12 December 2011

Menu Monday

Sunday - Chicken strips, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli

 Monday - BBQ pork ribs, salad

 Tuesday - Chili

 Wednesday - FFY

 Thursday - Meatballs (which is meatloaf made into balls instead of a loaf), crash hot potatoes

 Friday - Hot wings (maybe. It sounds good, but I forgot to buy wings at the store and I really don't think I have any in the freezer.  This recipe post is what made me start craving them, and I want to try it.  I might even want to try it enough to go to the store again.)

 Saturday - Pizza (the from the freezer kind, nice and easy so I can get Christmas shopping finished up [which it almost is] and wrapping done and maybe get some baking done.)

 Links to recipes mentioned in my menus can be found here. It's pretty sparse right now, but I will be working on fixin' it up.

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