25 December 2011

Happy Christmas Eve!

And it is now 12:03 - Christmas morning so MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Christmas Eve was busy busy busy so I didn't get around to uploading these pictures earlier.

Up-side-down Carus.
12-24-11 Carus 7days4

Today we cleaned the house, then took the dogs to the dog park and wore them out. Afterwards, I got started on dinner prep for tomorrow and picked up Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner tonight.  About 3:30 I ran away for a bit to the barn with my friend/neighbor who has horses, to muck out stalls and bring in horses.  Horses and barn musty/hay smells calm me and put me at peace. I'd love to have my own horse (or two) but don't have the time or money (mostly money) right now.  Some day I will.  Some day I'll have my own little farm or ranch. For now, I'll invite myself along to do horse-y chores any chance I get.

357/365 - Feeding a peppermint to a horse.  I did not know horses could eat peppermints.  This is one of those chalky-like peppermints that are chew-able so the horse can chew it and it doesn't hurt their teeth, nor get stuck in their teeth.  Sorry the photo is blurry, but it's a bit hard to get a picture and feed the peppermint while keeping my fingers.  This horse (Starlett) has been described as a peppermint whore and she was a little overzealous in the grabbing of the peppermint..
357_365 12-24-11 Becca 7days4

Well, I'm off to bed so Christmas morning can come faster - I'M SO EXCITED!

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  1. Poppy would have a fit about feeding the peppermint whorse. He has horse nutrition on the brain sometimes. or maybe animal nutrition. something like that. mom


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