04 December 2011


327/365 - I hung this hummingbird feeder outside my kitchen window and patiently waited for hummingbirds to visit.  Our first year here I saw very few hummers BUT this year has been good. I have 2 regulars now - possibly three - but I've only seen two at the same time.

There is one that stops and sits while eating, every time. And then there is this guy - who flits and flutters and always takes off the second I grab the camera.  Took me a bit, but I got him!

I'm very happy to start a hummingbird following. When visiting my Gramps and Granny's house, one of my favorite things to do is to sit in their breakfast nook and watch the hummingbirds come to feed.  She has 3 or 4 feeders out there and like 100 hummingbirds (probably not 100, but seriously a lot).
327_365 11-24-11 copy

328/365 - We worked on this puzzle for about a week. It was sitting out on the dining table and the cat (Simba) decided to play with it a few times.  We thought we found all the pieces he batted around the house/took off with, but apparently we missed two.  Quite frustrating... hope they turn up eventually. It was a new puzzle
328_365 11-25-11

329/365 - Out weather has cleared up and we've gotten to enjoy some big blue skies and lovely sun rises and sunsets. This is the very beginning of a sunset.
329_365 11-26-11

330/365 - Messing around with my flowers (and trying some high key).
330_365 11-27-11

331/365 - Leia puppy, who is learning to be a very good puppy.  She has officially learned lay down now.  We are working on roll over.
331_365 11-28-11

332/365 - Timmy was "helping" Carus with her school work.
332_365 11-29-11

333/365 - Can I have a cracker?
333_365 11-30-11

334/365 - Carus in high key
334_365 12-01-11 copy_2

335/365 - After work I took the dogs for a short walk and checked the mail on the way back home. (Mailbox is at the bottom of the hill.) There was a lot of mail, which left me one hand for two leashes. About 2 houses away Yoda decided to go in front of me and then behind me and Leia went behind me and then in front of me and I ended up wrapped up in leashes and penguin walking. I paused and after failing to get them to unwind (and I didn't trust myself to be able to step out of the mess without falling) I called Adam to bring out the camera to get a picture and then help me.
335_365 12-02-11

336/365 - We went to the Forest Grove Holiday Light Parade.  We had our sweaters, coats, gloves, hats, and scarves, but it was still cold and we were quite frozen by the end of the parade.
336_365 12-03-11

I'm caught up again to Saturday, December 3rd.

I'm frustrated with myself that I got so behind in my 365s.  I've been thinking about whether I want to do a 365 again next year, and I think I do.  The more photographs I take, the better I get.  I think.  I feel I've been improving, at least a little bit.

If I do another 365, I'd really like to work on posting one 365 at a time, each day.

Still have a few weeks left to fully decide.

What do you think?  Should I do another 365?

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  1. Definitely do another 365. I really love the pics. I have a request that you get more pictures of Adam even though he is probably being uncooperative about letting you take his picture. Tell him gramma only gets to see him via pictures and she adores his handsome face.....
    I am grateful that I only have to walk one dog at a time now. Dora also has heel down perfectly and usually manages to sit if I stop. I am working on making sure she sits immediately when we stop so she appears to be a very good dog...


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