22 December 2011


Today is a theme day for 7 days and the theme is CHOCOLATE!


355/365 - Making CHOCOLATE chip cookies on my lunch break.  I was going to just use the reflection in the bowl, but then the bowl wasn't as reflective as I thought it was.

I mixed in the last cup of flour by hand under the suggestion I found via Pinterest that the reason my CCC were coming out so flat because the dough was getting over mixed.  These ones weren't perfect, but they were much better than they've been in the past - so PROGRESS!

355_365 12-22-11 7days2

Carus helped with making the cookies, and when I pulled out the camera and explained it was 7days and the theme was chocolate, she asked if she could jump in a little late. I told her it was probably okay, then helped her set up the camera and timer and she pushed the shutter button and went back to cookie-ing the cookie sheet.

12-22-11 7days2

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