18 December 2011

Peeved pets

Reverb Broads prompt day 16: 
What are your biggest pet peeves?

This prompt is a couple of days old.  I started it on the day of the prompt, but never finished it.  So now I'm back to finish it up and publish it.

Some of my pet peeves:

Light switches switched the wrong way. I like my light switches to be down if the light is off and up if the light is on.  This works fine on the single switch lights, but you get a double or triple switch light and it's next to impossible. (By single, double, and triple switch lights, I mean lights that have 1, 2, or 3 switches to turn them on/off.  Like my kitchen, it has two switches; one at each entry.)  In the cases where it is impossible for the switches to be down when off or up with on, the rule is that if the switch is next to another switch for another room/hallway - they both need to match.

Robert actually likes to mess with me on this one. If he catches me turning a light back on just to turn it off properly, he will tease me and/or unfix it.  My kids, however, enable my crazy.

Misuse of your and you're AND there, their, and they're.

Your is possessive - you own something.  For example: "Your new dog is adorable."  You're is a contraction for you are, as in, "You're acting like a dork." It also reads as, "You are acting like a dork."

Please here if you can't see above video.
Thanks to Mrs. Wilson for reminding me about that clip!

Their is possessive, meaning owning something.  "Their house is up for sale."
There refers to a place or idea.  "Look over there!"
They're is a contraction.  "They're going to be grounded if they don't follow the rules." (They are going ....)

Please see The Oatmeal for other common misspellings that I may or may not have a problem with. It's funny.

I don't like Woot!  Woot is not a word.  It is not how you say Woo as in Woohoo.  Seriously, the next time you're excited, listen to how you say "Woo" and see if you have a T-sound on the end.  If you do, knock it off. There is only a W-sound and OO-sound.

Okay, I looked it up.  Woot is a word in the Urban Dictionary; HOWEVER, it was originally a Dungeon & Dragons term.

I still don't like it.

I also have "issues" with misspelled words - but only the easy to spell words.  If you're trying to spell a big word and misspell it, I'm going to forgive you and/or assume it was a typo. BUT if you misspell one that kindergartners learn to spell, and misspell it consistently, my eye is going to twitch and it will take all of my strength not to smack you.

Are you with me on any of these or am I too crazy for you?  What are your pet peeves?


  1. hear and here, bear and bare, it, its, and it's
    I absolutely positively hate to see please bare with me, instead of please bear with me. I ain't getting nekkid with no one in public tyvm, and you can look up those meanings in the darn dictionary. I don't have the time right now.
    Hear means to listen and hear something and here means this place I point to when I want the darn dog to sit her fanny down.
    It is or should be self-explanatory, its is a term for something that belongs to someone, and it's is a contraction for it is.
    Words that are spelled incorrectly drive me up a thorn bush backwards and then flip me over too.
    I just got another pet peeve, too, two and to. Again these small words are consistently used incorrectly and I may not be bomb at the grammar thing> but their misuse is absolutely as bad as nails on chalkboard to me.
    Now on to other pet peeves--someone who messes with my computer or any of my things without asking first. Common courtesy requires you don't step over those boundaries.
    In particular, I hate folks that shortstop items they have been entrusted with bringing to me, in order to copy them or whatever for someone else in the family. Dammit ask me if you can do that, don't tell me you are doing it.
    I hate men that think they are doing me a favor by expressing a romantic interest in me, when they are married or seeing someone else. Bad morals and even worse manners, boys and it shows a serious lack of respect for me as a person. I am not a person of low moral character tyvm. I could go on but I won't because I am sure you are tired of this old redneck lady's rant.

  2. I should have edited that last comment and made sure it was minus a few words that are not necessary.

  3. lol i agree with so many of these especially the light swtches lol


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