26 December 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Carus!

10 years old

Happy Birthday Carus! Double digits WOO!

12-26-11 001 copy

New boots!  She got an new outfit as well, but I'm a dork and forgot to get a picture of her in it.  It's super cute too - oh well, next time she wears it.
12-26-11 002

Reading a card from Gramps and Granny GG
12-26-11 005

Carus 7days6 - Even though we weren't having her party today, I still wanted her to be able to blow out a candle and have Happy Birthday sung to her - so I grabbed a slice of the apple crisp pie* I made for Christmas.  She said she prefers the pie, she isn't a big cake fan.  Her party is Thursday.
12-26-11 Carus 7days6 copy

*I plan on sharing the recipe tomorrow

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  1. I wish I had been there. Maybe sometime soon I will get to see my purdy girl and sing happy birthday to her on her birthday in person. mom


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