (SPOILER ALERT: Today's 365 will not be included in this post.)

339/365 - Wilbur kitty. He's so soft and fluffy.  And meow-y.
339_365 12-06-11

340/365 - The most exciting photo ever! This 365 is serving as a reminder of what happened that day at its best - the day the TV bulb blew out and we spent a week without a TV in the living room while waiting for the new bulb ordered off the internet to arrive.  It is supposed to get here between Tuesday and Saturday this week.  Technically, we could have a week and a half with no TV! Crazy, right?!  I miss TV, even though we still have one in the bedroom.  And on my laptop.
340_365 12-07-11

341/365 - Christmas sunset
341_365 12-08-11

342/365 - Cold frosty morning run in the yard with Leia.  You'd think from this picture that we were playing fetch, but no.  She was running back and forth across the yard - past me each direction - with the stick in her mouth.  She can play fetch, but apparently she was okay with cutting out the middle man.
342_365 12-09-11

343/365 - Annual Christmas dinner at Multnomah Falls Lodge. This is Multnomah Falls.
343_365 12-10-11

This past week, I also realized that I'm a day off in my numbering of 365s.  Going back and going over my numbers I did find an error where I doubled up on a number.  Then later, I skipped a number.  However, after fixing those errors I still end up at this number so... I dunno - I could still end up at 365 at the end of this year, but with the way it counts now it will be 364 on December 31st.

Counting is a strong suit.

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