06 December 2011

10 things I would never do (maybe)

List 10 things you would never do. ~Katrina

In no particular order, I'd never:

1.  Go bungee jumping. Sky diving, maybe.  I not sure why I'm not willing to bungee jump, but I could consider jumping out of a plane for amusement.

2.  Eat a bug (cockroach, grasshopper, ant, spider, etc.). If I needed to eat something to live, I would find a plant of some sort before resorting to bugs.  I might even consider mushrooms, but since I don't like mushrooms I'd be worried I picked the poisonous ones so maybe not.

I am having trouble coming up with things I wouldn't do and Robert isn't helping.  He's saying things like, "say, you'd never cut your hand off." But that's not good because if I needed to cut my hand off to save my life or get me unstuck from somewhere then there is a possibility I would cut off my hand. Or other body part.

3.  Commit murder. Self defense and protecting my family is not murder.

That's kind of a given never do but I'm okay with including it.

Robert says, "You'd never kick a baby, right?"  My answer: "Only if they back talk." [joking by the way] 

4.  Eat escargot.  Robert assures me this doesn't fit under my never eat a bug category and I can use it.

Robert asks, "would you lick a spark plug?"  See, he's no help. 

I had started this Monday evening and at this point I went to bed thinking I would more easily finish my list in the morning. Without Robert's help.  

5. Hold a tarantula. Nope, nope, nope, nope. Nope.

And now I'm resorting to reading other Reverb Broads participants lists to jump start ideas.

6.  Chase tornadoes. Thank you for this one, Bonnie. I had forgotten my fear of tornadoes. One summer as a teen I was to visit Kansas for a family reunion and I really, really dreaded going just for the fact I did not want to be in a tornado - or near a tornado.  I think they are extremely interesting on TV/in the movies from the safety of my couch, just not in person.  Thankfully I made it out of that summer vacation tornado experience free. And then tornadoes had to go and touch down close to home. Not cool man, not cool.

And I'm stuck again.  Hold on, I'm thinking.  I'm trying to only list things with the greatest chance of me never doing as well as trying to stay away from the givens. 

7.  Stop being such a procrastinator.  I'd like to change this one a little bit.  Some procrastination is a good thing, but sometimes - and more often than sometimes - it holds me back, so while I would like to stop procrastinating as much as I currently do, I don't want to give it up completely.  Also, it would be unrealistic to say I could.

8.  Climb to the top of a large mountain, like Mt. Hood or Everest.  Robert suggested this one last night, but I dismissed it because doing something like that would be a HUGE accomplishment.  And it sounds interesting.  To be somewhere where few have gone, to see things from that height.  Visually seeing things and internally seeing things in yourself.  Sounds amazing. But the more I think about it, the more I want to list it.  While it is an amazing accomplishment and it would be a great experience, I don't think it is for me.

WOO! Only two more, and I already know #10 so technically just one more! HA!

9.  Be able to complete all the things I want to do in my life. But it won't be for the lack of trying.

10.  Never say never.  

I made it through!

That was a lot harder than I thought it would be. And even though they are listed I wouldn't fully count any of them out (see #10). But some, if not most, would probably require a very large monetary compensation before hand.

Can you list 10 things that you'd never do?

This post is brought to you by Reverb Broads.

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  1. Chocolate covered ants aren't bad as I remember it but they are sort of crunchy. (third grade so my memory might be a bit off)
    Everest is definitely off my bucket list, and you won't catch me bungee jumping (naked or otherwise) or skydiving. With my luck the bungee would break, my boobs would slap my face, or the parachute would not open....and I might break the other arm.


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